Best Arm Mehndi Designs You Can’t Miss

Mehndi or henna, has been part of the Indian culture for over centuries now. Be it weddings, festivals or any other occasion, mehndi plays an important role in all the ceremonies.

We have a list of Best Arm Mehndi Designs for you!

1. Indo-Arabic Arm Mehndi Design

Arm Mehndi Designs - Indo Arabic

Image Courtesy : Falguni Rajpara

This is a lovely mehndi design for the brides. The pattern of mehndi is an Indo-Arabic style that is preferred by the modern brides. The mehndi is applied in such a way that a heart-shaped motif is formed when the palms are joined together. The design is around the centre motif with different floral patterns.

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2. Floral Arm Mehndi Design

Arm Mehndi Designs - Floral

One of the most popular choices for arm mehndi is the floral pattern. The whole arm is filled with the most intricate pattern of flowers, right from the fingers all the way up to the elbows.

3. Ornament/Jewellery Arm Mehndi Design

Arm Mehndi Designs - Ornament

This is a contemporary style of mehndi design which is trending this wedding season. The mehndi designs applied resemble ornaments or the jewellery like rings, bangles, bracelets etc, and is a beautiful back hand mehndi design.

4. The Peacock Arm Mehndi Design

Arm Mehndi Designs - Peacock

Another mehndi design that never goes out of fashion and loved by all is the peacock pattern. The detailing is very intricate and delicate. The whole arm is filled with mehndi and the filling can be done with lighter colours between the design that gives a beautiful effect.

5. The Dulha-Dulhan Arm Mehndi Design

Arm Mehndi Designs - Dulha Dulhan

Image Courtesy : Falguni Rajpara

The ‘dulha-dulhan’ bridal mehndi design is one of the classic patterns that brides love. The design portrays the bride on one hand and the groom on the other. Other details such as a palanquin, flowers and garlands are also applied around the ‘dulha-dulhan’ motifs. There is also a ritual to find the groom’s name that is hidden within the mehndi design.

6. Black Arm Mehndi Design

Arm Mehndi Designs - Black Mehndi

Black mehndi is one of the trends this wedding season, and this is one of the most beautiful arm mehndi designs for this year. The mehndi fills up the whole arm from the finger tips to beyond the elbow with intricate design making it unique for the special day.

7. Glitter Arm Mehndi Design

Arm Mehndi Designs - Glitter

Apart from the usual red and the black mehndi, glitter mehndi is also a picking up trend. The mehndi designs are made with colourful glitter and the fillings can be done using different colours. Stones, kundan beads etc are added to the mehndi for a stunning finish of the whole arm.

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8. Geometrical Arm Mehndi Design

Arm Mehndi Designs - Geometrical


One of the latest designs and most beautiful arm mehndi designs apart from the regular patterns is the ‘geometrical’ pattern! This gives a whole new look to the bride as the mehndi has a modern twist. The design has patterns of squares, triangles and symmetrical patterns that give the mehndi a twist!

9. Rajasthani Arm Mehndi Design

Arm Mehndi Designs - Rajasthani

In Indian designs, Rajasthani mehndi is evergreen. The design is very intricate and includes elephants, camels, and peacocks along with other delicate patterns that make the arm look beautiful.

10. Back Hand Arm Mehndi Design

Arm Mehndi Designs - Back Hand

Last but not the least, there are some amazing mehndi designs that can go on the back of your hand. Different patterns like floral design, ornament design etc can be done. The mehndi on the back of the palm adds that beautiful look to the bride for her special day.

Hope you like our collection of the bridal arm mehndi designs!

Images Source: Google, Pinterest, Shutterstock