9 Candle Wedding Decorations To Make Your Big Day Brighter

Candles have an appeal of their own. They aren’t in a hurry and they’re far from being modern, yet their minimalistic design adds a sense of calm and sensuality to the decor. It isn’t a stretch to day either, that lighting plays a huge part in the decoration for any event, and when looking to add a touch of sophistication, elegance, class and above all – a romantic charm – to proceedings, candles are the tools to do the trick. It is, after all, why we’ve persisted with them for so long, and continue to do so even today. So, if you are on the lookout from some ingenious candle wedding decorations, you’ve landed on the right page. We at TBB have fashioned a list of 10 spectacular and simple DIY candle wedding decor ideas to make your big day brighter, quite literally. Most of these decor ideas can be by custom-ordered from the wedding planners and decorators.

1. Pillar Candles And Vases Of Varied Heights

Candle Wedding Decoration Pillar Candles

Image Courtesy: Bougain-villadesign

You can have pillar candles and vases of differing heights as well as votives right at the centre of the table, running through the entire length of the table.

2. The Gatsby Styled Candle Decor

Candle Wedding Decoration-Gatsby-Style-Candle-Decor

Image: Shutterstock

Classy vintage never goes out of fashion. You could have old Gatsby-styled candles in vases that are right out of the 1920s. Everyone likes to make their weddings nostalgic and these beautiful candles certainly help in that regard.

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3. Suspended Candles In Goblet Glasses

Candle Wedding Decoration-Glass-sphere-with-candle-inside

Image: Shutterstock

You could suspend the candles in distinctively round glass goblet-vases to give your wedding decor a very bright and unique feel. You could tie these to the roof of the tent frame for an ethereal aura, or if you’re having a beautiful outdoor wedding, there’s nothing quite like a tree with some hanging candles.

4. Recycled Wine Bottle Candle Stands

Recycled Wine Bottle Candle Stands

This makes for a gorgeous decor as well as a classy way of recycling old wine bottles and putting them to good use. You could spray paint the bottles, seal the opening and use them as beautiful candle stands.

5.”Guide Me Home” Style Candle Lights

Candle Wedding Decoration-guide-me-home-style-candle-Light

Image Courtesy: F5 Weddings

What is more romantic that a candle-lit pathway leading you to your wedding celebrations? And it is an easy DIY job that’ll take nothing more than candles in lanterns placed along the path leading up to the wedding.

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6. Candle Corners

Candle Wedding Decoration-Candle-Corners


You could have a beautiful setting of candles in lanterns and flowers in vases at every corner leading up to the aisle or maybe even the party area – a simple DIY that will get everyone’s attention.

7. Candles Wrapped in Lavender and Twine

Candle Wedding Decoration-Candles-Wrapped-in-Lavender-and-Twine

Via: Source

Another very easy decor idea that yields spectacular results is wrapping candles in lavender and twine and having them as centrepieces in the dining area, taking care of your rustic feel and lighting needs in one go.

8. Mason Jars On A Wagon Wheel

Candle Wedding Decoration-Mason-Jars-On-A-Wagon-Wheel

Via: Source

This DIY idea is sure to wow yours guests as you exchange your vows. You could turn an old wagon wheel into a rustic and stunning chandelier by hanging candles (in mason jars) from it.

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9. Sea, Sand, And The Candle

Candle Wedding Decoration-Sea-Sand-And-The-Candle

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This one works best for those close to a beach, or those who are having a beach wedding. Collect sand and locally available sea flora and place in a mason jar or a flat bottomed glass. Team it up with a candle, to have your very own, one-of-a-kind candle wedding decor.

We hope you’ve liked our candle wedding decorations and we’d love to hear your own stories and DIY ideas on how you’ve planned your wedding, so be sure to leave a comment! Oh, and congratulations on the wedding.