How Does Calcium Help You Grow Taller?

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Can calcium increase height in a person? Well, the answer is both yes and no to an extent. We understand that this can get confusing. However, calcium is an important supplement for the bones. It definitely helps to increase bone mass and strength. If calcium supplements and calcium enriched food are used in the right way, it is possible to increase your height.

Why Do We Need Calcium?

Calcium is required to build the bone density. Calcium has to be absorbed by the body and for this, we need Vitamin D. Vitamin D is available free of cost through sunlight and also in several vegetables. Calcium is found in several vegetables as well and the best source is milk. The body absorbs calcium the best before we reach an age of 24. This is the best time to increase your height by drinking milk and consuming other calcium enriched foods. After 24, the bones get fused in the body and they do not grow vertically. Also keep in mind that several genetic factors are involved in attaining height growth.

How To Use Calcium to Grow Taller?

It is possible to add a couple of inches to your body by using calcium even after 24. However this depends on several things like your diet, lifestyle and habits. Here are some things you can try:

  • Have a glass of milk everyday and eat foods that are rich in Vitamin D. Several fruits and vegetables have small doses of Vitamin D in them.
  • Exercises like walking and jogging or going to the gymnasium, help in better absorption of calcium by the body. When you exercise, the body fat gets used and the calcium gets absorbed by the bones. This will help you to grow taller.
  • Have a calcium supplement every day. However, this should be teamed up with exercise.

When To Start Taking Calcium Supplements?

There is no right or wrong age to take a calcium supplement. The stronger the bones, the lesser the chances are of developing chronic pains in the body. It is also crucial to lead an active lifestyle while taking these supplements. Unused calcium is also dangerous for the body. If you notice, several of the products that claim to boost your height growth have calcium as the main ingredient in them. These are not wonder supplements or pills. They are just marketed that way.

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What Diet to Take Along With Calcium for Growing Taller?

When you are depending on calcium supplements, stick to a healthy diet plan. Here are some key points to consider.

Protein: High protein is very important for your diet. Protein breaks down calcium and calcium processes protein. Protein is available in all meat products, eggs and several green leafy vegetables.

Greens: Eat at least one serving of greens every day. They are very helpful in processing calcium in your body.

Milk: Milk has calcium and Vitamin D as well. It can work well with the calcium supplement that you are taking.

Exercises: Exercises like pushups and jumping help in height growth. These forms of exercises tell the body to increase the length of the bone. This is only possible if there is calcium available in the body.

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Being realistic is the bottom line. Do not expect to double your height. It is not possible after a certain age. However, with perseverance and discipline it may be possible to add a few inches to your body. Calcium is best harnessed in children or a growing person. Also do not fall for various products that make false claims. If you have kids, make sure they get their daily dose of calcium through milk and food. The more calcium they get the taller will they grow!

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