Top 10 Caillou Coloring Pages For Toddlers

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Growing up can be a bit difficult for children! If not for Caillou, a lovable and cute 4-year-old kid who has his unique way of relating to the world, the world would be a dull place for children. Based on the book by the famous Canadian author Christine L’Heureux, Caillou and his friends demonstrate the first experiences of life as they go on a new adventure every day. Every episode of the show aims to address the real conflicts and problems typical to a child’s development. Have your kid join the adventures of Caillou and his friends with our collection of Caillou coloring pages.

1. Caillou:

The coloring page features Caillou, the protagonist and titular character of the television series. Caillou is a 4-year-old kid with great imagination. Whether he is inventing new games with Lego, combing the playground for the beetles, or exploring the park with his grandfather, Caillou just loves learning about the world around him. As a dreamer, Caillou spends most of his time daydreaming about how he would want things to be. Caillou is that one child with whom every parent and child will identify. You will always see Caillou dressed in a yellow shirt with red color and blue shorts.

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2. Rosie:

Here’s a coloring image of Rosie, the adorable, lively and beautiful little sister of the Caillou. Rosie is a very talkative girl and likes asserting her independence. Even Caillou was ordered to be nice to his sister and not tattle on her. Rosie never misses a chance to take part in Caillou’s adventure, just like a typical toddler. And like typical siblings, even Caillou and Rosie fight a lot, but still love and care for each other. You’ll find Rosie dressed in a blue dress, red socks, and blue Mary Jane shoes.

3. Sarah:

Sarah is Caillou’s neighbor and friend. Even though Sarah is older than Caillou and his friend, she mixes pretty well with them. In fact, she even hangs around them during the weekends. Sarah is of Chinese ethnicity and willingly invites Caillou and his friends to celebrate Chinese New Year. This beautiful and cute 8-year-old girl with short hair sports a yellow, front, buttoned dress with red socks and green and yellow sneakers.

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4. Gilbert:

Gilbert is Caillou’s pet cat and the leader of the group. He hates dogs with a profound passion, especially Bulldog and loves playing with Olly, Sarah’s cat. Gilbert loves his master a lot and can do anything to save and protect him, even if he needs to fight the bulldog for that. Gilbert has a grayish body with black stripes and blue eyes on the eyes.

5. Doris:

This coloring sheet features Doris, Caillou’s mother, or you can say his primary caregiver. Doris is a doting mother. She is never too busy for her children and makes sure that she spends her maximum times with them. Doris is basically a homemaker but is sometimes seen in the office too. She also manages the family’s finances and bills. Doris encourages Caillou’s imagination by organizing craft and baking activities for him and his friends. Even Caillou helps his mother with household chores. An adoring son he is. Doris is a beautiful woman and is predominantly dressed in a red blouse, blue pants, and blue shoes.

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6. Boris:

Here is a coloring page of Boris, Caillou’s daddy. In the coloring image, Boris is carrying Caillou in his arms. We believe that they are going out to play. Boris is an extremely hardworking man. Before establishing his business, Boris worked as a pizza maker in a restaurant. He even played football in his college. Boris and Caillou also work on some house projects together. Boris appears in the show sporting a green sweater with a red trim.

7. Leo:

Meet Leo, one of the closest friends of Caillou. At the beginning of the series, Leo started out as a rude and mean boy, but befriended Caillou in the same episode. Since then, they have been inseparable. Leo lives just across the street from Caillou’s house, and they spend their time playing together. Like a typical 4-year-old, Caillou likes cars, dinosaurs, and space. He is also very possessive about his stuffed dinosaurs and doesn’t let anyone touch them.

8. Clementine:

Clementine was the first kid to befriend Caillou in the series. Yes, Clementine has a dominating nature, but there is no denying that she is extremely caring and understanding. Also, Clementine is Caillou’s only African-American friend. Caillou and Clementine stay just two subway stops away. So Caillou always visits her in his spare time. You can teach your kid the importance of friendship as he colors the image.

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9. Grandma:

Here is a coloring picture of Caillou’s sweet Grandma. It seems that Grandma is going somewhere. Where could she be heading? Grandma is very active and loves painting. She also has an art room where she keeps all her painting. Caillou and Grandma are very close to each other. She dotes on both Rosie and Caillou and encourages them to learn new things. She even goes out bird watching with Caillou Grandma also comes up with some of the great ideas to solve Caillou’s problem. Grandma appears in the show wearing a long, red dress, a green headband, and blue shoes.

10. Grandpa:

This coloring sheet shows Grandpa going on a walk with Caillou. Caillou’s Grandpa is more like a friend to him. He takes Caillou for adventures, walks and bus rides throughout the town. Grandpa also enjoys narrating stories about Boris’s childhood to Caillou. Have your child write a short story describing the picture.

These cute, yet simple Caillou coloring pages will let your kid have fun with the crayons while learning several important things about drawing. These coloring pages are ideal for kids of all ages, especially toddlers, preschoolers and kindergarteners. Does your kid watch “Caillou”? Which of these characters does your kid adore the most? Share his choice with us in the comment section. Until then, happy coloring!

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