10 Cute Butterfly Wedding Invitations - What's Your Favourite?

Butterflies are some of the most beautiful creatures that we share this planet with. They are delicate, dainty and elegant. They are not only amazing to look at, they also have a deep-held symbolism for the human race.

Most cultures view butterflies as a symbol of transformation and change. We have been taught only too well the transformation from a caterpillar to a butterfly. Around the world, people view butterflies as a symbol of endurance in the face of pain, the fleeting nature of life, the permanence of change, and of hope.

So, a butterfly themed wedding invite is something that you should definitely consider as you prepare for your big day. We have gathered for you some of the most interesting butterfly wedding invitations that you could incorporate for your big day.

1. Steampunk Butterfly Invite

This is one of the most creative takes on the butterfly wedding invitations theme. Here is a truly masterful steampunk invite. The golden and yellow cogs in the background do have a very futuristic feel. The dark blue steampunk butterflies perfectly contrast and complement the background. This is one butterfly themed card you should not miss.

2. Blue And Purple Butterflies Invite

This wonderful wedding invite is a treat to behold. The lovely blue backdrop has a nice fading effect, which is contrasted by the blue and purple vines on the side. The floral motifs remind us of spring. The golden butterflies add the final finishing touch to the invite.

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3. Butterfly Scroll Invite

This beautiful pink and white butterfly wedding invite is sure to be a hit butterfly wedding invitations idea with your guests. The invite is in the form of the pink scroll, which is carried by the delicate butterfly. The white lace and satin ribbon adds a classy touch, while the white mesh of the wings gives a very delicate and elegant look to the butterfly.

4. Ivory Butterfly Invite

This ivory and white wedding invite is very elegant. Featuring a golden butterfly embossed at the very top, there are also intricate floral motifs using the gloss finish. The muted pink satin ribbon holds the card together very elegantly, and completes the look.

5. 3D Butterfly Wedding Invite

Yes. 3D is no longer restricted to quick selling franchise movies, but has come into the wedding invitation industry as well. In this wedding card, a beautiful blue butterfly comes out at every fold. The black borders framing the white paper, the geometric designs and of course, the three dimensional butterfly all make this an unforgettable wedding invitation.

6. Classy Black & White Wedding Invite

Black and white have been a couple for longer than all of us today. There could not be a more classic combination. This elegant wedding invite features some stunning butterflies cut out of the black paper. Very chic, indeed! In the photo above, you can also see a combination of colours used which look equally beautiful.

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7. White Die Cut Butterfly Wedding Invite

This gorgeous wedding invite has some intricate floral motifs. It also features a beautiful, white die cut butterfly at the centre. You can also get creative by having a combination of your favourite colours.

8. Dark Wood Butterfly Wedding Invite

This wedding card is something that your guests would treasure as a souvenir from your special day. The designs in the front of the card are made by laser-cutting the wood. It features a happy couple releasing heart-shaped balloons in the air while butterflies flit about. A white card at the back gives all the details of your wedding.

9. Rustic Butterfly Wedding Invite

The rustic theme is brought about perfectly in this invite. On a simple brown backdrop, there is a lovely piece of burlap fabric, on which rests a magnificent white butterfly. The whole ensemble is tied together using a burlap string.

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10. Laser Cut Butterfly Wedding Invite

This wedding invite is minimalist and beautiful. The butterflies at the top of the card have been laser cut to perfection. With the right words, this card could be the one that you have been looking for.

These are some of the best butterfly inspired designs from around the web. What has inspired you from this list? Drop a comment and let us know.