10 Romantic Butterfly Wedding Cakes That Will Give You Butterflies

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A tasty piece of cake can make even a dull day interesting. But when it comes to your wedding cake, it not only has to taste delicious but look absolutely stunning too. You only get one big day, and one wedding cake, so make it count, ladies!

If you are looking for ideas to make your wedding cake stand out, you have definitely come to the right place. One great idea you should definitely consider for your wedding cake is using butterflies as your stand-out cake decoration.

Not only are butterflies incredibly beautiful and elegant to look at, but they also are a source of fascinating symbolism and rich inner meaning. Did you know that in almost all cultures, butterflies are seen a symbol of transformation? We all know the process by which the butterfly emerges from its cocoon in its unfurling glory. Not only that, some Asian cultures see butterflies as a symbol for a long and prosperous life.

Think about it, an animal that used to be bound to the ground (the caterpillar) can now spread its gorgeous wings and fly, thus giving it a completely new perspective on its life. What could possibly be a better or more beautiful symbol as you embark upon a wonderful new path with the love of your life? Just like the butterfly, it is time for you to break free and get a beautiful new perspective on life.

So here are some heavenly butterfly wedding cakes for you to feast your eyes and mind on!

10. The Cascade Butterfly Wedding Cake

One butterfly is beautiful enough, but a whole cascade of them would almost be too gorgeous to behold! It is the arrangement of the butterflies that gives this cake the stunning effect. The shades of blue and purple stand out perfectly against the pearly white backdrop of this delectable wedding cake. In fact, these butterflies look so life-like that you can almost see them flying off as you cut the cake.

9. The Black And White Butterfly Wedding Cake

The Black And White Butterfly Wedding  Cake
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The combination of black and white remains a classic for good reason. The stunning black icing designs against the buttery white background look elegant and simple at the same time. Add to that some delicate, black and white sugar butterflies, and you have got a stunning masterpiece. Each tier of the cake is adorned with a black ribbon and white sugar pearls which takes an already beautiful cake to an entirely new level.

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8. The Monochrome Butterfly Wedding Cake

The Monochrome Butterfly Wedding Cake
Image: Shutterstock

If it was the different colours and their combinations that make the previous cakes simply stunning, this one is even more incredible. This four-tiered beauty is decked all in white, just like you, the blushing bride! Each tier is wrapped at the base with a beautiful white ribbon. The white butterflies set on every tier lend a special charm to the whole cake. Not only that, the floral designs that grace the cake perfectly complement the elegance of the butterflies on the cake.

7. The Butterfly And Floral Wedding Cake

The Butterfly And Floral Wedding Cake
Image: Shutterstock

This cake is a move away from the traditional white wedding cake. Here, the scrumptious fondant cake is embellished by a lovely cascade of roses. The butterflies are perfect complement and that makes this cake even more elegant and charming

6. The Blue and White Butterfly Wedding Cake

The Blue and White Butterfly Wedding Cake
Image: Shutterstock

This beautiful five-tiered wedding cake is magnificent. The alternating circular and square shape of each tier is enhanced by the light blue ribbon that is elegantly wound around it. The design of delicate blue butterflies with edible pearls and the mild yellow of the wedding cake topper simply lends life to the whole thing.

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5. The Fondant Butterfly Wedding Cake

The Fondant Butterfly Wedding Cake
Image: Shutterstock

If you are not so sure that a cascade of butterflies is your cup of tea, then this might be the wedding cake you are looking for. This two-tiered cake is very adorable. Decorated with blue fondant and a light blue ribbon, the simplicity of the cake makes the butterfly cake topper grab all the attention.

6. Pecan and White Butterfly Wedding Cake

Pecan and White Butterfly Wedding Cake
Image: Shutterstock

Sometimes it is the combination of two colours that will make your wedding cake look exquisite. In this case, it is off-white and pecan. The off-white floral cake topping and the pecan ribbons look beautiful. The alternating off-white and pecan butterflies is really what makes this three-tiered wedding cake stand out from the rest.

7. Fresh Flowers and Butterflies Wedding Cake

Fresh Flowers and Butterflies Wedding Cake
Image: Shutterstock

This three-tiered white wedding cake with buttercream icing looks fresh and delicious. The fresh floral arrangements, the fresh flower buds that adorn the cake are all magnificent. The butterfly decorative pieces used here give it a very life-like and natural feel.

8. Fairy Tale Butterfly Wedding Cake

Fairy Tale Butterfly Wedding Cake
Image: Shutterstock

This cake is beautiful and also delicate. The white fondant icing is made more beautiful with the graceful ribbons. The floral cascade is intricate and mixed with amazing hues. White and off-white butterflies lingering around the flowers make this cake seem like it has just walked out of a fairy tale.

9. Butterfly Wedding Cupcakes

Butterfly Wedding Cupcakes
Image: Shutterstock

Instead of a traditional cake, it’s a great option to have delectable little cupcakes on your wedding day. Each of these flawlessly moist cakes is covered with fresh buttercream icing. This is decorated with stunning gold and pink butterflies. You can go with layers on the inside, or a surprise center-of-heaven. It’s the most chic cake trend of the season.

For a classy butterfly-inspired wedding cake design, choose any of these delicious ideas for a sweet indulgence on your special day!

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