10 Unique Butterfly Themed Wedding Decorations You Must See

Written by Aditya Vachaspati G B K • 

The season, the setting, the location, and the venue, all play a significant role in influencing the decoration ideas and themes for your wedding. In our previous blogs, we have covered green wedding decorations perfect for an outdoor wedding, along with some great wedding tips and ideas for a beach wedding along with fall and winter wedding decorations Ideas. That leaves us with spring. The options are plenty if you are choosing to get married in the most romantic season of all. You can choose a variety of flowers, colors for you wedding decorations. If you are in a experimental mode, you can explore other nature based themes – like Butterfly.

A wedding decorated around the idea of butterflies. Vibrant, colourful, delicate – you get the picture. You can opt for a entire butterfly themed wedding decoration or include few of the elements and style it into your wedding.

1. Wedding Cards

This beautiful sand coloured wedding card with a dark brown font and a butterfly imprint at the bottom looks stunning. To add to the butterfly theme, the card is wrapped in a white circular cloth with floral designs and is tied off in a butterfly knot with a sand coloured thread.

2. Butterfly Welcome Board


Place this beautiful cardboard filled with pink butterflies in the shape of a heart at the gate. It makes a great impression and lets the guests know what they’re in for.

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3. Butterfly Entrance


Welcome the guests with this beautiful decoration at the entrance. A cream coloured background filled with red and white roses in the centre. A few roses cut up and shaped like butterflies hanging around at the top and the sides.

4. Butterfly Place Cards


Place cards shaped like butterflies along with the table number with a hanging butterfly on top and a butterfly imprint on the menu cards would just be perfect.

5. Butterfly Table Centerpieces


The centrepieces on the table are always an attraction to the guests. Make sure they are shaped like butterflies too. If it’s a night wedding, you can include the centerpieces and light them up when the lights are dimmed.

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6. Butterfly Food And Snacks


Add a little more butterfly flavour to the wedding by shaping the snacks like butterflies.

7. Butterfly Champagne Glasses

Make sure that the champagne glasses have a little steel detail at the bottom. Let the detail be shaped like a butterfly. It’ll add to the charm.

8. Butterfly Chair Covers


To add to the overall look of the wedding, just cover the chairs with a white cloth. Take a coloured cloth around the top of the table and tie it off with a butterfly knot at the back. It’ll look stunning.

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9. Butterfly Cupcakes


Imagine this. Purple butterflies on cup cakes made of red velvet cream. Yum! Should be an absolute delight to the taste buds.

10. Butterfly Wedding Cake


Last but not the least. Infact, it’s the most important. What’s a butterfly themed wedding without a butterfly cake? Imagine this. Three layers of mouth watering cheesecake with vanilla frosting and butterflies made of wafers or jelly.

If you think we missed out on something, share it in the comments section and we’d be very happy to include them in our list.

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