11 Outstanding Ideas For Wedding Decorations With Burlap

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Burlap, hessian or gunny… whatever you know this versatile material by, chances are you’re talking about the same dense fabric that is made from the skin of the jute plant. With its beautiful texture and rustic appeal, burlap is a versatile fabric that can be incorporated into your decorations in a myriad of wonderful ways. Here are, in our opinion, 11 of the best:

1. Burlap Runner

This gorgeous arrangement has a wonderfully rustic yet modern appeal – the polished wood and lights do their part for sure, but it is the burlap runner that ties the whole look together. The classic appeal of the fabric lies in its characteristic woven texture with the frayed ends adding to its overall charm. This table runner or one like it makes for an excellent addition to your wedding decorations with burlap.

2. Burlap And Jam Jars

Burlap And Jam Jars
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If you’re looking for a wonderfully different centrepiece to add the ‘wow’ factor into your decorations, look no further than this beautiful burlap sack and jam jar arrangement. A wonderful mix of contemporary and age old themes, it works well even with mason jars and your preferred selection of flowers.

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3. Burlap Twine Wrap

Burlap Twine Wrap
Image: Shutterstock

Another creative take on flower arrangement sees wine bottles wrapped in twine and burlap for a highly desirable effect. This particular arrangement features roses, but you can definitely work with whatever flowers you have incorporated into your wedding decorations with burlap themes. As you can see, covering the whole bottle or just the middle, both work wonderfully well.

4. The Seasonal Setting

The Seasonal Setting
Image: Shutterstock

If you’re looking at an autumn wedding, or are generally incorporating the seasons into your wedding decoration, burlap works very well when paired with certain rustic elements. The pumpkin, the unpolished wooden table and even the silverware pair up very well to make a wholly inviting and invigorating set-up.

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5. Stylized Arrangements

Stylized Arrangements
Image: Shutterstock

This highly retro wedding decoration is highly appealing and truly one of a kind. All of the elements have a certain retro charm and appeal – the block of wood, the lantern styled candle holder, the berries and twigs. But it is the burlap sack that adds the “wow” factor to the whole equation and differentiates it from any old rustic arrangement.

6. Silverware

Image: Shutterstock

If seasonal themes aren’t your thing, this simple and elegant silverware solution might just be right up your alley. Achieve a most stylish silverware arrangement with a hint of burlap and a length of ribbon. The dark red works to accentuate the overall rustic appeal of the setting in this instance.

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7. Centrepiece Perfection

Centrepiece Perfection
Image: Shutterstock

You don’t need elaborate paraphernalia to achieve a highly desirable and cute centrepiece, as evidenced by this gorgeous set-up that looks like a miniature garden. Wood, burlap, small flowers – these elements intrinsically work very well with each other, so get creative.

8. Table Setting

Table Setting
Image: Shutterstock

Invoking burlap into your decorations doesn’t require lengths and lengths of the stuff, just a few hints and dashes – as seen in the above rustic table arrangement – can have the desired and wonderful effect, and add an enticing element to the food, just as it does to the pumpkin pie above.

9. Vintage Décor

Vintage Décor
Image: Shutterstock

Dried citrus, hand-crafted cloth ornaments and burlap, with a whole selection of beads, buttons and pebbles to go with them, and you have on your hands an entirely unique set of vintage decorations that will add a highly warm and festive appeal to your decorations, the kind of which is very hard to purchase no matter where you look and how much you’re willing to spend.

10. Burlap Arch

Burlap Arch
Image: Shutterstock

This gorgeous and rustic arch has a timeless appeal, it is the perfect complement to the woods in the backdrop. Instead of opting for colour and design-heavy elements, burlap can be used to add charm to the décor without taking away from the surroundings of an outdoorsy and woodsy setting, especially if too much colour would be moving tangentially away from the overall warm theme, and not decorating at all isn’t obviously, an option.

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11. Retro Hearts

Retro Hearts
Image: Shutterstock

The vintage aged tone, the lovely hearts, the beautiful cloth and burlap background all make for a wonderfully charming, rustic and highly appealing set-up – perfect for your perfect wedding!

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