100 Most Popular British Baby Boy Names

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One of the most tricky task for new parents is agreeing on a name for their little bundle of joy. A lot of thinking goes into choosing a name for the apple of your eye. You may want to pick a name that’s been popular over the years so that your child doesn’t feel embarrassed. On the other hand, you may want your kid to stand apart from the crowd. And the number of choices starts overwhelming you. So we have come up with a ‘beautiful’ fix for you. Why don’t you go for British name?

English or British names have a distinct style and are often a step or two ahead of American and Australian baby names. Some of the hottest names in Scotland, England, and Wales, are still underused in the United States. So, MomJunction has compiled a list of 100 British baby boy names for your assistance. Check out the list of classy names below!

100 Most Popular British Baby Boy Names:

1. Jack:

Jack was celebrated as one of the most popular British boy names in the United Kingdom for 15 years in a row.

2. Harry:

In 2009, Harry was the third most popular name in the United Kingdom. Prince Harry of Wales, the British youth icon put this name into the limelight.

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3. Augustine:

Augustine, a diminutive of Augustus achieved famed because of the St. Augustine of Hippo of the 4th century. It sounds more substantial, somewhat saintly than August, and less imposing that Augustus. We loved it nickname Gus a lot.

4. Charlie:

Charlie is more famous as the nickname for Charles.

5. Conall:

Do you know too much of Connors in your neighborhood? Then go for Conall. Meaning “strong as a wolf,” Conall is both authentic and unique.

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6. Balthazar:

Balthazar is an evocative name of one of the three wise men. This name has various spellings attached to some of the most distinguished writers, artists, and philosophers, the most prominent being Balthazar Getty.

7. Oliver:

Oliver held the top position in British boy names for many years. The nickname Ollie makes it adorable for the little guys.

8. Arran:

Arran is one of the most exotic place names. It is inspired by the Arran Islands in Scotland. The only hitch is that it will be mixed with up with Aaron.

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9. Rhys:

Rhys, meaning zealous, is a perfect name for a mother who wants her son to live life to the fullest.

10. Barnaby:

Barnaby is an energetic and friendly, 3-syllable name. This ancient name manages to be both unique and highly attractive. The name surely deserves more usage.

11. Lewis:

Lewis, meaning famous warrior, was among the 15 most popular names of 2009.

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12. Nigel:

Nigel was once considered a mundane and drearily name with the British, but got a fresh lease of life because of Nigel in “Rio 2.”

13. Duncan:

Duncan is a confident, jaunty and hefty Scottish royal name brimming with a friendly charm. It is one of those names that’s neither too strange nor too popular. The meaning of Duncan is ‘dark warrior’.

14. Ellis:

Ellis is a less used name of the El-family. Ellis Belly was Emily Bronte’s male pseudonym when she wrote “Wuthering Heights.” This Welsh name is also spelled as Elis.

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15. Crispin:

Crispin, meaning ‘curly haired’ entered the mainstream through the actor Crispin Glover. The name has an image just like its syllable- colorful, crisp and autumnal.

16. Owen:

Owen is a Welsh name, meaning “well born and noble” is still popular as it was in early 1900.

17. Ewan:

While Owen remains to be one of the most familiar names on both sides of the Atlantic, Ewan can also make a fun alternative.

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18. Rupert:

The name Rupert, just like its meaning, suggests a certain charm, privilege, and breeding.

19. Murray:

There was a peak in the name Murray at the turn of the 20th century, but it has slipped far from the common use. But the name is still very popular in Scotland.

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20. Liam:

Liam offers mothers a unique alternative to the popular (and even common) William.

21. Gareth:

Gareth is another name with strong Welsh roots. It was the name of the fellow knight in the collection of Arthurian legends Le Morte d’Arthur and Sir Gawain’s brother.

22. Archie:

Archie, an amiable, retro nickname made a big comeback in the United Kingdom in the year 2013 and seems destined for stardom. Even Will Arnett and Amy Poehler chose this moniker for their newborn. Archie is also a fun nickname for females.

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23. Calum:

Calum was one of the top 50 popular names last year, but hasn’t been able to make up to the U.S charts as well. So, in a way, you’ll make a trend by selecting this name.

24. Alfie:

With a plethora of spelling variations, Alfie is one of the top picks for the U.K mothers. Alfie also has a sensuous and flirtatious image, all thanks to some of the louche fictional characters.

25. Toby:

Toby will make a lovely pick for mothers hoping to choose a name with several alternate spellings.

26. Ackerley:

Ackerley is an Old English name coming from the term ‘ac’, which means ‘oak.’ In some regions of the United Kingdom, Ackerley also means ‘person residing at the Oak meadow.’

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27. Alastair:

Alastair is a quintessential British name made popular in the United States and the rest of the world by the renowned cricketer Alastair Cook. It’s often used by parents with Scottish heritage.

28. Giles:

Giles is one of the names that Americans and Australian find too British to consider. Meaning ‘young goat’, Giles will make a good pick for Capricorn boys.

29. Stanley:

Stanley is one of the several place names originating from the Old English terms meaning ‘near the stony clearing.’

30. Gregor:

Gregor, a traditional Scottish name would make an excellent pick for your son. This Scottish form of Gregory means ‘vigilant.’

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31. Hamish:

If you are ready to go further than Malcolm and Duncan, then Hamish is worthy of consideration. Just like Seamus is Irish for James, Hamish is also the Scottish form of James. It isn’t often used in America or the most of Britain but is still evocative of the Old Scotland.

32. Felix:

Felix is an upbeat and energetic name meaning happiness. Derived from the Latin word felix, Felix was also the name of four popes and early saints.

33. Angus:

Angus is moving rapidly from the old and boring Scotsman name to a hip and happening American name. It’s a possible choice for parents with roots in Glasgow. Angus is even gaining popularity in Australia, probably due to its association with Angus Young, an Australian musician.

34. Arthur:

Arthur is a sturdy, solid and unmistakably masculine name. It was borne by the legendary King Arthur of the 5th century. It’s believed that the name also gained popularity in the United Kingdom from the Arthurian legend.

35. Fergus:

Fergus is a quirky and charming Scottish name. It’s a favorite with Irish people. Fergus also forms the link between Scotland and Ireland.

36. St John:

Pronounced as ‘sinjin’, St John is more common as a middle name than the first name. It usually existed among the upper classes.

37. Tommy:

While the Americans, Indians, and Australians are opting for formal names, British parents are embracing fun name for their children. Tommy is a fun name derived from Aramaic. It’s a short form of Thomas.

38. Acton:

Acton is a location name coming from Old English words ‘oak’ and ‘tun’, which means ‘town or village.’ The name means a person who belongs to a town or village of oak trees.

39. Hugh:

Originally, from France, Hug arrived in England with the Normans and settled strong amongst the Welsh, who spelled it as ‘Huw’. It’s still quite popular in England.

40. Finlay:

Finlay is an ancient Scottish name, which belonged to Macbeth’s father. It has two spellings- Finley and Finlay, Finlay being more popular in Scotland. In the United States, Finley is popular as a unisex name.

41. Malcolm:

Malcolm is a warm and welcoming Scottish appellation that fits into the golden circle of names. This royal name of Scotland was also a moniker of the four Scottish kings, including the sons of Duncan, who succeeded the throne after the death of Macbeth.

42. Muhammad:

Not an English name, but Muhammad is one of the top ten British names for boys in Britain, with over 8000 boys being named the same.

43. Barney:

Barney, a name from England, was genially out-of-date in the most of the English speaking countries. But it came into the spotlight after the appearance of Barney Stinson, one of the leading characters of “How I Met Your Mother”.

44. Osian:

Oisin was the great Irish warrior poet of the 10th century. Osian, on the other hand, is the Welsh version of the same name with American-friendly spelling.

45. Kenzie:

In almost all the colonies of the United Kingdom, Mackenzie, and its nickname Kenzie are popular as a girl’s name. But in the United Kingdom, they are hits for boys instead.

46. Humphrey:

Whether you are British literary buff or a Bogart fan, or are looking for a lovely name, Humphrey would make a solid pick.

47. Rufus:

Rufus, meaning ‘red haired,’ was the nickname of English King William. In the United States, this masculine, yet playful moniker appeared for the time as the name of a ‘Gossip Girl’ character.

48. Charles:

Belonging to the French-born Emperor Charlemagne, aka Charles the Great, this distinguished name became the British Royal in the 17th century. Jodie Foster brought the name back in vogue in the United States by choosing it for her son.

49. Edward:

Edward was the name of the several British kings through the centuries. The name is experiencing a revival in the most of the English speaking countries, thanks to the widely popular “Twilight” series.

50. Enid:

Here’s another Arthurian name with Welsh origin. The name was revived by the British poet Alfred Tennyson in his “Idylls of the King”.

51. Ivor:

Ivor is a favorite with upscale British parents. It’s quite an unusual and exciting name waiting to be discovered by the rest of the parents in England.

52. Jasper:

Jasper a charming and posh English name has been rising up the charts since the late 20th century. Representing a variety of quartz, Jasper is one of the few gem names for children.

53. Inigo:

Inigo is an intriguing name with an evocative and original sound and a strong beat. It’s associated with architect and stage designer Inigo Jones.

54. Harvey:

After experiencing a massive revival in England, Harvey seems to be picking up with the United States as well. It has featured five times in a row on the top 100 list.

55. Leo:

Leo is a strong, yet amiable name that was once very popular with the Romans. The British gradually started adopting this name after the 18th century. Leo is currently on the upswing, thanks to the actor Leonardo DiCaprio.

56. Jacob:

The Biblical name Jacob got a huge name boost recently, thanks to the “Twilight” phenomenon. The name has a certain honesty and warmth to it.

57. Lennon:

A growing number of parents are choosing Lennon to honor their favorite musician. The name first came into notice after Patry Kensit and Lian Gallagher used it for their son.

58. George:

George was among the Top 10 names from 1830 to 1950. Saintly, royal, robust, yet friendly, George is in the top position for a comeback.

59. Thomas:

Thomas is one of the most commonly used British names in both United Kingdom and the United States. The name itself is strong, straightforward and simple.

60. Laird:

Laird is a Scottish name for the landed gentry. It has a distinctive Scottish accent that must have appealed to actor Sharon Stone, who bestowed it on her son.

61. James:

James sounds stylish even today. In fact, it recently took away the Number 1 spot on America’s favorite baby boy names.

62. Lachlan:

Lachlan is a favorite throughout Australia, England, New Zealand and Scotland. It reached the Top 1000 for the first time in 2013.

63. Noah:

Noah took the baby world by surprise by taking the 1st spot in 2013. We can safely say that Noah has shaken off its ancient image and is now emerging as a stylish name.

64. Trevor:

Trevor, one of the standard British names, took pretty long time to cross the Atlantic but is now on a rise.

65. William:

William is one of the most enduring classic names. It was chosen by around 17,000 American parents in the year 2012. Will is the aptest nickname for William.

66. Henry:

Henry rose in popularity after the Second World War. This name has loads of history and personality. It’s one of the royal names as well!

67. Joseph:

Classic name Joseph is popular with parents from ethnic backgrounds. It also has a dual religious appeal. Joe will make a warm and friendly nickname.

68. Ethan:

Ethan, meaning strong and firm, was given a boost via Tom Cruise’s character in “Mission Impossible” film series. It’s the 6th most important name in America.

69. Tarquin:

Tarquin, with a dramatic charm, will appeal to parents looking for an original name. Sir Laurence Oliver used the name for his eldest child.

70. Lewis:

Lewis has been on the top 5 spot in Scotland since the year 2000. Even parents in the United States are beginning to consider this name.

71. Piers:

It’s said that Piers was the first version of Peter to reach the dramatic world. The name has a certain understated panache.

72. Rex:

Rex will make a sexy, sleek and regal pick for your child. The charm of the name is definitely the ‘x’ ending.

73. Nye:

Nye is sure to make an unusual yet simple middle name for parents who have ties to Wales.

74. Luca:

Luca entered the popularity list in the year 2000 and scurried up more than 400 places to reach Number 185.

75. Alexander:

Alexander has been among the top 25 names since 1991. It has plenty of spin-offs like Zan, Alex, Zander, and Xan.

76. Samuel:

Old Testament classic name Samuel is also in the top 25 name list, with 12000 boys being given this name annually.

77. Logan:

Logan is a cheerful Scottish name that originated from the place named Ayrshire. The name has climbed steadily since the 1970s. It was even among the top 50 names from 2006 to 2011.

78. Oscar:

The jovial name Oscar is fast overtaking urban trendy names like Sam and Max. According to the Irish legend, Oscar was one of the mightiest heroes. Actors Gillian Anderson and Hugh Jackman chose this name for their sons.

79. Dylan:

Don’t you think Dylan is still romantic and poetic even after years of popularity? This Welsh name meaning “son of the sea” belonged to the Legendary Sea God, who prompted the waters of Irelands and Britain to weep when he died.

80. Riley:

Riley, one of the famous British surnames is now rising faster for girls than for boys. Still, there are a few notable namesakes for male Riley. It’s mentioned in popular literary works as well, which include “Twilight: Eclipse” and “Buffy, The Vampire Slayer”.

81. Harrison:

Harrison would make a perfect pick for parents who want an H name that’s slightly more formal than Hank or Harry. It holds the 127th position along with other traditional patronymics.

82. Mason:

Mason has become a mega-popular name. It hit the 2nd spot in popularity in 201, by far its highest. And it’s a fresh replacement for Jason.

83. Benjamin:

Benjamin is one of those names that feel traditional, yet stylish. This biblical name enjoyed love and favor for decades. And it’s still strong enough to come within the Top 15 slot.

84. Daniel:

Daniel is a handful of names that sounds classic, yet modern, hefty, yet approachable. It was the name of the greatest Biblical heroes. The only downside is that around 15000 kids are named Daniel each year.

85. Isaac:

Isaac is another biblical name that has shunned its Biblical image and has made a place in the mainstream. It has jumped on the Top 35 list and is showing signs of heading higher. Izzy is one of the cutest nicknames for Isaac.

86. Rueben:

Rueben is an underused Old Testament name. It was the name of Jacob’s first son by Leah. You can even consider its variation Reuven. It sounds and feels equally exotic.

87. Theo:

Most of the parents usually use Theo as a short form for Theodore, including celebs like Dallas Bryce Howard. But Theo is a different name altogether. Hip and ultra-chic, Theo will make a contemporary baby name.

88. Adam:

The old Testament name Adam was revived as the cowboy name in the 1960s. It fell out in the year 2000s, but is now ready for a respite.

89. Sebastian:

The ancient martyr’s name Sebastian turned literary and even fun after its mention in the Little Mermaid (Remember Sebastian, the Crab)

90. Lucas:

Lucas is for mommies who want something more substantial than Luke. Currently, Luke stands in the 19th position, its highest place ever. This name has been a favorite with television scriptwriters as well.

91. Jayden:

Jayden, meaning ‘thankful’ soared into popularity in the 21st century when Will Smith chose it for his son. Jayden has plenty of cousins too, such as Cayde, Braden, Hayden and Aiden and so on.

92. Zachary:

One of the top 20 names for ten years, Zachary is now steadily dropping in the ratings. But its ancient roots and contemporary feel still make it a winner.

93. Harley:

This British name a renegade motorbike image.

94. Tyler:

Tyler, along with its cousin Taylor, is an English occupational name. It means ‘maker of tiles’.

95. Matthew:

Matthew is a safe and sturdy British name. It held the third spot in America through the 1980s and 90s. It still holds the 16th place.

96. David:

There are still a lot of parents going for this classic British name. It has Biblical connection as the second King of Israel who slew Goliath.

97. Jenson:

Jenson is one of the top 100 British surnames. It’s also considered an English form of Jen, Jens or Johannes.

98. Blake:

This unisex name is an excellent choice for parents looking for a cool British name. The meaning of Blake is ‘dark’.

99. Michael:

This number 1 British boys’ name came into limelight because of the famous pop star Michael Jackson. It’s used by parents of diverse religious and ethnic groups.

100. Kian:

Kian is a friendly Scottish name meaning ‘ancient’.

Would you use a British name for your son? And did you like our compilation? If yes, then which one did you like the most from this list?

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