Bring Peace And Harmony In Your Life With Omved’s Dhoop And Incense Sticks

Bring Peace And Harmony In Your Life With Omved’s Dhoop And Incense Sticks

I’m a big fan of aromatherapy! The lilting fragrance of essential oils and incense sticks really calm me down and create a wonderful atmosphere in my home. As a lover of these things, I like to try out new brands every time to see what they have to offer. I still haven’t settled on a favorite yet. So I’m hoping that trying new varieties would help me find one and stick to it.

Anyway, I recently got my hands on a few of Omved’s Dhoop and Incense Sticks and I decided to give these a shot, hoping that I’d finally find my favorite. Let’s find out in my review if they actually got the crown of the ‘favorite one’ from me!

Price: The range starts at INR 290/- and can go up to INR 349/-.

Incenses and dhoops I tried for this review: Here’s a list of the incenses and dhoops I will be talking about in this review-

  • Purify Ayurvedic Incense Sticks
  • Love Ayurvedic Incense
  • Faith Dhoop Incense Powder
  • Protect Dhoop Incense Powder

Protect Dhoop Incense Powder

My take on Omved’s Dhoop and Incense Sticks

Let me start by telling you about the packaging. The Incense Sticks come in this understated and classy orange and white box, and the same color palette is carried on to the dhoop jars. The process of using them is pretty standard and easy, so there’s nothing much to talk about here.

Coming to the formulation of these incenses and dhoop powders (yes, the dhoop comes in powder form), I was happy to see that they were completely natural. In fact, they are made of some very interesting and fine ingredients. Like the Love Ayurvedic Incense is made up of a luxurious blend of Geranium, Rose, Mimosa, and Bergamot with essential oils. Pretty impressive!

My take on Omved’s Dhoop and Incense Sticks

Each of the incenses and dhoop powders is also non-toxic and charcoal-free with no synthetic fragrances, chemicals, dyes, or petrochemicals. In fact, they have been made keeping the Ayurvedic Pancha-Mahabhoota Principle in mind, which really impressed me. Hardly any incense manufacturer does it these days!

Okay, I know you’ve been waiting long enough to know about their aroma, so let me sum it up for you in one word – Divine! Each one of the dhoop powders and incense sticks I reviewed had a distinct fragrance of their own, which was captivating and yet mild at the same time. I particularly loved the aroma of the Protect Dhoop Incense Powder as I’m really fond of the scent of cinnamon.


I am so much in love with the aroma of Omved’s incense and dhoops that I use them every day and in all rooms of my house! Their aroma and energies uplift my spirit and make me feel so much better, no matter how bad my day has been.

In fact, I like them so much that I even used Purify Ayurvedic Incense Stick and the Faith Dhoop Incense Powder on my wedding day! They really added to the purity and sanctity of the ceremony with their wonderful whiff and pure energy. Sometimes, I even use the Love Ayurvedic Incense Stick in the bedroom to spice things up a bit!


The burn time of each incense is roughly 45 minutes per stick, which is good in my opinion. As for the dhoop powders, they can be reused if you douse them in water. Just make sure you douse it properly for reusing. This helps in prolonging the usability of the powders and a single jar will easily last you for months to come!

Overall, I think I have finally found my favorite incense sticks and dhoop powders! Omved’s collection is very impressive and they actually do what they claim to. I will definitely repurchase these and I’d ask you to try them out too. You’ll love them!