16 Stunning Bridesmaid Hairstyles You’ll Want To Try Today

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When it comes to being the bridesmaid at your friend or cousin’s wedding, then you know you have to show up looking your very best. It is all about finding that perfect hairdo which will tie up your dress, accessories and overall look together. Make sure you eat a lot of healthy food and drink plenty of water in the run up to the wedding date. This will make sure that your locks are lustrous and healthy when the big day arrives.

Ensure that you get a haircut a few weeks in advance so that it will grow out slightly. Trust me, you do not want a bad hairdo for the wedding day. To help you on your path, we have collected for you many “how-to” videos that will give you step-by-step instructions to nail one of these perfect bridesmaid hairstyles. Whether you have short, medium or long hair, I am sure you will be able to find something in here! Get ready to feel inspired!

Short Bridesmaid Hair

Just because you have short hair is no reason for you to stay away from fancy bridesmaid hairstyles. Short hair looks confident, spunky and hip. With the right hairdo, you will definitely look like a true diva.

1. Short Messy Bridesmaid Hair

This beautiful hairstyle for women with short hair is easier than it looks. The stylist here clearly highlights how you can achieve this messy look by using just your hair-dryer, comb, some clips and hairspray!

2. French Braid For Short Bridesmaid Hair

Whoever said that women with short hair need to stay away from the French braid? A French braid is a look that is timeless and classy. This look is all about first combing your hair carefully away from your face before making a French braid. Get this right and you are already halfway there. This would work perfectly for a summer wedding as you keep cool with this ultra hip look.

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3. Soft Bun For Bridesmaid Short Hair

Again, a bun hairdo is the last one that comes to mind when you have short hair. But this soft bun hairdo would go perfectly with sleeveless or off-shoulder dresses. The key here is to twist your hair into an elegant bun, which can be held together by hairpins. This hairdo will make you look effortlessly elegant.

4. Soft Curls

This gorgeous hairdo will frame your face perfectly, making you look younger and slimmer. The key technique here is how you use your curling iron to get those locks perfectly into place. This is a simple hairdo that will make you look chic and sophisticated.

5. Vintage Bridesmaid Hairstyle

Sometimes one cannot help but feel that the most elegant women were of the past. With this vintage hairstyle, you can look like a star from a bygone era. This one could prove tricky to do by yourself, so at least enlist the help of a friend, or better yet, talk to your hairstylist.

6. Easy DIY Bridesmaid Hairstyles

This video shows you not one hairdo, but three bridesmaid hairstyles. With a small tweak, you will be surprised at the different looks you can get. These are very simple to do, and may just end up saving a lot of precious time on the day of the wedding. These hairdos also look extremely artsy and stylish. If DIY is your thing, then you have found the perfect hairstyle for you.

Medium Bridesmaid Hair

For those with medium hair, check out these amazing hairstyles…

7. Donut Bun Bridesmaid Hairstyle

Sporting a high bun is a great idea. With a donut bun, you can achieve a sophisticated bun effortlessly. The most important thing here is to make sure that you wind your hair carefully around the donut to avoid creases in the bun.

8. Side Twist Bridesmaid Hairstyle

This is a very easy hairstyle, and takes only a few minutes to do. These side twists will make you look younger and very fresh. This would be perfect for a spring wedding or even an outdoor wedding.

9. Fifties Bridesmaid Hairstyle

If you are looking for that glamour, that extra edge that makes people exclaim “look at her”, then this just might be the hairstyle for you. It may seem a bit complicated to understand at first, but it is well worth it. The final look is so gorgeous that it will just transport you back to the Hollywood of the fifties!

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10. Curly Bridesmaid Hair Updo

Curly hair, when it is maintained well, is one of the sexiest weapons in a woman’s arsenal. So sporting a curly updo on the day of your bridesmaid duties will make you look very sexy indeed. Depending on the texture of your hair, you will not need to use a hair curler or heating iron on your hair if you follow the steps correctly!

11. French Braid Chignon

This lovely hairstyle combines French braids with the classy chignon bun. This is a look that you can never go wrong with. Add a hair comb or a fancy hair pin to get that final glamorous touch for your hair.

Long Hair

All you long-haired lovelies, check these out…

12. DIY Braids For Long Bridesmaid Hair

If you have long hair, you must be very familiar with braids and must have done it a thousand times. But this video features two novel bridesmaid hairstyles you can make with the help of a simple braid. These up dos, specifically done for long hair, will look classic and timeless and are perfect for any wedding you want to attend.

13. Knotted Ponytail

A knotted ponytail is gorgeous. No matter what your hair texture is, this look is stunning. In case you were sporting a low-cut blouse or a backless dress, this look would tie everything together fabulously.

14. Classy Side Part For Long Bridesmaid Hair

This hairstyle works on a very simple principle, it let your locks do the talking. Your long, lustrous hair is not easy to maintain, but here is where you cash in. This hairstyle will elevate the natural beauty of your hair, making you look beautiful, young and happy.

15. Mohawk Pony Braid

If you have very thick hair, this is a hairdo you definitely need to try out. Otherwise, you might have to use hair extensions to get this look. Once you get all the braids into place, this hairstyle is chic, sexy and modern at the same time.

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16. Bridesmaid Braided Updo

This is a hairstyle that screams “wedding” when you see it. The gorgeous bun and the beautiful braids go together to make this one of the classiest bridesmaid hairstyles possible. This hairdo would look exceedingly beautiful along with an elegant saree.

We hope you enjoyed the videos and that you are inspired to go and find that perfect bridesmaid’s hairdo. Remember, “Life isn’t perfect, but your hair can be.” Go forth and flaunt those gorgeous locks.

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