Bride Entrance Songs: 10 Most Popular Bollywood Bridal Entry Hits

If you are wondering what should the wedding DJ include in the playlist to make your bridal entrance moment an epic and memorable one, then you must take a look at this popular and heart touching collection of Bollywood ‘bride entrance songs’ that are just perfect for the occasion.

Bollywood Bride Entrance Songs

1. Tune Maari Entriyaan (Film – Gunday)

It is a perfect choice among bride entrance songs for the bride who is fun loving and does not mind being a little quirky. The lyrics of the song are hilarious and the music composition is something that is totally apt for the occasion. If you want to just flatter your would-be-husband with some dab of glamour and your eloquent style, then this is certainly the song for you as you enter the mandap with style and grace. The high beat of the song and its appealing theme will be perfect.

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2. Mast Magan (Film – 2 States)

It is a very sweet sounding and melodious track, if you’re looking for soft bride entrance songs, that emphasizes on the whole aspect of being in tune with someone so much that you forget your own world. The lyrics of the song are heart-touching and express the devotion and love of the partners for each other, and how enthralled they are to have each other for life. The melodious voice of Arijit Singh and the soulful music background of the song will be a perfect take as an entrance song for the bride who is the jogan of her husband.

3. O Re Piya (Film – Aaja Nachle)

A gem of a melody by Rahat Fateh Ali Khan, this wedding song truly portrays the wish of the bride to be taken away by her beau to his world of love and magic. It is a very soulful and melodious choice in our bride entrance songs list, one that will bring tears to the eyes of the listeners. The mixed emotions that a bride feels when she is entering this new phase of her life are something that is completely reflected in the song. This song is perfect for the bride who is apprehensive yet happy at the same time as she enters into this new and unfamiliar phase of her life, but has complete trust in her would-be-partner.

4. Main Rang Sharbaton Ka (Film – Phata Poster Nikla Hero)

It is a slow-paced yet graceful song that will match with the pace and grace of the bride entering the mandap for the jaimala. The song has the exact lyrics that a marriage symbolizes, two imperfect and incomplete souls perfect and complete in unison. The music of the song is also very soothing to one’s senses which make it an awesome choice for an occasion such as marriage. Play this song while the bride makes her entrance and marvel at the glory of the ambience this song creates, which will be more than perfect for the occasion.

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5. Raabta (Film – Agent Vinod)

It is one of those beautifully well-crafted bride entrance songs, with meaningful lyrics and some great musical score. If you are starting a new journey of life with your life partner then you will instantly connect with this song. There cannot be any better occasion to play this song than on the event of bridal entrance when your heart is full of fear and apprehensions of the new responsibilities, but you are also confident that destiny has decided this for you and it will be perfect.

6. Din Shagna Da Aaya Ni Aao Sakhiyon (Film – Dillagi)

It is a custom-made bridal entrance song that has all the emotions and elements which are invoked in the hearts of the bride and her loved ones. It talks about the ceremonious and auspicious event of marriage and how the prospect of the bride entering the new phase of her life will be full of blessings and good wishes from her family and friends. It is an awesome song that you can select if you’re looking for bride entrance songs and you wish to go the traditional way.

7. Dulhe Ka Sehra Suhana Lagta Hai (Film – Dhadkan)

It is a poignant and heartfelt song tuned in the classical manner that portrays the emotions of the bride and the groom anticipating a new lease of life. It is a thrilling experience of to enter a new phase in life with that special someone and the song totally nails it when it comes to reflecting on the anticipation and nervousness of the moment mingled with joy and happiness. Your guests will enjoy the soulful music and be amazed by your awesome song selection for bride entrance songs.

8. Dil Laga Liya (Film – Dil Hain Tumahara)

It is a very popular and cherished bridal entrance song doing the rounds for a long time now. The popularity of the song is because of its apt lyrics that suit the environment of the occasion and the background score. It is often added with few other songs to make the ambience of bridal entrance and the ceremonies an eternally blissful and memorable affair. The music composition and the style of singing is also unique as the theme of the song is based on the Rajasthani culture of puppet shows which tell the stories of epic brides and grooms.

9. Teri Ore (Film – Singh is King)

Make your occasion of bridal entrance a memorable affair by choosing this lovely winner among bride entrance songs. It is a very melodious and enchanting Bollywood wedding songs that will instantly change the whole atmosphere of the wedding. The lyrics of the song are apt for the occasion and the music has a soulful and nostalgic touch to it.

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10. Paalki Mein Hoge Saawar Chali Re (Film – Khalnayak)

It is an all time favourite song that is a very popular number for bridal entrance. The song of the nineties touches the right notes of your senses and gives the occasion its own charm and ambience where the bride’s eyes are filled with the tears of happiness and nostalgia of the bygone days and blissfully light bride entrance songs.

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