9 Bridal Shower Games Totally Worth Your While

You’d agree when we say, that there are better games than just making a veil with toilet paper. In fact, we’ve collected a few bridal shower games for you to try, and whether a surprise or a planned bridal shower, these quirky, and creative activities should be good fun for everyone involved.

bridal shower games - activities

Drop hints about the kind of activities you might have planned or the agenda, so that they are pepped and prepared.

Bridal Shower Games:

1. Put A Ring On It

bridal shower games - Put-A-Ring-On-It

A great way to kick off these bridal shower games! Make sure the list of forbidden words isn’t too long and that there will be plenty of ties it’ll come up in conversation.

What You Will Need: Get a bag of cute plastic rings, if you can get assorted shapes, they can show off each other’s rings and have fun with them anyway. A writing board, coloured chalk or markers. Stores like “Itzz A Party” or “Party Place” have tonnes of options.

How To Play: Make a list of four or five words that the guests are not supposed to say. If they do, the one who catches them steals their ring. The one that collects the most, will be the winner. Words like the bride’s name, “groom,” “wedding” etc. can be a lot of fun. The winner gets a little something, a gift card from a nice store is a good option.

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2. Kiss the Miss – Goodbye

bridal shower games - Kiss-the-Miss---Goodbye

Bidding adios to the “Miss Club” and joining the “Mrs. Club” will be twice as fun with these kisses. These bridal shower games also make for a great framed gift for the bride.

What You Will Need: This fun activity hardly needs anything but is great fun. You just need a colored or plain sheet and a colored/regular pen or sparkle colours. You can even get a “kiss the miss good-bye” frame from a party shop. Also, get a darkest shade of red colour, just in case. Make it interesting by probably adding a sheet of interesting stickers that the guests can stick while they sign.

How To Play: Place a little sticky note to tickle their creative side.
Guests need to plant a kiss on this sheet of paper, sign it and say a few words. The bride can pick her favourite quote and you can give the winner the bride’s favorite lipstick.

3. Drink If

bridal shower games - GoodbyeDrink-If

If your party will have shots, cocktails or any alcohol, this is a good option and a great way to loosen up!

What You Need: Prepare a list like the above picture. Make one if you want to, and get as creative and crazy as you can. Pick your favorite drinks, some shot glasses and you’re good to go!

How To Play: The bride will be given the list, she will read out the list and call for rounds. She will give a go-ahead to take one, if it applies to you. Spill the beans and call for shots.

4. Pass The Love Story

bridal shower games - pass-the-love-story-bridal

It is a chance for the guests to spell out the couple’s love story as they know. It could be exaggerated or fun. Either way, we will find out. This is one of the best bridal shower games you can play.

What You Need: You don’t need much, a pen and paper will do.

How To Play: Pass a paper and pen, and each one will write one line or two about the couple’s love story as they know. The next guest will continue from where the previous one left. Should be a pretty good read in the end!

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5. The Nearlywed Game

bridal shower games - The-Nearlywed-Game

Inspired from the famous TV show, here is the bridal shower version. It involves the groom as well, which makes it extra interesting.

What You Need: Prepare a few questions, again your chance to get creative. Have the husband-to-be answer them beforehand. You can capture his answers on video.

How To Play: At the party, ask these questions to the bride and compare her answers with the ones the groom has given. If you’ve got a video of him answering the questions, play them after every question as an interesting way to compare the answers!

6. A Truth and A Lie

bridal shower games - A-Truth-and-A-Lie-

Leave it to the guests to tell apart from the truth to the lie in one of the most classic bridal shower games.

What You Need: You don’t really need anything for this. Just sit back and enjoy.

How They Play: Each guest will need to speak one truth and one lie about the bride. The guests can guess the truth and lie, the correct one will get be a winner. It is nice to give away goodies for each question, but not required.

7. The Vow Writing

bridal shower games - The-Vow-Writing

This is quite similar to “pass the love story” game, except this is a chance for you to get silly!

What You Need: Pen, paper and clipboards.

How They Play: Divide the group into two teams. One team will write vows on behalf of the bride and the other will make a groom’s version. Pass the paper and after each one writes, they are suppose to fold that part of the sheet so the others can’t see. Have the bride read them both aloud for a good laugh!

8. Take Yarn, Tell A Yarn

bridal shower games - Take-Yarn,-Tell-A-Yarn

Bridal shower games are a good way to break the ice. Guests can say their name, how they know the bride, and a few words about themselves.

What You Need: A few bundles of yarn and a pair of scissors.

How They Play: Ask guests to take a string of yarn, each. Don’t specify the length, it could be however long or short they like. Each of them then need to talk about themselves as long as it takes for them to twist the yarn around their finger.

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9. Matchmaking

bridal shower games - Matchmaking

Print pictures or split words that are associated with wedding. The guests will pair them up to make some matches.

What You Need: First make a list of pictures or words that you would like to use. Map them correctly on a paper to avoid any confusion. If you want them you need a bundle of yarn and clips to attach the cards.

How They Play: One guest at a time will, at random, view a card and then close it. They then need to find it’s match by opening other cards. You could time this game and the one who either makes a match or the maximum number of matches will get a gift.

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