Top 11 Bridal Mehndi Dresses For The Beautiful Bride-To-Be

It is every girl’s dream to be the most beautiful bride there has ever been. That’s why she pays extra attention to each detail of her wedding including her look, makeup, dress, mehndi and accessories. And it isn’t just the wedding day that she focuses on, her planning starts right from the very first ritual. A major part of the planning procedure includes the dresses that she would be wearing for each ceremony. Everything needs to be in sync with the occasion. So let’s focus on the mehndi ceremony in this article. Here are the top 11 dresses we think that every bride-to-be must consider while choosing her mehndi look.

1. Long Pakistani Suit

During the mehndi ceremony, a bride has to sit still for longer durations and thus must wear something that is loose and comfortable yet trendy.

2. Pakistani Mehndi Dress

A dress in green would be the perfect attire for the mehndi ceremony as it would be beautifully colour co-ordinated too.

3. Gharara With Short-Sleeved Kurti

This is another perfect option for a mehndi ceremony as it is loose and gives you a lot of breathing space while keeping your arms free for the mehndi.

4. Light Coloured Flowy Dress


Image Courtesy: Varun Suresh Photography

If you’re hoping to get all the attention directed towards your henna design then this is probably the best colour and dress to go for. The colour makes for a perfect breezy look while the dress lets you move around freely.

5. Bright Yellow Suit

If your mehndi ceremony will be in an outdoor setting during the day then a bright yellow suit would look simply gorgeous on you under the sun.

6. Green Heavy Frock-Style Suit

Since the colour of henna is green, it would be perfectly coordinated with the theme if you chose a green dress. This one here is something that I particularly love.

7. Floral Embroidered Lehenga

This dress can easily help you brighten up your look. The cream and pink colour combination goes best with the wedding ceremony too.

8. Blue And Green Lehenga

When it is the mehndi ceremony, the first thing that comes to your mind is the colour green. So wouldn’t this be the perfect dress with a slight hint of the colour in an elegant look?

9. Simple Yet Elegant Green Lehenga Choli

This is another one of my favourites for a low-key mehndi affair. The green bottom complements the occasion while the cute top gives you the oomph factor.

10. Silver And Lime Lehenga

For those of you who are getting married during the upcoming summers, this should be the perfect colour combination to go for. It will definitely keep you cool during the heat and this dress will make sure you look the most beautiful.

11. Burnt Orange Dress

This is a beautiful flowy dress in a burnt orange colour that will bring out the beauty quotient in your mehndi ceremony.

So these were our top picks for the mehndi look. Hope you were able to pick one for your special day. So which one is it going to be?