Bridal Mehndi Designs For You to Explore

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Here are some great bridal mehndi designs for you to explore, and try out, for that special day of your life!

1. The Bride

Image: Varun Suresh Photography

Let’s begin with the bride. I meant the design! What better way to celebrate your day than to celebrate yourself – the bride! It is common for mehndi designs to incorporate the image of a bride, with a number of other lacey and intricate designs to complement this thematic element. The motif of the bride can be drawn with varying details like a nice little nathni, or even jhumkas, and the ghoonghat that sometimes partially veiling the bride. The design can consider the minuscule details of the lehenga and the choli, or out-stretched arms of the icon of the bride holding garland in her hands. It could also be the design of a less-detailed bride in a doli which makes for a classy Indian bridal mehndi design, even representing the bidaai, or her entry into the next important phase in her life. With more and more added details, the conceptualization of the bridal mehndi design in whole becomes more important or else they could get too crowded or drown some other details that one should actually not miss from the entire picture.

2. The Bride & Groom

The answer to the question of who are the most important people in a wedding is available in the following design! Like the mehndi design of a bride we saw already, it can also be that of a bride and groom, an artistic celebration of the union of two people in love! The groom in the design is given as much attention, as far as details go, giving him the pagdi (and why not add a mucchi as well!), even intricate designs on his fabric, up to footwear, if the design is drawn in that proportion. The nicknames or names of the bride and groom could be hidden like a clue in the design – for this will be the one time in your life people won’t tell you “it’s tacky, take it off”! So if you want it, you can have a match made in mehndi!

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3. The Negative Space

Image: Shutterstock

You can see a number of bridal mehendi designs that are inspired by Arabic mehndi designs. The Arabic influence in mehendi designs reflects the knowledge and understanding of geometrical designs and shapes, and their functions. So you will find that one of the fascinating aspects of the Arabic designs for mehndi is the efficient and strategic use of negative space – using the lacunae in designs as a decorative element in itself.

Image: iStock

Finger details are not covered for all the fingers, and intricate floral and curvaceous damasks are the patterns predominantly used sparingly, on both the inside and back of the hand.

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Image: iStock

The design layout does not dictate anything; the patterns are minimal, yet sometimes convoluted, spaced out in such a way as to bring out an overall cohesive and composed design that adorns the bride’s hands elegantly. Whether they came about as a result of contemplative thinking or they just ran out of patterns to draw, they sure do make for a great stylistic element in bridal mehndi designs!

4. The Central Design

Instead of a whole lot of patterns crammed in one after the other, you can go for a different kind of mehndi design where there is a central design like a peacock inspired pattern or something akin to the mandala. It can either be followed by patterns going out centrifugally, away from the inner design. Or they can be followed by no patterns at all, thus making the central design the highlight of the mehndi drawing. The different options for using a central design can be chosen according to the jewellery choice like the kind of bangles being used, bracelets, or the rings for the fingers, hand-chains and so on.

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5. Finger-Detailing

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The bridal mehndi designs today offer a wide selection to choose from, even the details on the fingers. Traditional bridal mehndi designs cap-off the fingers with mehndi, with similar designs on every finger. So, it can either all be the same design, like tender creepers, or check-designs; or one could even choose a different pattern for each finger. With the finger-detailing what one must keep in mind is the kind of nail art being chosen for the bride. Extensive nail art can be observable only with mehndi details on fingers that complement, rather than overshadow, the intricate work done on the nails.

Image: iStock

6. Mehndi Hand-chain

Image: Shutterstock

Of all things that mehndi artists can do, it’s impressive to see a well executed visualization of a bridal mehndi design. Remember how we saw the beginnings of the use of mehndi in body art, and how it was used as inexpensive jewellery by the poor. This idea can be seen adapted in the conception of the hand-chain bridal mehndi design. As the name suggests, it is mehndi design drawn on the hand to represent an intricate hand-chain. This design is usually done on the back of the hand, but can also be used to decorate the inside of the hand as well. It can either be drawn up to all the fingers or can be used elegantly with just one finger attended for detail, depending on nail art, jewellery and so on. This combines Arabic influence, the use of negative space, and makes for a fascinating piece of hand-drawn jewellery using mehndi!

Image: iStock

 7. The Peacock

Image Courtesy: Alankritaa

One of the most popular choices in bridal mehndi designs is the Peacock design. The name couldn’t make the gist of it more obvious, but when the mehndi artists come in with their creativity, this can mean a whole other thing! The peacock design is used very commonly in bridal mehndi designs for the brides of different cultures be it Hindu, Muslim, Sikh or others, for the symbolic richness of colours that it represents, translating to prosperity and happiness. It is also admired for its graceful curvatures, and shape that allows for space that one can fill with patterns of the artist’s desire. In some of the designs the feathers, even the beak, the smooth neck, and other distinctive features of a peacock are accentuated with such attention to detail that one can almost actualize the image of the peacock. So the peacock may sound a it bcliché, but with the right artist and conceptualization, it is always in the Indian bridal vogue!

8. Back Mehndi Tattoo

Image: Shutterstock

If you’re going to be wearing a low back lehenga-choli or blouse for a wedding saree, with an up-do for the hair, generously showing more than the nape of your neck, then go ahead and show off a sexy back mehndi tattoo! It can be a central design, or a design of any inspiration. It can either be an elaborate pattern, or something simple and bold to just add that extra element to your overall bridal look. You can even add stones to your design for an additional ‘bling’ and level-up for a whole different celebrity bridal style!

9. Mehndi Sleeve

Image: Devang Singh Photography

Yes. This is the real stuff, right here. Mehndi designs are not restricted to the hands and wrist – a fully developed narrative of a design can be drawn as a mehndi sleeve. This is one of the special bridal liberties. A full or half mehndi sleeve is enough to tell people who the bride really is, and a good mehndi artist knows to capture that very bridal essence in such a design. Because it is a sleeve, there are a few things one could be mindful of, like not letting the design be over-crowded with random patterns. That goes for all designs. Another important factor to keep in mind is to not be redundant, because the sleeve is a large design in entirety and the proclivity for repetitiveness is higher for such designs.

10. Off-Shoulder Mehndi Design

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As we have seen already, the bridal mehndi design is not separate from the bridal fashion, jewellery, and the overall theme chosen by the bride in terms of colours, fabric, design and much more. The off-shoulder mehndi design also complements a certain arrangement or orchestration of different elements that make the bridal theme of choice. So, like how a good back mehndi tattoo goes well with a low-back bridal dress or saree, the off-shoulder mehndi design is best executed with cap-sleeves or off shoulder cuts in the bridal dress. Add a charming armlet to go and you have put together a look from which no one can take their eyes off!

11. Mehndi For Feet

Image: Shutterink Photography

Bridal mehndi designs for the feet are given equal attention as the designs drawn for the hands, wrist and so forth. The design can be simple borders with sparing patterns, to extensive drawings that leave people in awe! Mehendi designs must go well with the accessories that have been chosen for the D-day. For bridal mehndi designs for the feet, one must ensure the right choice of payal and footwear, toe-rings if any, you get the gist.


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