6 Beautiful Latest Back Hand Mehndi Design

When it comes to decorating your body with mehndi, the palms and the feet are a must. But in order to get that complete look as the bride, you should also find some lovely back hand mehndi design ideas. This will not only go with the saree, lehenga or sharara you will be wearing. It also needs to be coordinated with the kind of jewellery you will be wearing. Just bear in mind that you don’t want any of your accessories to clash with the mehndi design. We are here to help you out, and offer some of the best mehndi designs that will do a fabulous job of adorning the back of your hand.

1. Full Arm Traditional Indian Back Hand Mehndi Design

Full Arm Traditional Indian Design - Back Hand Mehndi Design

Traditional Indian mehndi designs have been around since the Vedic times. So, the amount of designs, motifs, embellishments that are a part of the Indian repertoire is almost too large to conceive. And it is for this very reason that Indian mehndi designs are a true classic that can never go out of style. The paisley and circular motifs, that are intricately embellished with beautiful curlicues and rosy vines are perfect for any bride on her special day.

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2. Cascade Floral Motif Design

Cascading Floral Motif Design - Back Hand Mehndi Design

Floral motifs are not only elegant and beautiful, they are also very delicate and will sit pretty in your arms. The flowers, bound together by curled vines, the dots of varying thickness all make this mehndi design something that you want to keep looking at. This Indian bridal mehndi design so elegantly forks along the path of your hand, which will show off your engagement or wedding ring. This is perfect for those of you looking for a mehndi design for back hand.

3. Moroccan Inspired Back Hand Mehndi Design

Morocco Inspired Design - Back Hand Mehndi Design

India is not the only country that has a very diverse range of mehndi designs for young blushing brides to choose from. Morocco too has a history of a glorious oral tradition where mehndi designs have been lovingly passed on from mother to daughter. These designs usually feature geometric designs like the one above. This is perfect for the brides who are looking for an innovative mehndi design for their big day.

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4. Minimalist Back Hand Mehndi Design

Minimalist Mehndi Design - Back Hand Mehndi Design

Well, not everybody would enjoy the intricate mehndi design that covers up all of your hand. If you are someone who shows a preference for the simple and minimalist design, then this design is definitely for you. The central floral pattern and the other simple embellishments do lend a charm and will definitely please the minimalist in you, and it can be just the right enchanting mehndi design for wedding use if you’re so inclined.

5. Wrist Back Hand Mehndi Design

Wrist Mehndi Design - Back Hand Mehndi Design

Not every back hand mehndi design needs to adorn the back of your palm. A great option is to leave the back of your palm bare or with minimal designs. The design gets intricate as it moves towards your wrists, where it blooms into a lovely design.

6. Glitter Full Arm Back Hand Mehndi Design

Glitter Back Hand Design - Back Hand Mehndi Design

Another great option that can adorn the back of your hand is glitter mehndi. This will not only give you the traditional red stain – but also some gorgeous glitter. If you love bling, then this is definitely the design you should choose for your big day.

Images Source: Google, Pinterest, Shutterstock