14 Stunning Bridal Mehndi Designs For Hands

Bridal mehndi designs for hands in 2016 come in a wide variety of styles and patterns; however they are characterized by a few similarities that exist across all the gorgeous works of henna art. First of all, bridal mehndi is a very intricate and detailed body art form. While the simpler (and still very beautiful) designs, straight lines and macro themes have firmly established themselves as some of the best mehndi art one can have; given the occasion of a wedding, the grand celebration and the new beginning that it symbolizes, bridal mehndi designs for hands make no efforts to play down the significance of the moment. The second similarity between them is that they are all highly vivid, richly detailed and downright stunning (no matter whatever style you end up choosing).

Check out the list of 14 Latest bridal Mehendi designs for the blushing brides to be:

Circles And Dots - Bridal Mehndi Designs For Hands

1. Circles And Dots

This beautiful bridal mehndi design for hands finds just the right balance between intricacy and bold patterns with the two large circles in the middle of the hands being the highlight of this particular piece of art. The use of spaces is something to admire in here as well, with the design not seeming overly busy or lacking detail, but just a perfect mix of the two. The use of short lines, concentric circles and dots of varying sizes all combines very well together to form a design that is as beautiful as it is unique.

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2. Intricate Delight

There’s so much to this mehndi design that it can literally take you over an hour getting to know the fine details of the exquisite design. Not for the faint-hearted, this design will require a lot of patience from both the artist and the bride as they get the little details just right to produce this extraordinary effect. Right from the fingertips to past the elbows, this design leaves no unused space, instead packing every part of your hand and arm with gorgeous and fine detail. The straight lines, flower patterns, semicircles, diamonds and a myriad other patterns come together in breathtaking fashion, to leave you with a design that will be admired and inspected by all and sundry, leaving everyone in awe of its and the bride’s beauty.

3. Chequered Circles

If you were to break down this stunning design into its most basic components it would be a combination of circles and chequered patterns of different types. Right under the chequered semi-circle flourishes at the top of the arm and adorning some of the fingers is a floral pattern that blends in perfectly with the two other design styles. The combinations of the various elements used as well the use of thin spaces of undecorated skin as a border or highlight really makes this design stand out. The detail is well-defined and never looks cluttered despite containing within it a very high level of detail.

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4. Texture To Behold

The very first glance at the artistic creations that are mehndi designs for weddings will reveal two aspects that make this bridal mehndi design for hands a sure-fire winner – the gorgeous texture and the sheer amount of detail packed into the design. With bold patterns like the floral pattern towards the top of the arm constituted of highly complex and intricate textures themselves, this design carries its details over several layers, adding a rich texture to the overall art that is a large part of the overall theme and adds depth to the design. This is another one of those bridal mehndi designs for hands that takes plenty of patience and much effort, but produces an end result that is well worth it, to say the very least.

5. Bold And Beautiful

Bold And Beautiful - Bridal Mehndi Designs For Hands

For those with an affinity for bolder patterns, this stunning design is the ideal choice. The mesh-like texture on the fingers adds the counterbalance to the rest of the bold and vivid design that takes up the rest of the hands and the arm. A combination of a multitude of styles and techniques, this mehndi design works well as something unique in the sphere, but which doesn’t compromise of the qualities of intricacy and sheer beauty. The Ganesha in the middle of the design and the space up top for the initials of the couple are an overall excellent touch to this already beautiful bridal mehndi design.

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Simple Style - Bridal Mehndi Designs For Hands

6. Simple Style

Sometimes keeping things simple is the best way to go forward with things and no, there is no compromise in detail or beauty in this awe-inspiring bridal mehndi design for hands. The design aspects in this most beautiful piece of mehndi art are kept to a minimum, and while it is packed with intricate work, it is not as much of a mixture of styles as some of the other designs on this list, but rather a design that starts with a particular design philosophy at the fingers that visibly progresses and evolves into a more delicate and intricate pattern that remains inspired from the point where it started. This kind of compound design, when done right, has the ability to look simply stunning and everyone who catches a glimpse of the design will be left admiring its intricate detailing.

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7. Traditional Treat

A stunning design that will resonate among the more traditional ‘design-inclined-brides’, this gorgeous and intricate design has a certain old world charm to it. With the peacock featuring on the arm, and the large motifs of the bride and groom on the palm, this is a highly personal mehndi design that might just be what you are looking for on the most important day of your life so far. Beautiful designs of flowers and leaves make up the rest of the spaces with a gorgeous netted design near the elbow that culminates in a bajuband mehndi design finish with a leaf flourish. This is a design that you really can’t go wrong with, especially if maintaining the integrity of the age old techniques of mehndi is important to you.

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8. Delightful Dulhan Mehndi

This beautiful design is an amalgamation of all the designs prior to it, drawing influences from various other designs and styles to make for an entirely unique and refreshing bridal mehndi design that is exceptional to look at as well. From the perfect symmetry of the designs on the two hands to the intricate detailing right from the fingers all the way up the arm, this is one of those bridal mehndi designs for hands that will suit any bride and will ensure that she looks absolutely stunning on the biggest day of her life.

9. Rich Mehndi Design

This stunning design is truly a sight to behold. Just like you probably were, we too were attracted at first to the beautiful heart right in the middle of the two adjoined palms, but once you get past that gorgeous detail, the stunning art of the rest of the design comes into light. From the extremely intricate work on the fingertips to the bajuband cuffs on the arms, every single detail on this exquisite design is an example of mehndi at its finest – and an excellent choice for any bride on her wedding day.

10. Traditional Wonder

Traditional Wonder - Bridal Mehndi Designs For Hands

It is not that the styles employed in this design are altogether unique, or the fact that the details enshrined within it haven’t been seen before, but the fact that their usage in mehndi artwork is rarely this well executed. From the heart surrounded by a floral pattern tight in the middle of the hand, to the peacocks that represent the couple, and the bride and groom themselves on the other arm, this design retains all of the elements from the traditional mehndi design form and brings it into contemporary times with a flawless execution. The floral pattern, dots and checks all have their own place in this design and really bring it to life, making this one of the most charming bridal mehndi designs for hands on this list.

Simply Intricate - Bridal Mehndi Designs For Hands

11. Simply Intricate

This design is for those with a preference for cleaner designs and unembellished spaces. The design packs a lot of detail, but it is all enclosed within the bold flowers on the arm and near the tips of the fingers. These design elements have plenty of spaces in between them which serve to really bring to the fore the overall design. The bajuband cuff at the top as well as the final flower really bring the design to a perfect conclusion, making for the ideal design for anyone looking for an uncomplicated yet delicate pattern to adorn themselves with on their special day.

12. Dark Mehndi

One of the most visually different designs on the list, this highly detailed and stunning design really makes for a unique flavour. The dark tips of the fingers set the general tone of the overall design, while it is the small details that really stand out, whether the musical instruments right at the top of the arm and design, or the angled parallel lines that run just behind the wrist. The bold flower and leaf combo on both the palms makes for a beautiful centrepiece to the surrounding intricate detailing that fills in the spaces. This highly unique and gorgeous mehndi design may take a long time in application, but the end result will be worthy of an occasion befitting the importance of a wedding.

13. Royal Mehndi

This is one of those black and red mehndi designs for the hands is a refreshing different take on the flowers and leaves pattern that is so popular among mehndi practitioners and brides alike. Offering a style that is as contemporary as it is beautiful; this mehndi design is one that will have you in awe even as it is being applied on to your hand. The intricate detailing on the fingers followed by the beautiful architectural lines on the top of the hand as well as the concentric lines that finish off the design all come together wonderfully to make for a visually stunning piece of mehndi art, one that will be sure to blow away everyone who views it on your wedding day.

14. Delightful Detail

Delightful Detail - Bridal Mehndi Designs For Hands

Intricate does not only mean filling in all the spaces with designs that are as small as possible, as evidenced by this stunning mehndi design for your hand. Thin and exquisite lines in a geometric arrangement, as well as the vine-like design featuring small dots on the fingers make for a delightful and unique piece of mehndi art, but it really is the overall design of the flower in the middle of the arm that makes this design truly stand out like no other mehndi design on this list or any other.

With that we conclude our list of the 14 most stunning bridal mehndi designs for the hands, and rest assured, whatever design that you choose to go with or are inspired by, you will have some of the most detailed, stylish and most beautiful looking henna art adorning your hands, making you every bit the resplendent bride that you always imagined yourself to be on the special day of your wedding.

We hope you enjoyed our selection, and do please leave us your comments below to share with us your favourites, the design that you ended up choosing, your experience with the application, and your overall satisfaction with your bridal mehndi experience. Any suggestions of designs to be added or other recommendations are always welcome as well, and we’ll be sure to get back to you with our take on things as well.

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