Bridal Makeup Tips For Wheatish Skin

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Makeup can be a point of contention for quite a few brides. Many of you may have beautiful wheatish skin to flaunt but, somehow, you can only find products for those with paler skin – be it foundations, where you find only a single color for an entire range of complexions, or lipsticks that make you look washed out.

Looking perfect on your wedding day might be a tad difficult, but it is not impossible. As a bride, you will be in the spotlight. So, shine on your special day by following these tips.

Bridal Makeup Tips For Wheatish Skin

1. Face: A Flawless Finish

  • There are various shades of foundation available in the market. Choose a shade that is close to your skin color. Specifically for wheatish skin tones, do not go in for a lighter shade as your skin may turn grey or ashy in some time. Picking up the right shade of foundation is not rocket science. Always seek help from the in-house makeup artist at the store to find the right foundation for your skin type.
  • The best way to find the perfect match for your foundation is to try three shades – one which is a shade lighter than your skin tone, the second which is very close to your skin tone, and the third which is a shade darker than your skin tone. Swatch the shades, one after the other, on your jaw line and see which shade matches your skin tone. Try this shade on one side of your face to see if it accurately matches the skin tone.
  • A concealer is much needed when dealing with discoloration, blemishes, and dark circles. Go in for a concealer that is a shade or two darker than your skin tone, depending on the coverage level. It is best to opt for a full coverage foundation as it helps minimize the flaws to a great extent. You can use Studio Fix Fluid by MAC, or Makeup Forever’s HD foundation.
  • When you are unable to find the correct shade, buy two shades of foundation – one lighter and one close to your skin tone. Mix both of them and use.
  • Mix and match in different proportions to create the shade that you feel matches your skin tone the best.
  • Dust some powder all over the face to seal the look. The powder also mattifies the skin. Do not opt for transparent powders as they are white in color and may look little ashy on certain areas.
  • If you are applying a full face foundation, be sure to blend it down your neck as well, as it tends to be a few shades lighter than the face. This helps in giving you an even look throughout.

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2. Cheeks: A Hint Of Rose

  • Opt for blushes in shades of coral and deep plums as they add warmth to your cheeks while giving you a flush of color. They also make your skin look radiant.
  • You can also contour your face using a foundation that is a few shades darker than your skin tone for a chiseled look.

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3. Eyes: A Palette Of Perfection

  • For a wheatish skin tone, opt for a copper/dull gold eyeshadow for the lids, and add a contrast color that complements the gold.
  • For the eyeliners, you can experiment and try shades of green, blue, and brown. Avoid anything on the neon side.
  • Make it a point to wear false eye lashes as they enhance your eye makeup.

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4. Lips: A Burst Of Color

  • Use shades of purple such as berry, burgundy, plum, or wine for the lips.
  • If you opt for bright or neon shades of lipsticks, then pair the lipstick with a darker shade of lip pencil.
  • Line the lips with the pencil and also fill in the color as a base for your lipstick. This helps the lip color stay for a longer time and prevents it from feathering.

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Weddings are simultaneously exhausting and exhilarating. But, through the ups and downs, keep these pointers in mind, and more importantly, enjoy your big day. For, a happy bride is a beautiful bride. Do you know any other bridal makeup tips for wheatish skin? Do let us know by commenting below.

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