8 Amazing Bridal Makeup Tips For Oily Skin!

In India, bridal makeup is something that has so many variations and it can be extremely diverse. Before you even go ahead with a bridal makeup choice of yours, the first and foremost thing to consider is your skin type. Skin types can vary from ‘very dry’ to ‘very oily’. So think wisely before you take a call on the makeup type, for you may need bridal makeup tips for oily skin.

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In India, the climate and temperature keep changing from very hot and humid to very dry and sultry. Unless you are someone whose skin can withstand any changes in the weather, you must have observed that your skin tends to become oily often. Bridal makeup on an oily skin can turn disastrous for the bride. So does that mean that you have to forego makeup forever? No!

If your skin type is oily, these are few tips that will help you overcome this problem and you can flawlessly flaunt your makeup on any given day.

Here are our bridal makeup tips for oily skin:

Bridal Makeup - Bridal Makeup Tips For Oily Skin

1. Use An Anti-shine Primer

Here’s the first Indian bridal makeup tip, always use a primer on your skin first before applying any makeup. A primer helps the makeup stay long on oily skin. You can opt for T-zone primer for the oiliest areas like the forehead and nose. Preferably, use a matt primer as it doesn’t give a shiny look and helps keep your natural look intact. Apply the primer after you have cleaned your face. Prepare your skin base with the primer and then you can go ahead and apply foundation.

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2. Use An Eyelid Primer

The next thing you should concentrate on is your bridal eye makeup. Never prime your eyes with a concealer. It makes the skin oilier and can leave creases over your eyelids. Use a primer that is specifically designed for the eyelids. Doing so prepares your skin to take all that eye shadow and makes your eyes look picture perfect. The primer will absorb all the crease causing oils, making you look flawless and worry-free all day long.

3. Never Overdo The Powder

The third tip for bridal makeup tips for oily skin is that it is a common misconception that applying powder helps your skin look oil-free. Though it works to an extent, it is a bad idea. Powders usually absorb the sweat and later open the pores, releasing too much oil. Using powder on areas that are too oily will definitely help. You can always pat dry your nose with the powder after using the primer. Always use a matte translucent formula to cut down the shine and keep the oil in control.

Always use a sponge to apply powder on your face. Then just take in the required amount and spread it evenly for equal coverage.

4. Always Use A Blotting Paper

You might have the best bridal makeup on, but the oil comes back after a few hours and makes your skin shine awfully. So to avoid all that, always carry a blotting paper. It immediately sucks in all the oil and makes your skin matte dry. Never rub the blotting paper over your face. Always use it on the oily areas and roll it over.

Cosmetics - Bridal Makeup Tips For Oily Skin

5. Always Use Oil-free Cosmetics

Bridal makeup tips for oily skin, number 5: Never use cosmetics that have excess oil. All cosmetics contain oil, but you need to carefully look at the percentage of oil in the product before buying or using one. If your skin is oily and you put on makeup using oil-based products then your bridal makeup is definitely going to backfire. Always use skin toners and cleansers that are oil-free. A good salicylic acid cleaner will certainly help in keep that oil away, and is a must have in your makeup kit.

6. Opt For Long-wear Makeup

Talk to your beauty expert and ask for long-wear makeup cosmetics. Water and oil can do the same damage to your bridal makeup. So opting for long-wear cosmetics will keep your makeup intact and safe from water.

These cosmetics are smudge-free and waterproof, hence they last long. And it is a must that your bridal makeup is smudge-free to avoid looking scary during the long and tedious ceremonies of the wedding.

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7. Always Use A Serum

Never ever use a moisturiser before applying makeup. Though they have hydrating qualities, they tend to become greasy during the course of the day. Using a serum is a much better idea as it is lighter and doesn’t make your skin shine.

8. Pre-bridal Oil Removal

Now that you have the makeup hacks to remove all that excess oil, there are a few things you need to do while getting your pre-bridal done.

  • Start using orange peel-off masks twice a week. They remove excess oils from the pores and make the skin glow.
  • Rub your skin with potato peel and honey; they remove tan as well as oil from your skin.
  • Never use milk to cleanse your face. Milk is good for people with dry skin. When used on oily skin, it does more damage than good.

I hope these tips help you retain your makeup and that you look your beautiful best on your D-day!

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