Bridal Lehenga Designs: 20 Trending Designs To Stir The Soul

One of the most popular bridal attire in Indian weddings is the lehenga-choli, also worn by women in festive seasons and celebrations. But the bridal couture for lehenga-choli is insanely hot and variegated, growing with all kinds of contemporary innovations and influences. The selection of cuts, works, embellishments, fabrics, consoles and much more available in the making of lehengas are mind-blowing and comprehensive. How to use the various components of the lehenga-choli, and in what combinations do the bride’s natural attributes get highlighted by the attire itself, are only some of the thoughts that go into making that perfect bridal lehenga. We have for you 20 amazing bridal lehenga designs for you.

1. Red Bridal Lehenga With Bold Floral Kathiawari Work

Red Bridal Lehenga With Bold Floral Kathiawari Work

Image: Arjun Kartha Photography

This red and gold bridal lehenga will show you why every bride wants to wear this for her traditional wedding day! You can see a bright red lehenga choli with golden gauze dupatta, and a bold floral Kathiawari work done on the lower half of the skirt and repeated on the blouse. The choli uses a leaf cut for the neck and is gracefully draped over with the gauze fabric with its own embellishments running through its borders.

2. Crimson Red Bridal Lehenga With Gold Appliqué

 Crimson Red Bridal Lehenga With Gold Appliqué

Image: Two-Fireflies-One-Camera Photography

Appliqué is becoming increasingly popular these days even in casual clothing, and this brings back some of the traditional craftsmanship in cloth-making through trendy designs. You can make the bridal red richer with appliqué on the choli, the sleeves, and follow the same theme for the dupatta and the lehenga as well. We have faith in these works done on the fabric, but what one must ensure is the right choice of colours used in these thread-works. Lehengas like these are often worn as lehenga sarees, accompanied by heavy stone jewellery, for a bridal look that no one can forget!

3. Blood-Red Bridal Lehenga With Gold-Zari Booti Work

Blood-Red Bridal Lehenga With Gold-Zari Booti Work

Image: Shutterink-Photography

It is amazing in how many ways you can conceive the bridal red in lehenga designs. The bridal lehenga you see here makes use of red satin fabric that has its own richness and lustre. The Karchobi work used here, to doodle an array of little flowers and leaves in gold thread and sequins, fills the borders of the off-pink gauze dupatta and is finished off with cotton button embellishments. Gold chinoiserie is also generously applied on the satin material in the lehenga, for a bridal look that demands admiration!

4. Bridal Lehenga With Gold-Silver Floral Motifs And Gauze Ghoonghat

Bridal Lehenga With Gold-Silver Floral Motifs And Gauze Ghoonghat

Image: Manish Chauhan Photography

Here’s another way of building a royal bridal profile. The red gauze in the ghoonghat is given additional minimal patterns in sequins, spaced-out evenly to give a starry look. The stones used in the embroidery go so well with Kundan jewellery, which goes on to show how attire and accessories have a mutual relationship which has to be considered while building the bridal profile.

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5. Bridal Lehenga Saree With Gold Embroidery And Mirror Sequins

Bridal Lehenga Saree With Gold Embroidery And Mirror Sequins

Image: Deepashree Sakharam, Deep Photography

The bridal red is once again tinkered with in this bridal lehenga design. What would differentiate this design from the previous similar venture would be the close-spaced, almost Rabari-like embroidery of gold mirror sequins close to the neckline and the borders of the lehenga-choli and the dupatta. It adds such richness to the bridal couture that even jewellery looks optional!

6. Green (Tota) Color Choli Teams With Red Lehenga With Ornamental Thread-work

Green (Tota) Color Choli Teams With Red Lehenga With Ornamental Thread-work

Image: Two-Fireflies-One-Camera Photography

Nothing says Indian like red, green and white, right guys? Here we have a similar combination in this bridal lehenga design – a green choli with extensive floral tatting stitched on to it and finished off with wee bit of red fabric for the border of the sleeve; a red lehenga with equally extensive almost a narrative of floral and decorative patterning in what looks like white gold, bordered by a green fabric with impeccable needlework, providing graceful adornment. The dupatta uses a white gauze or even Chiffon fabric with a red cotton border on which all the ornamental thread-work and decorative elements like tassels are added, with a green lining for the border to integrate the colour theme of the attire with grace.

7.  Orange And Fuchsia Brocade Applique Work Lehenga

Orange And Fuchsia Brocade Applique Work Lehenga

Image: Arjun-Kartha-Photography

This gorgeous pick from our list of bridal lehenga designs is up to date with the new trend of pink and orange! Gauze fabric wins another point by being employed in the dupatta to add an orange hue. With a black choli covered fully with circular gold wire-work that extends to the dark pink A-line lehenga too, the concluding work in the lehenga is encircled by large Karchobi paisleys. Towards the end, the portion of the lehenga touching the ground is once again set in orange not just adding the contrast but to making it seem like she’s so hot that she is on fire!

8. Pink, Orange and Silver Sequins: Bridal Lehenga Designs

Pink, Orange and Silver Sequins Bridal Lehenga


This is a whole new interpretation of what you can do with pink and orange. The pink or more precisely the salmon coloured choli uses needlework only under the neckline and extending up to the shoulders. The same coloured lehenga, tasselled at the waist on one side, is worked upon with embellishments sewed on as free-running floral vines, repeated on the alternative pleats of the lehenga. And the choice of silver embellishments instead of gold is due to the lighter pink and orange, colours that are complemented well by the lustre of the silver decorative elements.

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9. Golden Zari Flowers Red Lehenga With Rani Pink Embroidered Choli

Golden Zari Flowers Red Lehenga With Rani Pink Embroidered Choli

Image: Deepashree-Sakharam,-Deep-Photography

You can mix up the gold and silver profiles with the colours used in these bridal lehenga designs. This bridal lehenga, worn in a more traditional fashion, makes use of thread-work and wire-work in both gold and silver, in a visualised sequence. The sequins, mirrors, and even pearls used for embellishment of the fabric, accentuates the attire to a whole new level. The conifer-like damasks below the waistline enhances the lehenga besides the attention given to making the borders of it. The result is a classic Indian look for a classy Indian bride!

10. Cream Bandhgala Choli With Paisleys In Karchobi And Embroidered Green Dupatta

Cream Bandhgala Choli With Paisleys In Karchobi And Embroidered Green Dupatta

Image Courtesy: Istara

This gift from bridal couture is wrapped in off-white cream and emerald green. This stunning bridal lehenga design incorporates a bandhgala neckline for the off-white choli and the embroidery work done on the turtle-neck is repeated for the borders of the sleeves. The same coloured lehenga is embroidered up to the bottom, but intricately and extensively with paisleys in Karchobi, and the entire thing is complemented by an emerald green dupatta. The lehenga has embroidered work and also green tassels that match with the dupatta, while the dupatta also uses embellishments reflecting those on the lehenga. So go for an exotic bridal style with this regal pick from our collection of bridal lehenga designs!

11. Classic Dull Gold Lehenga Set With Embroidered Red Dupatta

Classic Dull Gold Lehenga Set With Embroidered Red Dupatta

Image Courtesy: Istara

The classic wheatish gold with bridal red is a luxurious combination of colours for a designer bridal lehenga. This exquisite bridal design displays a heavily embroidered lehenga bottom, with threaded tassels clinking by the waist on one side, with minimal use of red Resham work in the zari with a luscious red gushing from the better-half, the dupatta. The entire set, with the exception of the choli which is plain and strapped, makes use of the popular Karchobi work in lustrous gold. I don’t think lehenga-choli gets more sophisticated than this!

12. Pink & Silver Floral Bootis Embroidered Bridal Lehenga Designs

Baby Pink And Silver floral Bootis Embroidered Lehenga Set

Image: Photographians Photography

When the poet Robert Burns wrote, “O were my Love yon Lilac fair”… he may have been inspired by this mind-blowing lilac bridal lehenga design! This magnificent piece of art is made up of a choli that makes use of tiny mirror-works reminding you of Kundan jewellery, and curvaceous patterns in embellishments generously supplied to the sleeves. The dupatta displays perfect craftsmanship with evenly arranged bhutta designs adorning the edges of the gauze fabric, in tune with the entire outfit with scattered flower motifs in decorative stitches. The groom’s gonna go, “Come here, Lilac dear!”

13. Sky Blue And Baby Pink Embroidered Lehenga Saree

Sky Blue And Baby Pink Embroidered Lehenga Saree

Image: Amour-Affairs Photography

This divine pick from our collection bridal lehenga designs is for you, you angel! This sky blue and baby pink combination is the cutest that I have encountered in bridal lehenga designs, with its cloud like thread-works in white, little white appliqué floral motifs, pearl and stone embellishments in the baby-pink lehenga bottom, and the ghoonghat-dupatta which is interspersed with starry handiwork on the white gauze fabric that is lined with evenly spaced elegant white pearls. So angelic that the groom won’t be able to take his eyes off of the bride!

14.  Aqua- Gold Bridal Lehenga Designs

Aqua- Gold Bridal Lehenga Set

Image: Arjun-Kartha-Photography

A translucent aqua bridal lehenga design is what you’re looking for to level up your angel game. This delicately structured flare bridal lehenga makes use of intricate needle-work and adornments in the choli and the dupatta – floral vines in the choli and a starry night effect on the gauze fabric with thick borders incorporating white and silver Resham work. The highlight of the dress is the layered and flared lehenga bottom, stitched into riffs marked by embroidery work with silver sequins and thread. For that complete fairy look!

15. Bridal Lehenga Designs With Kundan Work

Sandalwood And Brick Red Lehenga-Choli With Kundan Work

Image: Vikram-Arora Photography

The is an amazing sartorial creation which involves the classic duo of colours – sandalwood and brick red. This piece uses everything you can do to a fabric – floral appliqué with red and green velvet studded with white stones, tassel-beads on the borders of the dupatta, whose red and green velvet lining on the borders are partitioned by gold beads and filigree. The sandalwood choli is also covered with similar extensive work, with white and orange pearls that unify the colour palate of the outfit which is in one word ‘grandiose’!

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16. Checkered Choli With Gold Embroidered Black Dupatta

Checkered Choli With Gold Embroidered Black Dupatta

Image Courtesy: Sapana Amin

This is a play on the traditional lehenga choli, where we are back in black! The bridal lehenga design here is composed of a choli in a plaid print fabric using stitched gold to adorn the round neckline and an abstract print on the lehenga bottom with traditional damasks repetitively printed for the border in gold. The dupatta, in gauze black fabric, also uses adornments in gold without wavering from the bold theme of black. It is the perfect bridal lehenga design for style and grace that will not be compromised for contemporaneity.

17. Red, Gold & White Embroidered Bridal Lehenga Designs

Red, Gold And White Embroidered Sea-Green Lehenga-Choli Set

Image: Varun-Suresh Photography

You can not wear only heavy fabrics for a lehenga, you should also bring back good ol’ cotton and linen in style! This bridal lehenga style is made of a cool green cotton fabric, with predominantly Resham work borders in red, white and orange threads. Additional intricate and sequential mirror-work with purple thread adds to the overall colouring of the green cotton fabric. An open-cut back for the choli, adorned with purple pearls along the line, it has a sexy back dori for you to tie the knot!

18. Classic Yellow Lehenga With Silver- Orange Dupatta And Peacock Blue Choli

Classic Yellow Lehenga With Silver- Orange Dupatta And Peacock Blue Choli

Image: Varun-Suresh Photography

What you’re about to see is probably one of the most pleasantly colourful bridal lehengas you will ever see. Encompassing a myriad of colours like the classic pink and orange in the dupatta, peacock blue choli with a three quarter length sleeve and a lehenga bottom of a gorgeous pea green colour with polka like patterns on the outer gauze layer of fabric – it is a display of a fabulous array of colours in a fashionably traditional attire.

19. Royalty Inspired Bridal Lehenga Designs

Rich Mango Coloured Choli With Mirror And Gold Resham Thread-work

Image: Shutterink-Photography

If I have used grandiose already, pardon me, but the following is a definite potential contender. This heavy-work fabric makes for a royal profile bridal lehenga design which is a masterpiece in itself! Comprising of a rich mango coloured choli with a three quarter length sleeve covered by traditional damask in gold embellishing sequins, a heavily decorated lehenga bottom bordered by green and gold Resham thread-work with mirror-work alternated by segments of mirror-works and Karchobi work, the set is not complete yet! A beautiful green dupatta with Rabari-work and tassels rests royally over the entire outfit to bring to a close the most splendid and magnificent adventure taken by fashion!

20. Gold Choli With Gota Work: Bridal Lehenga Designs

Gold Lehenga Choli With Gota Work


If it’s none of the above and you were looking for the celebrity bride effect, then look no further! The following pick from our list of bridal lehenga designs is exquisite due to its gold choli with Gota work of running flower corsage motif; due to its all starring appliqué lehenga bottom, and a stunning ghoonghat dupatta of wheatish gauze fabric bordered by white silk tatting. This bridal lehenga will surely convince your partner that you’re the bride of his dreams!