8 Of The Best DIY From The Bridal Juda Hairstyle Guide

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Many love to wear a messy bun or a curly bun when they wear a gorgeous gown. Many like to leave their hair open with soft curls bouncing on their shoulders. But when it comes to weddings, the Indian brides like to keep their look traditional and elegant. After wearing their beautiful lehengas and silk sarees, a beautiful bridal juda hairstyle is all she needs to complete the look, and to look like an Indian goddess. Nowadays, brides do not like an uptight traditional bun, but more of a fun and dainty juda that makes them feel beautiful, sensuous, and absolutely stunning.

The Bridal Box has short-listed eight beautiful, stylish, and contemporary bridal juda hairstyles that every bride would love to wear and embellish with dainty flowers and accessories.

1. Dutch Flower Braids Juda

It is a beautiful looking Dutch flower braid that can either be embellished with accessories or left it like that. It has a very polished and sophisticated appeal to it, and at the same time, it looks very dainty and feminine.

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2. Rope Twisted Pin wheel Juda Hairstyle

If you want a high juda, and want it really tight and polished, a rope twisted pinwheel juda is your style. To make it look more traditional, you can wear a string of flowers around the juda or tuck in a few dainty flowers on the side.

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3. Dainty Embellished Juda Hairstyle

It is simply made by combing the hair into a ponytail, and rolling parts of the ponytail into dainty loops to make the juda. This juda is easy to wear, and looks absolutely gorgeous after it is embellished with stones or pearls.

4. Twisted Stylish Juda

Small segments of hair are taken in the front, and twisted into a dainty style that goes all the way down to the back. The twists are pulled gently for a softer look. And the end of the rope is twisted around the ponytail. The ends of the ponytail is wrapped around a thick rubber band that is rolled into a juda. Then an extension is twisted and roped around the juda to add more volume to the juda. This juda style is apt for brides who has longer, but thinner hair.

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5. Bridal Curly Juda Hairstyle

This hairstyle looks good on all types of faces. To begin with, curl your hair. If you have short of medium length hair, to add more volume, you may use extensions. Divide the hair into segments, and start rolling a few strands from every segment to make a juda. Secure with pins. The curly juda will make you look very beautiful, just like a princess from your favourite fairytale. To make it look even more enchanting, tuck in a couple of red roses in the juda.

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6. Weaving Bridal Juda Hairstyle

This juda looks very elegant and regal. Tuck in little dainty flowers like daisies for a more mesmerising and stunning look. This juda can be a little time consuming as it requires a lot of patience to perfect the sophisticated look.

7. Stylish Bridal Juda Hairstyle

In this stylish bridal juda, the hair is parted around the crown line, and wrapped around a big rubber band. Parts of hair from the front are teased and secured on the big juda. In the end, a shimmering, dainty hair accessory is pinned in the hair. This juda looks very contemporary and sophisticated; just what the brides want to wear today.

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8. Classic Chignon Hairstyle

A classic chignon is French style juda that can never go out of fashion. It is not only worn by brides, but also by celebrities to a red carpet event. A Chignon is styled by pinning the hair into a knot at the nape or the back of the neck. To make it look a little traditional and India, tuck in a few dainty flowers or pin glittering accessories.

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