Bridal Hairstyles: 38 Gorgeous Looks For This Wedding Season

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Ask any bride or a bride-to-be and you will know that wedding tresses are a big deal. If you’re looking for that one perfect bridal hairdo that is just perfect for you, then we have thirty eight of them listed right here for you to choose from. These bridal hairstyles are just plain gorgeous in their own way. Now while most of these bridal hairstyles may not be the most practical for everyday wear, but you only get married once! Styling your hair like any one of the gorgeous wedding bridal hairstyles depicted below might be just the thing that you need to really put the icing on your stunning attire and your entire profile. Here are 38 of the most fashionable bridal hairstyles for you.

1. Greek Front Braids With Bouffant Raised Bun and Tail Curls (With Tiara)


A bridal hairstyle fit for a princess (you), this Greek style front braid will transform your locks into something quite ethereal. The gentle curls at the tips and the bouffant at the top add a sophistication and no small amount of charm. That leaves the tiara, which is just the icing on the cake.

2. Nautical Shell Curls Over A Large Chignon (Using Pins)


These gorgeous nautical shell curls may be a bit of a hassle to get into place, but they look absolutely delightful once you have them there, as evidenced by the above picture. Perfect for someone looking for something unique but befitting an occasion as momentous as their own wedding.

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3. The 80s Perm Plaited Into A French Braid Tapering Into A Chignon


The perm bun is what you get if you first perm your hair so that it looks absolutely beautiful just on its own. Then you take your perms and fashion them into a gorgeous side bun. The resulting gorgeousness could be one of the best bridal hairstyles for you to rock on your big day.

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4. Tapering French Plait With Faux Bun And Flower Adornments


As pretty as it is dainty, this bridal hairstyle is an amalgamation of several techniques that are in themselves highly attractive. The tapering side plait elegantly melts into the bun while the flower accentuates that transition as well as the overall hairdo.

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5. Basic Bridal Bun With Maang Tikka


The classic bridal bun complete with the gorgeous maang tikka remains as beautiful, popular and trendy option, and automatically selects itself to one of these lists of Indian bridal hairstyles every time we set out to make one.

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6. Embellished Plait With Hair Extensions


Sometimes a bit of contemporary magic, like the use of hair extensions, can work wonders for your look, like this gorgeous bridal hairstyle which sees a wonderfully long plait that has been embellished with intricate gold and mirrors.

7. Front Braid With A Bouffant Raised Chignon With Maang Tikka


Fusion can be a wonderful thing, but don’t take our word for it. Take a look at this particular take on wedding tresses, and notice just how well the maang tikka works with the front braid. The bouffant is an elegant touch in an elegant bridal hairstyle.

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8. The Basic Bridal Bun With Maang Tikka And Matha Patti


Another take on the above bridal hairstyle sees the use of maang tikka to further add appeal to an already enchanting look.

9. Bouffant Woven Into A Plait With Floral Embellishments


If a front braid doesn’t really seem like your thing, you can always choose to focus on the bouffant to achieve a highly elegant and sophisticated look, with the flowers adding a bit of tradition and beauty on their own.

10. Casual Updo With Mini Bouffant


Wearing your hair up at your wedding can be a great choice if your hair is long enough, and this casual updo with the stylish mini bouffant may just be the right look for your chic wedding.

11. Gentle Wavy Curls Worn Down


Two words – simple and elegant. Need we say more?

12. Traditional South Indian Bridal Hairdo With Floral Embellishments


The long braid, the gorgeous flowers that seem to be (and are essentially) woven into the hair… we’ve seen it before, and we love it every time we see it.

13. Casual Partially Deconstructed Plait With Fancy Pins


If simple and elegant is what you’re after, this simple wedding hairdo will get you just that.

14. Faux Uppercut With Bun And Fancy Hair Brooch


There are many ways by which one can get beautiful magical tresses, and this mix of faux uppercut, bouffant and hair bun is most definitely one of nicest bridal hairstyles. The fancy hair brooch can be a wonderful, coordinated touch.

15. Chignon With A Well-Embellished Front Braid And A Singular Flower


When it comes to traditional bridal hairstyles, chignons and braids look beautiful. And when done right, the results are exceptional.

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16. Heavy Curls Worn Down With Jhumar


If silky long tresses is what you’re rocking, a seriously good bridal hairstyle to consider would be heavy curls worn straight and accesorized, like in this instance, with a highly appealing jhumar.

17. High Ponytail With Bouffant


Elegant and stylish, this wonderful wedding hairdo might not be for everyone, but the juxtaposition of the ponytail with the bouffant makes for a highly appealing look on its own.

18. The Traditional South Indian Hairdo With Gold Embellishments


Where there would be flowers, there is gold. And it looks beautiful, as does the rest of this creation, with its tassels and flowers.

19. Well Done Formal Bun With Floral Embellishments


Sometimes the gorgeous bun is the best way to go about things, and when done right, it can look just as stunning as in the above picture. Flowers, tradition and hair buns seem to always go hand in hand, and are as reliable an option as ever.

20. The Traditional Nikah Hairstyle


Flowing tresses with gorgeous and matching embellishments are the right step to take if you can get the consistency of the curls right, and this one is a highly elegant and charming hairdo for the elegant and charming bride.

21. Bangs With Wavy Curls

Image: Istock

For something much more contemporary, these super alluring bangs, when paired with the slightly tousled and messy curls, makes for a unique and gorgeous bridal hairstyle to rock on your wedding day.

22. Mid Rise Formal Bun (Side Sweep Bridal Hairstyles)

Image: Shutterstock

Looking the very picture of excellence at your wedding is right up there on most brides’ to-do lists and this mid rise formal bun with its super stylish side sweep cannot be said to look anything other than simply excellent.

23. Large Bun With Blunt Bangs And Floral Embellishments

Image: Shutterstock

The mushroom fringe can best be associated with Katy Perry and Cleopatra, both of whom are considered goddesses of style and looks – so it can’t be a bad choice, can it? Pair that with a simple bun and floral embellishments and you have quite a hairdo for your wedding.

24. High Rise Ribbon Curl Bun With A Brooch

Image: Shutterstock

Elegant and timeless, this stunning bridal hairdo seems to befit the style and grace that are expected of the bride and the use of the tiara adds to the charm.

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25. Deconstructed Partial Bun


Not quite fully in place, not quite falling apart, it’s quite something isn’t it? This partial bun isn’t the most practical for daily wear, but that’s not something we’re concerned with at the moment. If you want something totally unique and very appealing, this is one bridal hairstyle to consider.

26. Mid Set Bun With Side Sweep

Image: Shutterstock

This wedding hairdo would not look out of place on an episode of Mad Men, and that’s quite the compliment considering stylish locks that an entire team of experts put together on that show. That’s not to say that it’s old or out of fashion, such elegance remains timeless – just the way you will look on your wedding day wearing your hair in this fashion.

27. Formal Ponytail With Hair Held Back

Image: Shutterstock

If something has attained a classic status – like this bridal hairstyle – then there must be a reason, and the reason in this instance is the fact that this hairstyle can be worn by any bride throughout the ages and they will all still look absolutely gorgeous come their wedding day.

28. Formal Chignon With A Delicate Floral Hair Brooch

Image: Shutterstock

If you ever wanted proof that the simplest solution is often the best, then take a look at this beautifully worked side bun that – with the simplest of embellishments, keeping to the theme – looks most exceptional and fit for any occasion, including one as momentous as your wedding.

29. Mid Length Hair Slicked Back Into A Faux Bun

Image: Shutterstock

For those with shorter hair looking for a most fashionable wedding hairdo, this gorgeous interplay of slick hair creates an alluring faux bun effect, and an altogether chic bridal hairstyle!

30. Basic Messy Bun With A Gypsy Frontal Embellishment

Image: Shutterstock

Beautifully worked curls to the sides, a hanging bun at the back and a gorgeous accessory up front.. once your guests’ eyes are on your hair, it will be hard to look away.

31. Loose Curls With Pink Streaks Worn With A Fascinator

Image: Shutterstock

Even if the pink streaks are not something you would personally identify with, the Kate Middleton special, styled with a fascinator is a definite win as against the parted hair with wavy curls towards the ends.

32. Mini Bouffant Anterior Side Bun


The straight hair, careful parting and slight bouffant coupled with the tangled look of the side bun (that is more towards the front of the face rather than the rear) makes for a highly appealing and highly fashionable do. Not the easiest to get right, but one of the prettiest bridal hairstyles, you can definitely look resplendent in at your wedding.

33. Low Set Bun Bridal Hairstyles

Image: Shutterstock

The layers of hair in this bridal hairdo is what creates the magic and carries the appeal. The low set light bun follows the natural progression of the hairdo, and allows for the embellishments (like the gorgeous flowers used above) to really shine through.

34. Short Hair Worn Into A Neat Updo With A Bouffant And Side-Swept Bangs

Image: Shutterstock

This upsweep updo is an extremely stylish option for those looking to add volume to short hair. The side wisp adds its own allure and appeal and the overall bridal hairstyle just screams effortless style.

35. Blunt Bangs With A Bouffant Worn Into A Ponytail

Image: Shutterstock

A little bit of everything needn’t make a mess, and if it does, do you really mind if the mess looks as good as this? Depending on your attire, adornments and overall look, this could be the perfect bridal hairdo for you – bringing a little bit of everything to the table, just like you do as well.

36. Mid Rise Large Bun With A Side Plait

Image: Shutterstock

The side plait and high rise buns look is like classic wedding white – perfect for almost anyone and never goes out of style. Did we mention that it’s also extremely elegant and classy? Definitely one to look at for your own perfect look at your perfect wedding.

37. Regal Flowing Wavy Bridal Hairstyles

Image: Shutterstock

Hair that starts off straight and flows down in gentle curls always looks highly elegant, and it will be no exception when you rock your tresses in this particular hairdo come wedding day. If you’re concerned about monotony, then a flower does exceedingly well to break things up a bit while adding its own appeal.

38. Formal High Rise Bun With A Side Sweep And A Tiara

Image: Shutterstock

Straight at the front, bouffant and curly at the back, with the tiara accentuating the entire look, it is a classic, always will remain one, and it can be an excellent choice for styling your tresses come wedding day.

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