Bridal Hairstyles For Medium Hair: 32 Looks Trending This Season

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Wedding season is just around the corner and every would-be-bride will be hustling around trying to perfect all the details of the wedding. Perfect dress, perfect shoes, perfect venue and everything else must be just perfect leaving no scope for anything to be near-perfect! So the same goes for the hairdo too, doesn’t it? Long, medium or short, no matter what the length, a bride must have THE perfect hairstyle. If you have medium length hair and you’re wondering which bridal hairstyles for medium hair would suit you best, then we’ve got something for you. Take a look. These bridal hairstyles for medium hair are trending right now. Pick your favorite, talk to your stylist and get set.

1. Curled Updo

If you’re looking for a bridal hairdo with short hair, like the length of your hair is really on the shorter side, then this winner among bridal hairstyles for medium hair will help you bring volume to your hair with the curls which have been pinned up in a bun.

2. Loose Hair With Clip

For brides who like to leave their hair open and free, this is a beautiful choice in bridal hairstyles for medium hair that can be fixed up by adding a few curls at the bottom and shiny clip on the side.

3. Loose Hair With Adornments

This is another way to let your hair loose by adding a few glittery adornments along the length, and it works well on our list of bridal hairstyles for medium hair. These adornments can also be used if you choose to go for a braid.

4. Messy With Side Clips

There are many brides who prefer the messy look. This look suits all kinds of occasions and weddings – both Indian and western. A classic among bridal hairstyles for medium hair. Add on some wedding hair accessories for that glam look.

5. Poof Bun With Rose

Add a little poof inside your bun and a big rose on the side to add to its beauty. The poof adds volume and rose helps take the attention away from the poof. Bring back the 40s with this retro choice among bridal hairstyles for medium hair.

6. Short Braided Bun

This one’s a classic example of a braid-curl-twirl-bun. Just make a small braid with your hair and twirl it around and make it pass through the centre of the braid’s start point.

7. Dutch Braid Messy Bun

If you want a look which has two separate styles clubbed into one then this is the one for you. It has a classy Dutch braid on one side and a messy bun on the other. A unique option on our list of bridal hairstyles for medium hair.

8. Plaited Chignon Bun

Chignon buns are best bridal hairstyles for medium hair for women with thin hair who wish to bring a little volume to their bun. They are also one of the most common bun-styles opted for weddings.

9. Loose High Bun

If you’re going to drape a dupatta over your head on the wedding day then you would definitely need a high bun to keep the dupatta in place. It’s a go-to for bridal hairstyles for medium hair.

10. Simple High Bun

With a dupatta over your head, the hairstyle isn’t really that visible. It is the front portion that is visible and the stylists mainly put their focus on making the bun steady and firm. And if not, this is one of those bridal hairstyles for medium hair that look so clean and sleek.

11. Simple Curls

The french choice for bridal hairstyles for medium hair. If you simply want to let your hair loose then just add a few simple curls to them so that the edges don’t look too sharp and you’re good to go.

12. Headband Hairstyle

Another way to style your hair is by adding a beautiful glitter band that adds grace to the whole look. It also gives you a ‘princess with her tiara look’, doesn’t it?

13. Floral Hairdo

Theme weddings or destination weddings give us the liberty to experiment with our looks. So if your theme allows you to go a bit free-bird style then this is a super cool choice for bridal hairstyles for medium hair!

14. Traditional Clip Bun

A heavy bun with a traditional Indian clip at the back is also one of the most common bridal hairstyles for medium hair for Indian weddings. It can also be paired with floral pieces on the sides.

15. Floral Bun

Such buns are very common bridal hairstyles for medium hair as they are easy to get done with thick hairbands and look beautiful with the floral additions of curled hair on the sides.

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