23 Gorgeous Bridal Hairstyles For Curly Hair

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If you’re looking for the best way to rock your gorgeous curls on your wedding day, consider yourself lucky. Curly wedding hairdos are some of the most ‘in’ kinds of hairstyles at the moment, and to be frank, we could have made this statement any time for the last few years.

Curly hair also has a long history of being considered the epitome of beautiful hair, starting all the way back from ancient Greece where having curly hair was considered to mean that you were a fun-loving, free-spirited and purposeful girl. And when you’re done with doing up your hair just right for your wedding, you’ll be every bit a Greek goddess too.

Choose from our selection of the 23 best types of curly hair hairstyles best suited for your wedding.

1. Shapely Curls Side Down Do

One wear to rock your beautiful curls is to wear them loose and large, and wearing them like in the picture gives you a highly natural, tender and gorgeous bridal hairdo.

2. The Half Curl

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Look every bit like the princess you are with this gorgeous and sleek hairdo featuring a highly chic half curl design.

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3. Perfectly Messy

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The perfectly imperfect messy look can look extremely sexy and can be just the perfect way for you to wear your curls. The flowers in the hair are a nice addition that can accentuate the look.

4. Wavy Curls

Image: Shutterstock

Another excellent look for the bride looking for the perfect curly do for her wedding is to opt for large wavy curls for the voluminous and glamorous look.

5. Simple Curls

Simple Curls
Image: Shutterstock

A centred parting with voluminous curls down the side makes for a simple and elegant wedding look.

6. Short Wedding Curls

Image: Shutterstock

Those with shorter hair can opt for slightly softer and wavy curls for a highly alluring look.

7. Slightly Tousled Curls

Image: Shutterstock

A centred parting with voluminous and slightly tousled curls gives you the opportunity to shape your face and rock bouncy, voluminous hair.

8. Messy Curls

Image: Shutterstock

The curls start out gentle and turn more and more “messy” in this highly alluring look.

9. Wavy Slight Curl

Slightly Tousled Curls
Image: Shutterstock

A little mousse and a blow dryer go a long way as evidenced by this gorgeous ‘unkempt’ look.

10. Curvaceous Side Curls

Image: Shutterstock

These gorgeous curls add just the right amount of pizzazz to your gorgeous locks for your wedding.

11. Gentle Flowing Curls

Image: Shutterstock

Those not wishing to go the full route can opt for these gentle flowing curls that when coupled with the right bouffant or accessory can look quite stunning.

12. Curly Ends

Image: Shutterstock

Another option, especially if you’re blessed with thick and voluminous hair, is to curl your hair right at the ends for an excellent overall look.

13. Curly Bun With Tiara

Image: Shutterstock

Play around with textures to achieve your perfect curly bun, with the straight hair in front offering an excellent contrast.

14. Off-Centre Parting Curly Bun

Image: Shutterstock

Another variation of the curly bun, this gorgeous hairdo sees you make an off-centre parting coupled with a curly bun. The flower accessory just completes the gorgeous look.

15. Long Polished Curls

Image: Shutterstock

Wow your man and the wedding guests alike with these gorgeous and long polished curls.

16. Voluminous Curls With Tiara

Image: Shutterstock

The interplay of the straight hair and thick curls makes this bridal hairdo really stand out.

17. Messy Flowing Curls

Image: Shutterstock

For those looking for a more classic look, this stunning example of long running curls might be just the thing.

18. Curly Updo

Image: Shutterstock

Wearing you hair up in this fashion makes for a highly serene and impeccable look.

19. Centred Parting With Thick Curls

Image: Shutterstock

Here, the hair is parted at the centre and curls thickly as it descends making for a wholly gorgeous bridal hairdo.

20. Short Tight Side Curls

Image: Shutterstock

This gorgeous hairdo sees the bride wearing short and tight curls down the side.

21. The Curly Bob

Image: Shutterstock

Those with shorter hair can opt for the highly stylish and intricate curly hair bob for their perfect wedding look.

22. Braids And Curls

Image: Shutterstock

The interplay of braids and curls, with just the right accentuation, can make for an exquisite overall hairdo.

23. Ribbon Curls

Image: Shutterstock

Those with a more adventurous persuasion can opt for this highly stylish and wholly unique ribbon curl look.

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