The Bridal Hairstyle For Round Face Beauties: 7 Hairdos You Need To Try

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Like the wedding gown is designed to flatter your figure, unless of course you are wearing Vera Wang, the hairstyle must frame your facial features and make you look gorgeous and stunning. Round faced brides look younger for their age, probably have those adorable chubby cheeks,a soft jaw-line, and know that they have always looked younger for their age. And it is important that you rock the perfect bridal hairstyle for round face, on your wedding day, that makes you jaw-dropping ready for the photo album.

For the brides with chubby cheeks, The Bridal Box has picked out seven gorgeous hairstyles that will dazzle your features and enhance the way you look on your wedding day.

1. Old Hollywood Curls

This is the perfect look for that timeless, and romantic wedding look. A deep side part will change the focus point of your face from being round to looking oval. And this hairstyle is perfect regardless of the length of the hair too.

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2. Loose French Braided Crown

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For your summer wedding, you may want an updo that keeps the hair off your neck, which makes a loose French braided crown the best. It looks very boho, chic, and absolutely elegant. The crown braid will add length to your face, making you look a little less chubby, and a little more sexy. And the loose strands falling on your face will take all the attention off your chubby cheeks, and will compliment your soft features.

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3. Half-Up, Half-Down Hairdo With Side-Swept Locks

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4. Loose Side-Swept Up-do

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This kind of hairstyle goes with almost all kind of dress lines. A loose swide-swept updo subtly adds volume all around the face. But the loose strands of hair around the cheeks create a slimmer appearance. The volume on the crown makes the face look slimmer and longer, creating the perfect look for a round faced bride.

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5. Loose Side-Swept Braid

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Many don this loose side-swept braid on regular days. This might make this hairstyle look too casual for a bride. But you can use the right accessories, and this versatile hairstyle can make a chubby bride look bubbly, and gorgeous with its soft and romantic braids. Whether you choose a classic three-strand braid, a French braid or a fishtail, make sure that you keep the braid to the side, the front hair section a little lose and flowy for that romantic and dramatic look, and do not forget to tease the crowd of your hair a little, to slim your round face.

6. Loose Flattering Up-dos

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Loosely tong your hair to create soft texture and waves. Pull the hair back into a ponytail. Keep the ponytail loose. That will add volume to the crown, slimming your face, and giving that picture perfect look to you. Anything flat on the crown will emphasize on your round face, making you look chubby. This rocking voluminous up-do, with fullness around the crown area, is perfect for your chubby cheek face.

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7. Low Chignon

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This style is beautiful, artistic, and not so intricate that it draws all the attention away from your wedding gown. A messy low chignon will give that perfect fairytale like look. And the loose strands falling on the sides with soften the chubby cheeks. To get the slimmer look, tease the hair around the crown area, and pin up the hair into a soft, messy, low chignon. For a more vintage appeal, go for a polished look, without the mess. This hairstyle screams ‘bride,’ and you will totally look gorgeous in it.

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