Bridal Gold Jewellery - 20 Best Gold Jewel Designs

One of the most important steps of preparing for your wedding is finding the perfect bridal gold jewellery to adorn yourself with. Some brides prefer to buy their jewellery first and then find a dress that goes perfectly with it. Since gold jewellery is expensive, many brides-to-be feel that it is easier to find a dress that matches their gold jewellery. However, most of us would still prefer to get our bridal dress first, so that we have a better idea of the kind of jewellery we are looking for. Both methods have their own advantages, and not matter how you choose to go about it, all that matters is that you make the best use of the resources available to you and look gorgeous on your big day. Gold is intricately linked with our tradition and culture. Traditionally, the gold that the bride takes with her after her wedding day used to be the only assets that were hers. Times have indeed changed a lot, but Indian brides still attach great importance to their bridal gold jewellery. Buying gold was a time consuming affair. Often, a whole day will be spent at gold shops with all your female relatives in tow. But now, you can shop for your bridal gold jewellery online, sitting in the comfort of your home. Here we have gathered for you some of the most exquisite bridal gold jewellery that every girl would love to own.

1. Paisley Gold And Diamond Jhumkas

Bridal Gold Jewellery - Paisley Gold And Diamond Jhumkas

These wonderful paisley shaped jhumkas are hand-crafted bridal gold jewellery set. A solitary diamond graces the head of the design. The polished gold of the jhumka with the little golden balls are also very stunning to behold.

Price: Rs. 38,000

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2. Bridal Gold Jewellery – A Gold And Diamond Nose Pin

Bridal Gold Jewellery - A Gold And Diamond Nose Pin

This gorgeous traditional golden nose pin with embedded diamonds would be a great addition to your trousseau if you have pierced your nose. The diamonds form a partial floral motif, as is the tradition in South Indian bridal gold jewellery.

Price: Rs. 27,800

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3. A Gold And Opal Necklace

Bridal Gold Jewellery - A Gold And Opal Necklace

This stunning gold and opal necklace would not have been out of place in the courts of the Nizams! The golden necklace is embedded with fire opals to form a magnificent pendant. Decked with pearls too, you will not regret buying this gorgeous piece of bridal gold jewellery.

Price: Rs. 2,09,380

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4. The Queen Anne Gold Ring

Bridal Gold Jewellery - The Queen Anne Gold Ring

This beautiful gold ring contains actual dried flowers that have been pressed in by a clear resin. Hand-crafted to perfection, an utterly feminine ideal of bridal gold jewellery design, this ring is the perfect way to hold nature close to your heart as you tie the knot.

Price: $29.35

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5. Golden Earrings With Rubies And Diamonds

Bridal Gold Jewellery - Golden Earrings With Rubies And Diamonds

This lovely set of wedding earrings is set in 18K gold. At the centre of the floral piece rests a single red ruby. The petals are made of embedded diamonds. There is also a single pearl dangling from the flower at the top, making this a truly wonderful and unique design; south Indian bridal gold jewellery with a middle-eastern touch.

Price: Rs. 1,19,863

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6. Kundan Bangles

Bridal Gold Jewellery - Kundan Bangles

These amazing gold bangles are hand-crafted. The intricate filigree design of the bangles make them perfect to adorn the wrists of a beautiful Indian bride. The kundan work at the centre also adds that final touch of beauty to these bangles. They make for a regal addition to our bridal gold jewellery collection.

Price: $35.00

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7. An Exquisite Golden Choker

Bridal Gold Jewellery - An Exquisite Golden Choker

This intricately worked golden choker is a mesmerizing specimen of bridal gold jewellery. The antique design features a paisley shaped pendent decked with precious stones. The set also comes with a pair of matching golden earrings embedded with precious stones.

Price: Rs. 2,05,003

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8. Tanishq Temple Jewellery

Bridal Gold Jewellery - Tanishq Temple Jewellery

This stunning long necklace is a magnificent temple bridal gold jewellery piece that any bride would feel privileged to wear on her big day. Featuring a dancing Lord Krishna in the intricately crafted pendant, the necklace also has the traditional south Indian golden balls adorning it all over.

Price: Upon Request

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9. A Gold And Diamond Necklace Set

Bridal Gold Jewellery - A Gold And Diamond Necklace Set

This beautiful gold necklace set will take you to a realm where symmetry is important. Diamonds intermittently stud this 22K necklace. This is a  bridal gold jewellery set so it comes with a pair of matching earrings.

Price: Upon request

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10. A Gold Necklace Set

Bridal Gold Jewellery - A Gold Necklace Set

This wonderful 22K gold necklace set showcases intricate little golden flowers through the length of the chain. The pendant too has dangling golden balls and a floral centrepiece. The necklace comes with a pair of perfectly matching golden earrings, making it a bridal gold jewellery set.

Price: Rs. 87,268

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11. The Golden Beaded Necklace

Bridal Gold Jewellery - The Golden Beaded Necklace

This amazing golden beaded necklace is made of 18K gold. With its contemporary and unique design, this would sit pretty on any bride on her wedding day or even her reception.

Price: Rs. 30,861

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12. A Golden Bajuband

Bridal Gold Jewellery - A Golden Bajuband

This golden bajuband is inspired by the Rajput traditions. Made of 22K, 915 Hallmarked gold, the bajuband also features several precious stones. The order can further be customized as per your wishes.

Price: Rs. 1,64,884

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13. Anahita Jhumkis

Bridal Gold Jewellery - Anahita Jhumkis

This stunning pair of jhumkis are made of 18K yellow gold. They’re embedded all over with real diamonds and rhodolite stones. A truly magnificent pair of jhumkis for a truly magnificent bride.

Price: Rs. 73,537

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14. An Exquisite Gold Bangle Set

Bridal Gold Jewellery - An Exquisite Gold Bangle Set

These pair of bangles are made of 22K gold. The intricate filigree design makes these bangles a  quintessential to your bridal gold jewellery list.

Price: Rs. 1,19,168

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15. The Golden Bangle With Uncut Diamonds

Bridal Gold Jewellery - The Golden Bangle With Uncut Diamonds

This golden bangle is thin yet elegant, and would sit pretty on any bride. The bangle is studded throughout with uncut diamonds, making this a very unique piece of bridal gold jewellery.

Price: Rs. 75,815

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16. A Gold Necklace With Rubies And Diamonds


This stunning gold necklace made out of 18K gold is decked with a total of 234 diamonds! A red ruby forms the centerpiece of the pendant, while smaller rubies grace the necklace at regular intervals.

Price: Rs. 4,76,213

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17. The Golden Lakshmi Necklace


This 22K gold necklace features Goddess Lakshmi on each bead. You can hardly go wrong with such a beautiful and auspicious necklace.

Price: Rs. 2,76,462

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18. An Exquisite Antique Necklace Set


This mesmerizing antique bridal gold jewellery set features a neck piece with Goddess Lakshmi sitting on a lotus as its pendant. Made with intricate craftsmanship and studded with precious stones, the set also comes with a gorgeous pair of matching earrings.

Price: Rs. 4, 97,956

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19. The Golden Goddess Lakshmi Chain


Featuring a traditional kaasu mala, which resembles coins, this chain has Goddess Lakshmi engraved on each coin. Paisley gold leaflets also embellish the core design.

Price: Rs. 92,661

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20. A Yellow Gold Pendant


This wonderful gold pendant comes with a lovely filigree design. There are the traditional rawa balls that hang off the pendant. With a high polished finish and made of 22K gold, this is another must-have piece of bridal gold jewellery for your trousseau.

Price: Rs. 22,361

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Well, that was our list of gold bridal jewellery for all you brides-to-be out there. We hope you drew some inspiration from this on deciding what to wear on your big day. Would you prefer online shopping for gold to visiting a gold shop? Let us know your opinions in the comments below.