10 Bridal Eye Makeup Ideas You Just Can’t Miss

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Bridal makeup has come a long way with the advancing technology in the techniques used in beauty care. Yet, there are some things about the past that make us see their relevance today. If it is not pomegranate seeds like in the time of Cleopatra, we still do colour our lips to make them look gorgeous. We see why they used kohl for the eyes, and how we could see the beauty so much more. Bridal Eye makeup is all about the search to see the true beauty of the bride.

Bridal makeup involves several components for different things such as foundation, lip colour, contouring, and many others. Eye makeup for a bride can literally make or break the bridal look. Choose from one of these 10 glamorous ways to look the most awesome bride you can be with the right eye makeup.

1. Smokey Bridal Eye Makeup For Dusky Skin

The smokey bridal makeup is all in vogue right now. Mastering this technique in wearing the perfect smokey eye makeup can be daunting, especially for darker skin tones. The trick is to slowly add the eye shadow colours, and not too much in the first go. Suitable to complement almost any bridal attire, this eye makeup is super-popular indeed.

2. Rosy Bridal Eye Makeup For Light Skin


Eye makeup is all about accentuating the eyes, obviously. Therefore it needs to be in sync with the rest of the facial makeup like the contouring or especially lip coloring. For lighter skin tones, or when you are going for an overall soft colour profile for the bridal profile, this is a perfect ensemble for the eye makeup you want.

3. Copper Eye Makeup For Traditional Profile


The unique selling point of this bridal eye makeup is the copper eye shadow. Ideal for traditional bridal profile and also, if articulate enough, even for a bridal cocktail wear with minimal jewellery. Because it is a heavy eye makeup, and looks fantastic with a thick line of beautiful lashes, you can opt out of winged tips for the eye-liner.

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4. Metallic Bridal Eye Makeup


A very modern eye makeup, this can look dashing in a bridal profile. This is suitable for autumn bridal lehengas and also select colours in traditional south Indian bridal silks in peach or salmon colours. Winged tips can accentuate the eyes when you opt for this one. Add mascara to the lashes to elevate this bridal eye makeup.

5. Charcoal Bridal Eye Makeup With Luscious Lashes


In this bridal eye makeup, you will see how well the waterline is accentuated. The overall smokey effect is more of a charcoal composition accomplished by the dry eye shadow powder. The luscious lashes add to a sparkling eye makeup that elevates the eyes of the bride. No one can stop gazing at such a beauty!

6. Butterfly Eye Makeup With Multi-Coloured Eye Shadow


As the name suggests, this is for a bridal eye makeup that incorporates the hues of the bridal attire. Here the eyelid becomes the canvas where the makeup artist imbibes the colours of the eye shadows to paint the space beautifully, completing it with a winged-tip eye-liner and evenly thick and curvaceous eyelashes.

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7. Elegant Nude Eye Makeup For Lighter Skin Tone


Watch the beautiful bride reveal her eyes with an elegant nude eye makeup, here shown for lighter skin tones in a traditional bridal profile. It is best complemented by a light shade of rouge on the cheekbones to elevate the nude waterline.

8. Royal Purple Bridal Eye Makeup With Winged Tip


This coloured eye makeup looks gorgeous and can be carried off by anyone when done perfectly. The winged tip adds to a mesmerizing angelic look to ensure that no one take their eyes off of the gorgeous bride!

9. Light Autumn Bridal Eye Makeup


This suave eye makeup is very transparent about the beauty of the bride. Shapely brows, lush lashes with mascara, and the use of kohl to outline the natural beauty of the eyes, do justice to the bride in an autumn wedding.

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10. Kohl Eye Makeup With Even Tone Eye Shadow


A stressed out bride is bound to have them dark circles. At this point, almost everybody has it, but it is important to even out the skin tone for good eye makeup. Here you see the kohl eye makeup, with a little smokey edge to the eye-liner, and a subtle winged tip, that showcase the eyes faithfully.

Which of these bridal eye makeup ideas did you like? Use any of them if you think they can crank it up a notch for your bridal profile. It is important to keep the overall colour profile of the bridal attire if you choose colourful eye makeup. Adapt some of these ideas for your bridal look and let us know how it turns out!

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