Bridal Earrings: 15 Bridal Earrings To Add Sparkle And Glitter!

Bridal Earrings; To get your hands on the right bridal earrings set requires careful planning and selection. Every detail of the bridal ensemble right from the attire, jewellery, accessories, hair and make-up, shoes, etc. need to be in perfect sync keeping with the traditions and personal taste of the bride. While it is important to be comfortable, it is also important to be immaculately dressed in all the fineries. After all, it’s not every day you get to be the bride – the centre of attention and the absolute queen bee!

Earrings are usually a girl’s very first jewellery and one that she adorns all her life! But this does not make them any less important, in fact the perfect pair of earrings are sometimes all you need to go from drab to dazzling. I mean, seriously, if you are at work all day and heading for a party, all you need to do is put on those glittery pair of earrings and you are all set! Just like that, bridal earrings are very important and essential! You need to choose a pair that goes well with the attire, looks stylish and classy and has the perfect amount of bling.

Here’s our collection of 15 oh-so-gorgeous bridal earrings you’ll love.

1. Pearl Drop Earrings

Bridal Earrings - Pearl Drop Earrings

Pearls are a classic style statement and never go out of style. This bridal earrings set is the perfect mix of understated classic notes with glitzy glamour sparkle and bling. What’s more, you can carry off these wedding earrings with a number of attires for years to come.

2. Dangling Delight

Bridal Earrings - Dangling Delight

A gorgeous pair of danglers that will perfectly complement the overall bridal extravaganza. The best part is that this pair of bridal earrings will go beautifully with all colours and styles of attires.

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3. Crystallized!

Bridal Earrings - Crystallized!

Make a fashion statement in these gorgeous crystal chandeliers. The beautiful colour and stylish design will complement the diva in you. It’s a great pick for both day and night time weddings and can be worn with a number of styles of attires.

4. Chandbali

Bridal Earrings - Chandbali

Chandbalis are a part of royal and traditional Indian jewellery that have bounced back to being trendy again. These bridal earrings look fiercely stylish yet traditional.

5. Pretty Peacock Design

Bridal Earrings - Pretty Peacock Design

Peacock designs and motifs continue to be popular with bridal earrings. The colours and the traditional touch give it an ethereal look that goes well with all kinds of wedding attires. It’s a pair to keep for life!

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6. Jhumka

Bridal Earrings - Jhumka

Jhumka design bridal earrings have their own unmatched charm that is hard to miss. This jhumka design with pearls and chains that go all the way up will add to the exquisite look of any and every bride.

7. Shimmer And Sparkle

Bridal Earrings - Shimmer And Sparkle

When you are the bride, there is no concept of ‘too much bling!’ Go all out shimmer and sparkle with these chandelier bridal earrings and create your own magic that will leave everyone in awe. Add some matching wedding hair accessories to complete the look.

8. Keep It Classy!

Bridal Earrings - Keep It Classy!

If you like to keep it simple and classy, this pair of bridal earrings are the perfect design for you. A classic design that is evergreen and will be a keepsake piece for years and generations to come.

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9. Something Blue

Bridal Earrings - Blue

A great ‘something blue’ for your wedding day. The bold colours and intricate design and artwork add to the style and charm of this pair of bridal earrings. It’s a pop of colour that will go wonderfully well with light and pastel shades; and of course a gorgeous white gown!

10. Bold Gold

Bridal Earrings - Bold Gold

For a classic Indian traditional touch, the perfect pick is a gold pair of bridal earrings. You can never go wrong with it and these will never go out of style. Everyone has a pair, so why not flaunt them on D Day?

11. Emerald Touch

Bridal Earrings - Emerald Touch

Green emerald embellished earrings are a delight! These look beautiful and complement all colours and attires. The small dangling stones and the crystals will create a beautiful look and sway as you move along making people’s heads turn!

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12. Stud-ded Affair!

Bridal Earrings - Stud-ded Affair!

To create a classic vintage look, opt for a classic pair of studs. You can choose these bridal earrings in a number of colours. This particular rose coloured stud is such a stunner! And what’s best is that you can wear them with any kind of bridal attire and keep on reliving the look for years to come.

13. Kundan

Bridal Earrings - Kundan

Everyone loves a classic pair of kundan earrings, what better day to flaunt them than your own wedding? Kundan bridal earrings are a big hit as they are equally trendy as traditional. This one here complements all colours and attires and can completely up your style quotient instantly.

14. Colour Pop

Bridal Earrings - Colour Pop

Match the colour of your jewellery with your bridal attire to create a well thought of and unique look. You can choose stones exactly the same colour as your attire or stones in a contrast shade to make them stand out.

15. Ear Cuffs

Bridal Earrings - Ear Cuffs

Keeping with the raging trend for ear cuffs, this is a great choice for the modern day trendy bride! Instead of chandeliers and danglers, up the style. A definite style statement that will make the bride (you) look like a diva.

Tip: Make sure your bridal earrings are not very heavy and don’t tangle in your hair or clothes. You want them to sit right and not be a pain through the wedding! Try them on and move your head side to side to check if they feel comfortable.

Woah! One can keep looking and looking and still want more… Women and earrings have an intrinsic relationship and the bridal earrings are just a little more special! Take your time, weigh your options and as it’s said the right pair will probably find you before you find it! So what say ladies, do you like this collection? If you have your own ‘wish-list’ or ‘pinned list’, share it with us.

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