7 Stunning Bridal Dresses For Gorgeous Brides

Oh, that feeling when you’re basking in the warmth of having found that perfect guy, sigh. The wedding is in the offing and you feel like birds are chirping everywhere and bright hues wink at you from all around. There is excitement in the air and it sure is infectious! There’s nothing quite like this feeling, is there?

But this time is also one of apprehension and quite possibly, a bit of stress for the bride to be. There’s suddenly so much to do – the shopping, the planning, the invitations, the decorations! The list is simply endless, and many imminent brides find themselves wondering what they have to do next. You could be feeling like no amount of time is really going to be enough for you to get everything perfect for your big day. But one of the most important things you absolutely need to get right is your wedding dress. That’s right, the bridal dress has to be spot-on and determines your whole look – the hairdo, the accessories, everything has to match your dress. Years later you will definitely want to look back and remember how young, gorgeous and in-love you actually looked on your big day. All the attention is going to be on you, and even if you normally look gorgeous, why not put your all into looking your absolute best and start your new life feeling like a real diva.

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Now the question becomes, when do you buy your wedding dress? Ideally, you should start looking for bridal dresses at least three to four months before the big day. Set aside a considerable chunk of time for your bridal dress shopping alone – preferably an entire weekend. You are likely to need more than one dress for the occasion, so time is important. You should take the time to try out as many dresses before settling for the one that actually made your heart skip a beat. If you haven’t started looking for your bridal attire yet, you have definitely come to the right place. We’re here to offer you tips and a little Bridal Dress Shopping 101. Before we go any further, here is list of the kind of dresses you could be looking at for your wedding, engagement or sangeet ceremonies:

1. Sarees

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Sarees are a great choice for your big day. A saree will do wonders to complement your figure, because the artistry of it lies in how the saree is gently draped, folded and tucked in to perfection. As opposed to lehengas or any other clothes, a saree is not cut and fit to any particular body type. The freedom is all yours to wear it in the style you love best. No matter how tall or short you are, or what kind of figure you have, it is hard to go wrong with a beautiful saree. The very nature of the flowing fabric and how it curls up around you, enhancing just the right curves, gives you a classy, elegant and sexy look all at the same time. Brides have traditionally worn red sarees for their special day, and if you are one of those who want to stick to tradition, a red saree is definitely the way to go. But these days, we see many young brides who want to sport other hues, and this trend is definitely catching on. “I am ready to try out any colour other than red” is a statement young brides make more often than you think. For a youthful, fun and happy look, you could opt for bright hues (which will go great in any summer wedding) like pomegranate red, pink, mint green etc. But make sure you select the colour of bridal dress based on your skin tone, and which colour looks best on you. If you are looking for light, fun, unconventional sarees for your engagement or reception, young and upcoming designer Arpita Mehta is the perfect designer for you, if you are looking at brocade, tulle and lace work then Neeta Lulla’s lovely collection of sarees will be the perfect fit.

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If you are a South Indian, those traditional kanjvaram sarees are sure to come to your mind. These are heirloom sarees that are hand-woven by artisans from Kanchipuram. Bright pink hues, cream, golden-yellow are some of the traditional colours that brides down South have been wearing for centuries. One thing you could tweak here is to opt out of the traditional blouse, and wear an exquisite one that has intricate cuff-detailing. For the gorgeously bold ladies, a backless bikini blouse might just be the thing that breaks many hearts. A full-sleeved blouse made out of lace could really make you look like a retro film star. If you are not looking for something more conventional, Mysore silk or Bhagalpur silk sarees are other classics that will make you look beautiful. You could also opt for traditional designs from the North – those Benarsi sarees with their zari and brocade work, or the Chanderi sarees from the heartland of India will make you appear very unique and really elevate your look. If you are opting for the saree, then you could dress it up with traditional arm bands or kamarbands, which will definitely add to your style.

2. Lehengas


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Lehengas are pretty much becoming the Indian equivalent of the wedding gown. Each year, we see more and more brides opting out of the saree and donning an amazing lehenga. If not for the wedding day, the lehenga is simply the perfect dress for your mehendi, sangeet functions or even your post-wedding reception. This is a must-have in every Indian bride’s trousseau, no matter which part of the country you are from. The sheer variety of lehengas that you can choose from is indeed mind-boggling – whether it made of chiffon or georgette, you know that the intricate and rich embroidery work will definitely make your dress pop with vibrancy and vivacity. There are many charming designs that you could take straight of the runway and into your bridal trousseau. For the uninitiated bride, let me list out the kind of lehengas that are available, before you start sifting through bridal dresses looking for that perfect dress.

Straight Cut:

This is the simplest kind of lehenga out there, which sits around your waist like a wrap around skirt. It usually has a tighter hemline and slits on the side to make movement easier for the bride. This is a great choice as it gives a slimming effect to the wearer.

Fishtail or mermaid lehenga:

This kind of skirt is snug and hugs your curves until your knees, and then proceeds to flare out at the bottom near your feet. This is quite sensuous and comes fitted around your waist and would really suit women with an hourglass shape.

A-line lehenga:

Much like its counterpart, the A-line skirt, this kind of lehenga begins to flare away from the waist and looks like the alphabet A (in case the name didn’t already give that away) This would suit brides who have apple or pear shaped figures very well.

The Circular lehenga:

This is a gorgeous option for all you brides out there. It starts out with a number of pleats near your waist and then flares out, like the classic poofy ball gown. These lehengas will make you look like a true Indian princess on your special day and is a great fit for almost all brides, irrespective of body type.

There are a number of outlets that will offer you custom-made, bespoke lehengas that are tailored to perfection just for you. Designers Ekta Solanki and Shyamlal & Bhumika have an amazing collection of lehengas that will make any woman want to get married in them.

3. Lehenga Sarees


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Lehenga sarees are another great option for you on your wedding day. Popularized on the runway by Sabyasachi, this look really brings the very best of two worlds together. A lehenga saree is much easier to wear (and to take off, ahem ahem) when compared to the traditional saree. Unlike a saree, you do not have to form pleats at your waist, but rather you simply tuck the pallu into the skirt. If you are looking for a very unique look, you could opt for a lehenga saree which has Kashmiri or Kasuti work (from Bangalore). There are also Jacket lehengas which have been a big hit on the runways. Here, you sport a fancy shervani-type jacket over your lehenga skirt for a beautiful and unconventional look. This will surely be snug, warm and sexy for those of you planning a winter wedding. Tarun Tahliani has a wonderful collection of lehengas, and some stunning lehenga sarees as well.

4. Punjabi Suits

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This is definitely a must-have for all Punjabi brides out there. Punjab has a long history of its beautiful women getting hitched wearing the classic Punjabi suit. But this is a great option even if you are not having a Punjabi wedding, especially for your mehendi or reception ceremonies. Suits are practical, comfortable to wear and easy to carry off. Find that perfect suit that sits well with your body type, and you’ll be all set to show off your assets like a boss. There is simply a huge variety of suits that you could choose from on your big day. Phulkari embroidery (which is usually hand-woven) is a great Punjabi classic that you should not miss out on. There are a number of designers out there who offer a modern and chic take on the classic suit. Tarun Tahiliani has a drop-dead gorgeous collection of bridal couture for you to choose from. Designer Satya Paul has a number of chic, classy yet simple designs that you could really love to wear on your big day as well. These designs, paired up with the perfect accessories will be a lovely addition to your bridal trousseau. For those fashion conscious brides out there, this will definitely make you feel like a star on your big day.

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5. Gharara


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Who wouldn’t want to carry forth the Mughal glory on their wedding day! The Gharara is one of those quintessentially Indian outfits that can really make you look regal and elegant at the same time. Coming from the glorious land of Lucknow, this is guaranteed to give you that air of regal charm. While this is a brilliant option for Muslim women to stay in tune with the glory of their past, we see more brides of other religions opting to don the Gharara due to its grandeur and elegance. An elegant hairdo, with your tresses adorned by perfumed jasmine flowers would be the perfect way to complete this look. Rich fabrics such as silks were traditionally used to craft the kurti and the flaring pants, all embroidered with intricate and gorgeous work. These days, georgette is being used to tailor those perfect ghararas, which is sure to give you that flowy look. For all you beautiful Muslim brides out there, another great option would be for you to wear a lehenga with a heavily embroidered or embellished head scarf (if you’re looking to wear one) that would make you look like a true queen from the past.

6. Embroidered Gowns

Embroidered Gowns

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If you’re having a Christian or a fusion wedding, then an intricately embroidered white, off-white or cream gown might just be thing you are looking for. This is not only a perfect marriage of cultures, but this look is definitely sure to make you look simply glamorous on your big day. Of course, the traditional gowns will never go out of style, but an embroidered one would surely take it to the next level. But if you would like to stick to the traditional wedding gown, then there are a huge variety of cuts and silhouettes for you to choose from. The big, poufy ball gown is an all time favourite. You could also opt instead for a sheath gown, an A-line gown or a Cinderella gown, any of which are guaranteed to make you look fabulous as you walk down the aisle looking like a true princess. If you’re looking for an embroidered gown for your reception or engagement, then Anita Dongre should be your go-to designer.

7. Vintage Bridal Dresses

vintage dress

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vintage dress

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How about looking like a diva from the past on your wedding day? There are many vintage dressing gowns that you could sport, along with a few chosen retro hairdos. You are sure to look glamorous and impeccably beautiful as you dress to impress. You could also make the choice to get married wearing your mother’s vintage gown. This will surely have that emotional connection that you just cannot let go o