25 Cutest Bridal Couple Pictures That Will Inspire Yours

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Couples on their wedding day could be classy, cool, cute and what not. It all depends on the mood, the setting and their individual personalities. Their sense of style and the way they celebrate may wary but it is a given that they look their best however they pose and whatever they wear because love is in the air! So here are 25 of the cutest bridal couple portraits from our exhaustive catalogue of wedding photographers from all over India. Check them out!

1. Dhoom Machale!

Image Courtesy: Varun Suresh Photography

2. Romantic Regal

Image Courtesy: Villart Photography

3. Smile Please

Image Courtesy: ShutterInk Photography

4. One Coconut Lassi + Two Straws = Cutest Kick-Ass Cool

5. Mirror Magic

Image Courtesy: Dot Dusk Photography

6. Bazoooka!

Image Courtesy: Myriad Hues Photography

7. Like Pros

Image Courtesy: Light Lock Photography

8. Dum Lagaake…

Image Courtesy: Deep Photography

9. Rules & The Reward

Image Courtesy: Arjun kartha Photography

10. All Natural

Image Courtesy: Two Fireflies and One Camera

11. Laid-Back Love

Image Courtesy: Two Fireflies and One Camera

12. Auto Love

Image Courtesy: Candid Wedding Stories

13. Framed For Love

Image Courtesy: Deep Photography

14. Dream Come True

Image Courtesy: Dot Dusk Studios

15. From Up Above

Image Courtesy: Armour Affairs

16. Hide and Seek

Image Courtesy: Two Fireflies and One Camera

17. In All Glory

Image Courtesy: Sudeep Bhattacharya Photography

18. Look Into My Eyes

Image Courtesy: Maddie Photography

19. Love In Focus

Image Courtesy: ShutterInk

20.  Picture Perfect

Image Courtesy: Bhumi and Simran Photography

21. Romantic Reflection

Image Courtesy: Bhumi and Shimran Photgraphy

22. Show Off

Image: Anup J. Kattukaran Photography

23. The First Kiss

Image Courtesy: Sudeep Bhattacharya Photography

24. As Royal As It Get

Image Courtesy: ShutterInk

25. Dance Into The Night

Image: Courtesy: Maddie Photography

So what is your pick from our top 25 bridal couple portraits? Share your thoughts by commenting on this post. We’d love to hear from you.


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