Latest Bridal Bindi Designs : Elaborate And Eye-Catching

Indian traditional weddings are all about elaborate and exquisitely designed traditional attire, and a well coordinated makeup. Brides look to further enhance their beautiful features in many different ways, in order to look the best they’ve ever looked on one of the most beautiful days of their lives. In Hindu customs and rituals, a bindi is a must for every bride, and the bindi shines brightly and proudly on her forehead, enhancing her beautiful and deep eyes. Here are some latest bridal bindi designs doing the rounds this season that are sure to catch your attention. Take a look!

1. Stone Sequined Design

Bridal Bindi Designs - Stone Sequined Design

When you are looking for an elaborate bindi design to match your attire, going with a stone studded bindi which covers the whole forehead is your best bet. It not only comes in various colours but also can be styled with any traditional or fusion attire that you have chosen for your mehendi, sangeet or d-day events. The variety of colours in the stones also makes sure that they can be matched with the colour of your wedding dress with perfection.

2. Paisley Inspired Design

Bridal Bindi Designs - Paisley Inspired Design

The intricate paisley designs worked on velvet material not only look elegant for the occasion but also complement your gorgeous wedding dress and completes your overall look. You have the chance to experiment a lot with the colour, shape and size of the bindi as well as the fact that it is available along with numerous additions such as the gota or glitter work, shiny decorations and chumkies that gives the bindi a royal finish. The design of the bindi goes well with any face shape but works the most with square shaped faces to give it an elongated appearance.

3. Tika Bindi Design

Bridal Bindi Designs - Tika Bindi Design

The vertical shape of a tika bindi that elongates towards the forehead with a narrow trail upwards makes it one of the most popular bindis for the brides. The fabric of the bindi is generally kept in velvet that gives it a smooth finish and the designs on the bindi can vary from one pattern to the other as per the look of the wedding dress. Some bindis have a center stone that glimmers and shines as any light falls on it, thus highlighting the forehead of the bride beautifully.

4. Half-Moon And Dot Design

Bridal Bindi Designs - Half-Moon And Dot Design

Many brides, especially the Maharashtrian ones, prefer to follow their traditional norms of wearing a half moon or crescent shaped bindi as per their traditions. The half moon bindi is further decorated with dots and slants of different colours. The use of colourful stones also beautifies the look of the bride. After all which Indian traditional bridal attire is ever complete without that essential bridal bindi?

5. Multiple Layers Design

Bridal Bindi Designs - Multiple Layers Design

The design of putting one layer of bindi after the other to create a gorgeous and layered look is something that many brides go for nowadays. The adding of one bindi over the other gives you a lot of scope to experiment with various colours and decorations to match with your attire. Detailed works with glitters, sequins and stone work adds more glamour to the entire look that you are trying to achieve.

6. Beaded Bindi

Bridal Bindi Designs - Beaded Bindi

Golden and silver colored small beads of round shape are used for a detailed work of art on the bindi with a velvet base. The designs can vary from petals to flowers or beautiful fern designs inspired from the artwork and sculpture of our culture. The shine and sparkle of the bindi is further enhanced with the use of glitter designs and a delicate finish. These bindi designs complement well with heavy sarees, lehengas or fusion dresses.

7. Mirror Work Bindi

Bridal Bindi Designs - Mirror Work Bindi

Another fascinating bindi design that many brides prefer across various cultures of the Indian traditions. Tiny mirrors of varied shapes are used to create an elaborate pattern that not only reflects light like diamonds but also adds to the gorgeousness of the bridal make up and attire with grace. These mirror finish bindi designs are prevalent in the cultural traditions of Rajasthan, Gujarat, Punjab and even Haryana, where brides love to wear these bindis for their wedding day and other marital occasions such as Karva Chauth.

8. Gota And Glitter Bindi

Bridal Bindi Designs - Gota And Glitter Bindi

Lace and gota in metallic colours are used to decorate the bindis – adding to the volume of the bindi. The layers of gota, be it in the round shape or tika shape brings a newness to the bindi and the glitter particles used to decorate it highlights the bindi as well as the forehead of the bride wearing it.

9. Stone In The Center Design

Bridal Bindi Designs - Stone In The Center Design

A round bindi in red with a shiny stone at the center is quite popular among the brides. The simple yet gorgeous design is perfect as a centre piece for the intricate works and stone studs that can be used to decorate the forehead of the bride. These bindis are available in various colors to match with the outfit of the bride but mostly the colors picked for these bindis are red, maroon and pink shades.

10. Pearl Designed Bridal Bindi

Bridal Bindi Designs - Pearl Designed Bridal Bindi

Bindis that are decorated with pearl beads in white or cream with a contrasting base of red, maroon or any dark shade is also quite a craze in the bridal make up world. These bindis are delicately designed using minutely shaped pearls that have a brilliance of their own.

Intricately designed and a little unconventional bindis look beautiful and appropriate on the brides for weddings and occasions. Modern bridal bindi designs are all about customizing the look and design of the bindi so that you can get a complete look that is well coordinated with your bridal attire and makeup color combination. Hope you liked these bridal bindi designs. To share your comments and feedback, please comment below.

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