Bridal Bangles - 50 Gorgeous And Elegant Bangle Sets Of All Time

Bridal bangles are an essential part of every bridal ensemble. They don’t just complete the whole bridal look, bridal bangles are steeped in Indian bridal traditions.An Indian bridal look essentially has 16 components which are called the solah shringaar and bangles are the most prominent of the lot. Bridal bangles come in different shapes, sizes, colours, patterns and materials, just the way you want them to be. You get a gazillion options to choose from when you actually set out to purchase your wedding set. Now, like I always say, every state in India has its own speciality when it comes to the wedding attire. So when it comes to the designs, you just can’t generalise.

Just in case you are confused about what type of bridal bangles to buy for your wedding, here are some options for you to choose from. Take a look.

1. Simple Punjabi Chura

A Punjabi chura is a set of red and white bridal bangles arranged together in a particular pattern. The thickness of the white bangles is more than that of the red bangles. Even though it is traditionally worn by Punjabi brides, these days brides from other cultures too add them to their wedding look as a fashion trend.

2. Bridal Bangles – Fancy Chura With Names And Added Glittery Bangles

Some brides prefer to add special custom-made bridal bangles to their chura with the names of the couple engraved on them. Along with them they add kadas which can either be of kundan or same white material, just in a thicker form with glitter.

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3. Bridal Bangle Sets – Jaipuri Kadas

Jaipuri kadas are added to a normal set of bridal bangles to add the ‘royal touch’ to the bridal look. A bride can wear two on each hand or one on each depending on the likes and preferences regarding the heaviness of jewellery.

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4. The Crystal Touch

If you don’t want a traditional look for your wedding and want to go for a fancy wedding attire then you can pair up your glitter glass bridal bangles with a couple of these crystal bangles for the right amount of oomph factor.

5. Bridal Bangles Polki Kadas

Another amazing addition to your bridal bangles set can be a beautiful polki kada which brings out the beauty in a truly elegant way. Polkis can be really heavy, so most brides prefer just one on each hand.

6. Bridal Bangles Colour Combination Set

Most brides these days pick out their wedding attire first and then based on the colour combination of the dress, pick out the bridal bangles set. It can either have only a select few colours mixed with gold or may be all in a particular pattern. Purely your choice.

7. Bridal Bangles Ideas – Combination Of Glitter Bangles And Kadas

Gone are the days when a bride would simply wear glass bangles to her wedding. Now is the time for setting trends and making a fashion statement. You can make your own style statement with a beautiful combination set like this one which has the bridal colour red with beautiful crystal bridal bangles and a thick kada.

8. Bold Gold Set

Colour is not always necessary when it comes to bangles. If your dress is going to have shades of gold, or a lot of gold work on it, then it doesn’t make sense to add colour to the bridal bangles set. Therefore, a set like this one goes best.

9. Green, Silver And Gold Combo

In many cultures across the world and especially in India, green is considered to be an auspicious colour when it comes to weddings. You will find many brides wearing a dress with a hint of green it. So how could we miss the green combination wedding bangles?

10. Bengali Bridal Bangles

White bangles are a part of Bengal’s traditional jewellery. They can be beautifully incorporated in the bridal bangles set. Many brides from other cultures too add this to their look just as a part of trend.

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11. Marathi Bridal Bangles

A Marathi bride traditionally wears a green and gold combination of bridal bangles. Patlya and Tode are traditional bangles or kadas made in pure gold which are worn along with simple green glass bangles.

12. Kerala Bridal Bangles

There’s no specific style for bridal bangles as such in Kerala. But yeah, emphasis is more on gold and the jewellery is much more brighter.

13. Kundan Bridal Bangles

Kundan sets are usually in the higher price range but the best part about them is that you can always get matching sets for the neck, ears and nose.

14. Glass Wedding Bangles

The best thing about glass bangles is that they are available in almost every colour. So no matter what the colour of your dress is, it is impossible to not find a suitable glass bridal bangles set. And since most brides go for a red attire, how about this bangle set to go with it?

15. Danglers

Also known as kaleere, these danglers are a special part of a Punjabi bride’s chura. As a part of the tradition, the new bride places the kaleere on the head of the next-in-line while wishing for her to get married next. Although more prominent in Punjabi weddings, these days brides from other cultures too like adding it to their set of wedding accessories.

16. Beautiful Beaded Bridal Bangles

Beaded bangles add another dimension to plain bridal bangles sets. You can either pair them up with glitter bangles or with plain glass bangles to maintain balance between a glittery and sober look.

17. Lac Kadas

Lac kadas can be of different sizes and thickness. You can either get them in the form of thin bangles or thick kadas. A bride can use these in fewer numbers along with the traditional bridal bangles or wear four or five of these on each hand.

18. Metallic Bridal Bangles

If you are worried about glass bangles being too delicate, you can always go for metallic ones. They are comparatively cheaper and easier to manage too. Metallic bridal bangles are now also available in matte shades along with the glitter ones.

19. Rajasthani Bridal Bangles

Rajasthani bridal bangles are what we call the ‘Maharani style bangles.’ There’s nothing much different about them except that when they are paired with heavy gold kadas with glass work, it gives them a very royal look.

20. Kundan And Meena Bridal Bangles

This particular design with peacock heads has gained popularity courtesy the telly soaps and their heavy jewellery designs. Meena work and its intricate patterns add colour to the bridal look. These bridal bangles can also be worn after the marriage too.

21. Ivory Bridal Bangles

The use of ivory bridal bangles in wedding is prominent in many cultures across the world. The bangles can have added meena work on them to give colour. Ivory bangles are usually found in Bengal.

22. Filigree Bangles

Filigree bangles are essentially made from pure gold. They have no added colour and thus may seem a little too plain for an occasion such as a wedding but they can be beautifully made a part of a set of coloured bridal bangles – metal or glass – for the perfect look. Filigree design has the most unique ‘netted’ pattern.

23. Goan Wedding Bangles

Just like Marathi weddings, Goan weddings too are very simple. Thus, the bridal attire and jewellery too are comparatively much simpler. Goan brides wear simple coloured bridal bangles with their own unique touch of gold kadas.

24. Angled Kadas

Another thing you can add to your bridal bangles set is these beautiful angled kadas made of gold and pearls. They give your attire a unique and royally ‘edged’ look that will truly make you stand out as the most trendy bride of all times.

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25. Diamond Bridal Kada

A diamond kada will quite obviously burn a hole in your pocket. But the look it brings is totally worth it. Also, a diamond and gold kada is something that will never go out of fashion and thus it also doubles up as an investment as you can wear it after the wedding too with almost any dress.