5 Best Trends In Bridal Accessories From The Bridal Book

No definition of a wedding can ever capture what the day truly means to the bride of the day. This is the one day that is your own, and it is not surprising that every bride wants it to be the most magical day of her life. From the bridal dress to the hair and make-up, from the jewellery to footwear, even the tiniest of components such as the bindi; ah, the gravity of every little decision made can only be understood by the bride, who knows that it is her wedding that she is building up to. So trust me, we do not exaggerate when we say that the choice of one accessory can make all the difference in the way the bride looks and will be remembered for years to come. We bring you the latest trends in bridal accessories that will completely change the bridal look the way you know it!

Let’s take it from the top. Bridal hair accessories are some of the most important elements that make up the entire profile of the bridal look. Being one of the most noticeable features of the bride’s overall appearance on the wedding day, a good deal of attention needs to go into this feature. For example, in a Christian wedding, the bride could choose an appropriate tiara that goes with the wedding gown. If the princess look is not to your taste, you could always sport an elegant headpiece made of bright stones instead of using a tiara. Even delicate flowers (like an array of carefully arranged band of baby breaths or ) along with Greek braids can add natural beauty to the bride. Remember that a perfect headpiece or tiara goes will only be accentuated by the perfect veil. Make sure they don’t clash in their flavours; each must complement the other.


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No one can ever forget the jhoomar worn by Rekha in Umrao Jaan! This perfectly classy and sensuous adornment is one of the staple Indian bridal accessories frequently used by Muslim brides. Jhoomars are often coupled with the maang tikkas to enhance the bride’s overall appearance. They are also used by brides in North Indian Hindu weddings as well. You can either wear just the tikka or only the jhoomar, or even mix it up and wear both of them. While the tikkas add to the traditional bridal look, the jhoomars speak for a grandeur that is exclusive to Indian culture. While choosing adornments for the hair, you must consider a lot of factors. You have to keep in mind the hairstyle that is being used by the bride, the colours of the bridal dress being worn, and most importantly you have to ensure that it complements the rest of the jewellery to portray a cohesive bridal look.


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Another sexy bridal hair accessory for Indian brides is the maatha patti. The maatha patti is used to accentuate themaang tikka and is often arranged such that the ghoonghat covers the hair, thus partially exposing the tikka with themaatha patti reinforcing it from the sides. If the bride is using the maatha patti, then the jhoomar should not be used with it, lest it becomes too crowded. But the use of maatha patti means the entire front of the hairdo seeks a whole lot of attention. Therefore it is essential to have visualised the entire hairdo with these accessories beforehand, as it is more difficult to keep all of these components in place through the entire duration of the wedding ceremony. They can be made of stones, pearls, or chunky gold and still not be out of place if coupled with the right kind of bridal style.


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Like Umrao Jaan’s jhoomar, one cannot forget Jodhaa’s nathni either. The Nathni or the nose ring, is a symbol of grandeur and prosperity and, much like Jodhaa in Jodhaa Akbar, the bride can own her royal bridal style with a good choice of nathni. It can be stone studded or a ring with few pearls, or a simple but big gold ring that ultimately connects to the hoop of the jhumka, which goes above the ear. It is often worn as a matched set along with the tikkaand maatha patti. So go bold and add strong flavours to your bridal fashion statement, and get your own unique nathni today for your upcoming special day!


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Armlets have made a comeback this season amongst bridal accessories. Traditionally they were a part of the bridal jewellery in some communities, like in South Indian weddings for example. Yet they became optional over time and was relegated to being just another accessory. But the latest trends show an increasing popularity of the armlets as a bridal accessory in weddings across the nation. They can be very minimal with curves that keep them in their place, or with little droplets of gems or pearls that sway gently with every motion of your arm. So go ahead and complement your bridal style with the bling of the armlet!

Hand chains have been a bride’s must-have since time immemorial, especially in traditional North Indian and Muslim weddings and also even in Christian weddings around the globe. It is a unique accessory that combines stylized bracelets and finger rings, while easily maintaining its own distinctive structural intricacy. In Christian weddings they are often made of white-stones, and in the Hindu and Muslim settings the bride wears hand chains of lustrous gold. With the new innovations that are happening in jewellery designing, hand-chains have become up-to-date with contemporary fashion, with a variety of options for the bride to choose from. So make sure you choose the latest and the best. Adorn your hands to hold that of your soulmate’s on the day you start a whole new life together!


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The Kamarband or the Sari belt is one of the sexiest Indian bridal accessories that a bride can sport on her wedding day. An embellishment for the waistline, the Kamarband is worn with both sarees and lehengas, depending on the taste of the bride, and the look that she opts for. A popular bridal accessory in both South and North Indian weddings, the Kamarband accentuates the bride’s figure to a whole new level that is both suave and traditional at the same time.