Hilariously Ridiculous Boyfriend Fails Every Girl Will Relate To

Now we have to accept that we are not perfect, and that benefit of doubt should be given to our boyfriends too. But that said, sometimes boyfriends who try with all their efforts to help their gals out… only to find things going hilariously wrong! But it’s okay, after all, it’s the gesture that counts! So remember that as you enjoy these hilariously funny boyfriend fails:

1. Now That Is One Epic Rescue That This Boyfriend Is Aiming For

Now That Is One Epic Rescue That This Boyfriend Is Aiming For

The selfie mania has caught us all in its trap so much that we can just do just about anything to get an epic selfie. This boyfriend is surely aiming to be famous on the internet by portraying his skills as a saviour and awesome boyfriend… but the whole act of clicking a picture while your girl is struggling in the clutches of the sea just doesn’t seem like the best of ideas.

2. It Is Surely The Gesture That Matters Honey!


“I’ll get the barbeque going,” he said. “It’s going to romantic,” he added. “You’ll love my recipe, I’ve perfected it for you, and only you.”

“You’re paying for the pizza,” you said.

3. That Is An Epic Birthday Celebration, We Guess!


Adorable, and when it helps your blood pressure to remember, it’s the thought that counts after all.

4. Berry Picking


The yelling isn’t the most troubling thing here… the revelation is to be found when looking at his berry basket. Which is empty.

5. The Most Important Meal Of The Day

The Most Important Meal Of The Day

Would you prefer your eggs slightly runny… or exploded? There’s no in between, when your loving boyfriend is in charge of breakfast.

6. Morning Chocolate

Morning Chocolate

Isn’t it cute when your boyfriend tries his best to wake you up in the morning with a cup of coffee? Pray he does not repeat that again, for the sake of your health and sanity. It is a sign, however, that you should be managing the morning routines yourself to prevent another incident that can actually blow up your house.

7. Priorities


Now, isn’t this guy just awesome? He has no qualms if you cheat or two-time, even. It is totally okay if you just drop the bomb that you are cheating on him but no one messes with his X-box and that includes you too. It has to be said though, we can actually understand and sympathize why you had to look for someone else at the first place.

8. Some Explaining To Do

Some Explaining To Do

While we agree that this is after all an awesome pose for a selfie, we do think this is one of those moments that you might want to, you know, keep offline. Would you really want all and sundry looking at this imagine on Instagram? We can’t speak for everyone, but we’re inclined to say most would not.

9. Making A Mess

Making A Mess

Keeping your kitchen boyfriend free might not be possible when he wants to help so much, but it might be the right thing to do… if you want to get any work done, after all. Still, the fact that they offer to help is cute.

10. A Committed Workout

A Committed Workout

Not quite a fail, but a hilarious moment, especially this boyfriend’s expression. If your guy comes up with picture ideas like this one (and indeed, finds products like this one), then we do think you should count yourself as a lucky girl indeed!

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