7 Latest Bombay Style Mehndi Designs For You

Bombay is a city of dreams. The culture, the nightlife, the film industry, the serene beach and everything else about Bombay has its own charm and beauty. Bombay has been the hub for fashionistas and creativity. Well, we all love Bombay; been there or not, it definitely is a great place to be associated with.

Most women in Bombay are always on a lookout for something different and unique. With the wedding season coming up, one would start hunting for all their bridal needs, one of them being ‘mehndi’. Bombay style mehndi designs are modern and are influenced by the rich culture of the city. These designs are usually simple and less intricate.

So for everyone who is on the lookout for the best Bombay style mehndi design, we have selected the top 7 options for you to choose from. Take a look and see which one you like the most.

1. Bombay Bonanza Design

Bombay Style Mehndi Design - Bonanza Design

Well, Mumbaikars always like to do things out of the box (zara hatke) and mehndi designing is one of those ways to portray their talent and creativity. These mehndi designs are simple, extremely modern and can be flaunted with any attire. Well, most prefer mehndi designs that are intricate and complex, but if you want it to be simple and Sufi, then this funky Bombay style mehndi design is just for you.

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2. Bombay Bazoomba Design

Bombay Style Mehndi Design - Bazoomba Design

Fashion lives in each and everything that comes from Bombay, and this is a Bombay style mehndi design that proves that rule. This design will look classy with any modern attire and can definitely stand out. Who would have thought that a mehndi design sketch of an animal like an elephant could look that elegant and beautiful in a mehndi design? So if you are an animal lover and if Bombay is on your mind then you should go for this one!

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3. Beautiful Bombay Design

Bombay Style Mehndi Design - Beautiful Bombay Design

This is another magnificent back hand Bombay mehndi design. The moon looks magical and the work looks beautifully intricate. The moon and star sign is considered holy. And this design adds an additional dimension to the complete design. The work is elaborate which make the design one of a kind.

4. Beautilicious Bombay Design

Bombay Style Mehndi Design - Beautilicious Design

Mehndi designs for feet are mostly extravagant. But this Bombay mehndi feet design is extremely exquisite. You don’t have to attend a wedding or celebrate a festival to get this design done. You can flaunt this design any day. They will beautify your feet and make them look so pretty!

5. Bold Bombay Design

Bombay Style Mehndi Design - Bold Design

Who said a Bombay mehndi design was limited to just hands and feet? Now you can get a mehndi design anywhere and everywhere. This design is perfect for all the Christian brides-to-be who want to have a tinge of traditional mehndi for legs in their look. This design resembles the garter belt and will make your groom go gaga over it!

6. Sudanese Bombay Design

Bombay Style Mehndi Design - Sudanese Design

This is a popular Sudanese design and has become a new fashion trend in Bombay. Bombay artisans love to experiment and have adapted the tattoo designing culture of Sudan, and have personalised it so well. These designs look very bold and have significant details unlike the other designs. So if you are looking for designs that are intricate yet modern, then this Sudanese design will suit you the best.

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7. Ferns & Petal Bombay Design

Bombay Style Mehndi Design - Ferns And Petals

If you have love for floral mehndi designs, then this design is going to mind-boggle you. This back hand design is my favourite and is one of its own. The detailing is just wonderful and so offbeat. Whenever we think of floral mehndi designs, it’s the long twines and leaves that come to our mind. But this design breaks all the stereotypes. So if you want be the eye candy, go ahead and get this design done right away!
These Bombay style mehndi designs will definitely make you stand out and you will be a showstopper! So go ahead and get your favourite design done right away.

Images Source: Google, Pinterest, Shutterstock