10 Bob Marley Love Quotes That Give Some Serious Life Lessons

By Aditya Vachaspati G B KAditya Vachaspati G B K  • 

Here are a few Bob Marley love quotes, quotes on that oh-so-deep feeling that will make you rethink life and the world around.


Amen to that. At some point in life, everyone is going to hurt you. You’ve got to find the ones that you are okay being hurt by. Sure, you’re going to find someone that’s amazing. But if she’s so amazing, she’s not going to make it easy for you. If she’s going to make it easy, she’s not all that amazing. Sure, you’re going to find someone that’s worth it and if she’s really worth it, you’re not going to give up on her. If you give up on her, then you definitely aren’t worth it. So at the end of its all, you just need to find that one truly amazing person who make it worthwhile to suffer for. That one person who will be the best decision of your life – now, and ever.


How true? We actually do all of those things. Most of us say, we love the rain and hide under the umbrella when it pours. We say, we love the sun but complain that its too sunny and seek shade when the sun is burning bright. We say, we love the wind and then close the windows when it blows heavily. Same thing happens in love. When we love someone, we can at times be closed or secretive and not entirely embrace the love we feel or the other person. So, don’t run from the stuff you love. Don’t run from the people you love. Embrace the rain, embrace the sun and embrace the wind, and embrace the people and love in your life.


Words of wisdom. Words that give you strength and courage. When you have no choice but to be strong, it’s only then that you actually realise how strong you can be.

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Wow! Everything in between is what we call life and it definitely is worth living. It’s definitely worth loving.


Now, that should be everyone’s motto in life. Don’t you agree? The life you’re living is the only one you’re going to have, so love it. Or else, change the way you live and live the life that you love living.


Words to live by. Truly! Silver and Gold can be bought. Wisdom is something that can only be learned and taught. Actually, its something that can only be achieved. As the saying goes, ‘A wise man is richer than a fool and all his gold.’


If you’re in love and she loves you back just the way you are, isn’t it enough? It’s the fact that she’s with you and not with anyone else that should really matter. Whether she loved someone before you or if she will love someone after you is something you have no control over – so live and love in the moment.

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I don’t think i’ve ever thought of a woman’s smile as the most beautiful curve on her body. Till now. It’s actually something that we say very often, ‘she’s got a beautiful smile’ but I don’t actually think any man other than Bob Marley has ever thought of a woman’s smile as a her most beautiful curve. Salute!


True! Right? Why would you want to evoke feelings towards you in a woman’s heart if you have no intention of loving her in return? Why would you want to hurt her? Why would anyone ever wan’t to do that to another person?

I guess the answer is, the world is a cruel place and people sometimes hurt another person. At times it is deliberate and some times unknowingly.


This Bob Marley love quote about rain has just got to be up there with the best of them. For some people, the rain is just rain. It’s just droplets of water coming down from the heavens. To others, rain is everything. Rain is life. Rain is their partner in joy and sadness. Rain signifies something that is beyond them and it is these people that actually feel the rain and enjoy every droplet that falls on them.

With that, we end our life lessons with Bob Marley quotes about love and relationships. However, please share any other quotes of his that you think we might have missed and we’ll make sure to add them in.

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