30 Drool-Worthy Blouse Front Neck Designs Just For You

Simply bored of wearing that same old blouse front neck designs for each of your sarees? This compilation is just the thing for you. The designs we have picked out will take you by surprise as they are the latest designs. Many of them will make a pleasant change in your current wardrobe. So without any further delay, check out these amazing designs and start picking your favorites!

1. Blouse Front Neck Designs: The Jacketed Front Neck

blouse front neck designs - The-Jacketed-Front-Neck-Blouse-Front -Neck-Designs

Get the comfortable feel of wearing a blouse that not just has a top notch cut and stitch but will also go with any attire, both conventional and unconventional. The latest jacket-like front open design of this blouse makes it stand apart from the every day blouses, and that makes it a must have for special occasions.

2. Ribbons And Lace

blouse front neck designs - Ribbons-And-Lace-Blouse-Front -Neck-Designs

Add some glitz and glamour to your everyday look by donning this amazing blouse that comes with ribbons and lace details at the neck. This blouse will make styling any saree a piece of cake. If your saree seems to be plain Jane, then give it an interesting twist by pairing it up with this awesome blouse and statement jewelry, and you are good to go and rock the party.

3. The Sheer Halter-Neck Style Blouse Front Neck Designs

blouse front neck designs - The-Sheer-Halter-Neck-Style-Blouse-Front -Neck-Designs

Are you looking for some naughtiness and adventure in your wardrobe but going beyond your comfort zone seems hard? Relax and wear a traditional saree with this style of blouse that is sheer, but in parts. It is the perfect item to spice up your regular saree draping style without forcing you to leave your favorite styles. Oh and did we mention how bold and glamourous these blouse front neck designs look?

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4. The Layered Look

blouse front neck designs - The-Layered-Look-Blouse-Front -Neck-Designs

Sometimes, just one is not enough and you have to layer up, like the cream on the cake or an extra layer of choco-chips on your pastry! These latest blouse front neck designs are a perfect item that can be worn without a second thought to glam up your style factor in no time at all and make you ready for the awesome kitty party.

5. Zari Bordered Round Neck

blouse front neck designs - Zari-Bordered-Round-Neck-Blouse-Front -Neck-Designs

When looking for a traditional yet stylish kind of a blouse to go with your sarees for festivities and occasions like marriage reception, this zari bordered round neck blouse can be the perfect choice for you. The detailed thread work on the neckline and its intricate patterns with stones and sequins makes it a great choice for grand occasions.

6. Halter Front Neck With Kundan Work

blouse front neck designs - Halter-Front-Neck-With-Kundan-Work-Blouse-Front -Neck-Designs

Do you wish to rock fusion wear but are clueless about how to go with it? Well, you can always pair up your solid and deep colored saree with this halter neck blouse that exposes your skin just at the right places. Adorn this perfect creation for an evening and just steal the limelight.

7. Kimono Styled Blouse Front Neck Designs

blouse front neck designs - Kimono-Styled-Blouse-Front-Neck-Blouse-Front -Neck-Designs

Don that oriental chic when you choose this precisely cut and stitched kimono styled blouse – inspired from the culture and clothing traditions of Japan. It has a very high collar with half-sleeved arms. The blouse can be worn to any formal occasion with ease and confidence without being conscious about your attire.

8. Closed Neck Zardozi Blouse Front Neck Designs

blouse front neck designs - Closed-Neck-Zardozi-Blouse-Blouse-Front -Neck-Designs

The delicate designed front neck of the blouse makes it a collector’s favorite. It is a great piece to own for the coming winter wedding season. The latest Sabyasachi collection inspired blouse front neck design is exceptionally beautiful and unique and will complement your chosen dress.

9. Designer Front Neck

blouse front neck designs - Designer-Front-Neck-Blouse-Front -Neck-Designs

If you really wish to try something unusual yet classy, then this is the blouse for you. It is designed in a way that it can be worn with a saree, a skirt, a lehenga or as a crop top. Try this unconventional and straight-from-the-ramp styled blouse and give your wardrobe a gorgeous and versatile option.

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10. Corset Neck Design

blouse front neck designs - Corset-Neck-Design-Blouse-Front -Neck-Designs

Reminiscent of Victorian times: when the corset was the dress of the times for women, this blouse front neck design carries an old world charm with it. Pair it with your favorite silk saree or don it with a lehanga for that sangeet function and just own the show.

11. Bikini Lined Blouse Front Neck Designs

blouse front neck designs - Bikini-Lined-Front-Neck-Blouse-Front -Neck-Designs

The Desi Girl Priyanka Chopra really made this style of blouse neck front design in her movie Dostana. The bikini styled blouse is the perfect choice if you are going for a party at night or a date where you want to look sensuous yet you are not willing to betray your trustworthy saree. Wearing this blouse with even a simple saree is sure to make you a glamour queen.

12. Princess Cut Front Neck Design

blouse front neck designs - Princess-Cut-Front-Neck-Design-Blouse-Front -Neck-Designs

Have you always envied the graceful cuts and designs of English gowns and dresses, but could never muster the courage to wear one? Get the latest princess cut front neck blouse for parties and occasions to spice up your style.

13. One-Shoulder Blouse Neck Design

blouse front neck designs - One-Shoulder-Blouse-Neck-Design-Blouse-Front -Neck-Designs

This is one style that is extremely fashionable and perfect for cocktail parties and occasions. The bare one-shoulder is an awesome way to flaunt your toned and polished décolletage and grab eyeballs at the party.

14. Classy High Neck Blouse Design

blouse front neck designs - Classy-High-Neck-Blouse-Design-Blouse-Front -Neck-Designs

Who says you cannot mix modesty with style? This high neck blouse design is an everyday essential for work wear to keep things prim and proper. You will love the latest sleek cut and perfect finish of the blouse and how perfectly it accentuates your neck and shoulders.

15. The Brocade Style

blouse front neck designs - The-Brocade-Style-Blouse-Front -Neck-Designs

If you wish to jazz up that solid colored saree, you can pair it up with a blouse that has a brocade finish for its front neck design. Perfect for weddings and celebrations, grab this awesome party essential and give your traditional saree a classy twist.

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16. Completely Sheer With Sequins

blouse front neck designs - Completely-Sheer-With-Sequins-Blouse-Front -Neck-Designs

Bring out the glamorous diva in you by going for this exceptional blouse that has a combination of sheer fabric and sequins for its front neck design. The only places that are opaque are the strategic ones that are covered with stonework to make your the ultimate diva of the night.

17. Front Open Neck Design Blouse

blouse front neck designs - Front-Open-Neck-Design-Blouse-Blouse-Front -Neck-Designs

It is that everyday essential blouse that you cannot just do without. The neckline is designed in a manner that can be opened from the front. This blouse is a great choice if you want to go for a deep back and just keeps things simple and classy.

18. Deep Plunging Neckline Blouse

blouse front neck designs - Deep-Plunging-Neckline-Blouse-Blouse-Front -Neck-Designs

Yet another sensuous and striking blouse front neck design to try out for parties and special occasions like that romantic dinner date with your husband. Glam up the look further by wearing solitaires or statement studs for the occasion with a sheer saree.

19. High-Collar Neckline Blouse

blouse front neck designs - High-Collar-Neckline-Blouse-Blouse-Front -Neck-Designs

The air-hostess collar blouse front neck styles are back in trend again. To make the office wardrobe a bit dramatic yet maintaining the dress code protocol, you can try out this style that looks sharp and chick at the same time.

20. Close-Neck Blouse Style

blouse front neck designs - Close-Neck-Blouse-Style-Blouse-Front -Neck-Designs

It is a very stylish and comfortable front neck blouse design that is just perfect for the petite body frame with a small bust size. But do avoid the style if you are towards the heavier side as the design of the blouse can further accentuate the bust that is exactly what you are trying to avoid.

21. Blouse-Neckline With A Slit

blouse front neck designs - Blouse-Neckline-With-A-Slit-Blouse-Front -Neck-Designs

You can give your regular closed neck blouse a twist by adding this awesome slit just at the centre of front neck. Get crafty by adding up details such as neon piping or some bold designs to glam it all up.

22. Boat Neck Blouse Style

blouse front neck designs - Boat-Neck-Blouse-Style-Blouse-Front -Neck-Designs

If you have broad shoulders, this perfect front neck will highlight this feature of yours. The broad boat shaped neck spreads and covers your entire shoulder to show its magnificence and yet is deep enough to display your delicate décolletage perfectly.

23. V-Neck Blouse Design

blouse front neck designs - V-Neck-Blouse-Design-Blouse-Front -Neck-Designs

A simple and convenient front neck blouse design that you can carry off for regular wear. It works perfectly for all bust sizes and can be worn for both casual and formal occasions with ease. You can add more drama to the style by going for statement accessories while donning this blouse style.

24. Broad Neck Blouse Design

blouse front neck designs - Broad-Neck-Blouse-Design

If you are not much into deep neck cuts, then this is the style for you. It is not too deep to make you feel uncomfortable, yet stylish enough to make a statement.

25. Round Neck Blouse Style

blouse front neck designs - Round-Neck-Blouse-Style-Blouse-Front -Neck-Designs

You can always fall back to your simple yet oh-so-reliable round front neck design that can never go wrong. When it is hard to figure out which style will suit you the best and you have no one to take a second opinion, be your own savior and opt for this style without even a second thought.

26. Sweet Heart Neck Blouse Design

blouse front neck designs - Sweet-Heart-Neck-Blouse-Design-Blouse-Front -Neck-Designs

The heart shape of the neckline of the blouse is the center of attraction and you will feel special to be wearing something this amazing for special occasions.

27. Spider Net High Neck Blouse Design

blouse front neck designs - Spider-Net-High-Neck-Blouse-Design-Blouse-Front -Neck-Designs

It is a blouse front neck designs style that has come right out of the boutique. This chic and classy bodice is an exceptional match with the net round-about shrug – to be thrown casually over the blouse.

28. Square Neck Blouse Design

blouse front neck designs - Square-Neck-Blouse-Design-Blouse-Front -Neck-Designs

Shake off those age old traditional blouses and switch to an edgy yet modest look with a square front neck blouse design that is awesome in so many ways. If you are not looking for a bit of skin show then go for shallow cut square neck front and if want some suave then go for a deep cut square front neck blouse design to transform your everyday wear into something classy and original at the same time.

29. Tube-Neck Blouse Design

blouse front neck designs - Tube-Neck-Blouse-Design-Blouse-Front -Neck-Designs

If you are looking for an out and out bold look then just pick up this amazing blouse with a front and back open neckline. It is a tube when it comes to its shape and can be perfectly worn as a tube blouse with sarees, lehengas or as a crop top with jeans and a statement neck piece. The style is a bit risky to carry off and if you have very heavy bosom then it is better to give it a ditch or to modify it a bit more by adding noodle straps for that extra support.

30. Side-Slit Front Neck Blouse Design

blouse front neck designs - Side-Slit-Front-Neck-Blouse-Design-Blouse-Front -Neck-Designs

This unique blouse front neck designs that is quirky and unconventional. Instead of a regular and commonly seen slit at the center of the front neckline, you will find the slit at one corner, the right side of the blouse so that it is pretty visible even when you put your pallu of the saree at the left side.

Your favorite blouse not on the list? Try out one of the above to great success? Drop us a comment below!

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