Pattu Blouse Designs For Silk Sarees: Top 21 Designer Blouses

Beautiful and trendy pattu sarees require equally beautiful blouse designs for silk sarees.  Anyone who’s ever worn a saree will tell you that the most beautiful saree in the world when paired with a unsuitable blouse can lose all of its appeal, so it’s important to get the best silk blouse designs  with just the right back neck design to look dazzling in a silk saree!

Let’s take a look at some of the trendiest silk blouse designs to match with your beautiful pattu saree now.

It’s not just the saree that should match, pattu blouse designs have to match your personality and the neck pattern and sleeves have to be comfortable as well as stylish, trendy and everything else. To make things a bit simpler for you, we’ve selected 21 highly appealing designs for silk sarees and within our pattu saree blouse designs you’re sure to find something just perfect for your saree!

1. Banaras Pattu Saree Blouse With Mirror Work & Gota Patti

This gorgeous Banaras pattu blouse design features heavy embellishments on the sleeves and comes in a rich leaf green color. The neck is trendy and the delicate and intricate floral mirror work on the sleeves make this a great option for girls looking to really stand out in their sarees! The gota patti work is intricate and highly trendy as well.

2. Pink & Gold Kanchipuram Silk Pattu Saree Blouse With Kundan & Resham Work

This stunning kanchipuram silk blouse design makes for the perfect companion to a gorgeous silk saree. Featuring a soft baby pink as well as a delicate mustard-gold colour, the gorgeous kundan work and resham work embroidery across the sleeves as well as the neck make this blouse an attention-grabber, and the hints of green in the design really make all the other colours pop.

3. Neem Green and Magenta Mysore Pattu Blouse With Zardosi Work

Often, the blouse really makes the saree stand out, and that’s exactly what is going on with this Mysore pattu blouse. The detailed zardosi work and embroidery make this two-tone colour blouse draw the attention of all present. The more subtle saree adds a complementary charm and makes for a wholly invigorating getup fit for any girl.

4. Bronze and Red Pochampally Pattu Blouse With Fancy Mirror Work

This Pochampally pattu is such a classic choice for blouse designs for silk sarees, and this design that has been executed to perfection. The orange, bronze and red work together perfectly to creating a highly compelling colour scheme, while the neck and sleeve design add their own sensual appeal. The delicate mirror work isn’t too heavy and the simple and stylish embroidery make this an excellent choice for girls looking for a traditional, classy and elegant blouse for all occasions.

5. Gold Designer Uppada Pattu Blouse For Silk Sarees With Mirror And Patch Work

This design idea behind this short sleeve pattu blouse design for pattu saris is simple, but the end result is anything but simple. Embroidered beads and stones and mirror work take up position of the sleeves as well as the back of the blouse, leaving the front with just a hint of embellishment and a whole lot of clean, gold goodness. The simple patch work adds elegance as well.  Pair this Uppada pattu blouse up with a gorgeous red saree for an incredible look.

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6. Amaranth Magenta Yellow Long Sleeve Raw Silk Blouse

Sometimes, to be stylish is to keep it basic, and that very case can be made for this excellent amaranth or magenta blouse. The gorgeous raw silk look and the perfect length sleeves add their own unique blend of classic aesthetic and style quotient and make for one of the best uppada pattu blouses for the girls who want to look suave and elegant.

7. Cutting Zardosi Work & Tassels Blouse With Stylish Back Neck Design

This exceptional looking flower work pattu blouse design features a highly alluring open cutting back design and back neck design with stunning kundan work embroidery around the periphery as well as the sleeves. The tassels and gorgeous patterns on the rest of the blouse all come together to make a formidable creation, that when paired with the right saree will have jaws on the floor.

8. Embellished Kundan & Gota Patti Oval Back Neck Design Blouse For Silk Sarees

Another design that is highly popular – and for a good reason – is the oval back design, and it can be quite the pick especially when it features in such an appealing colour and with such gorgeous embroidery. Red, gold and green looks as regal here as it always has, and the white stones have their own appeal, all of which go a long way in making this an excellent choice when it comes to blouse designs for silk sarees.

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9. Purple Plain Design For Pattu Blouse With Deep Neck

Pattu blouse designs for silk sarees don’t get much better than this gorgeous plain purple silk blouse with minimum embellishments. The silky sheen of the pattu blouse really stands out and will make every girl thrilled to wear her favorite saree.  No distractions like fancy work, mirror work, kundan work or zari work are present for this particular design, meaning it looks classy and elegant in plain form.

10. White Blouse With Deep Back Neck Design And Resham Work

For those who are looking for something a bit more different, this might just the perfect blouse design for you to complete your dream look. Featuring a symmetrical, yet unusual deep back neck design, and coming in an ivory white colour, this blouse features nothing but large floral prints in resham work all across it. Pairing it with a softer colored peach or a similar color will give a highly ethereal look.

11. Pattu Blouse Design For Silk Sarees With Button Row And Gota Patti

This is one of those blouse designs for silk sarees that achieves its exceptional look through keeping all of the elements simple and stylish. The button element is the perfect mix of stand out and recessed, so much so that it catches the eye and makes the girl wearing it stand out in a crowd. The gold work is again detailed but not too intricate, while the sleeves and neck design have a classic and timeless appeal to them that just fits so well together into the entire package. The intricate gota patti work on the sleeves as well as the highly trendy row of buttons on the back, as well as the exceptional ft make this a great choice for the wardrobe of the style conscious girl.

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12. Multi-Color Vintage Blouse Design For Silk Sarees With Heavy Embroidery

If you’re looking to marry the traditional and the trendy as well as the intricate and the simple then this embroidered blouse is the closest you’re going to get to perfection. Simple, elegant and with all the right touches, this blouse is an excellent way for every girl to show off their sartorial sense in an effortless and highly stylish manner, all the while staying true to your traditional monochrome movie-day themes.

13. Transparent Blouse Design For Silk Sarees With Zari And Zardosi Work

Transparent blouses have always been the choice of celebrities looking to make a style statement, and here we can see Bipasha Basu rocking a gorgeous black and gold transparent blouse with detailed zari and zasrdosi work which makes the girl wearing it a complete knockout and almost renders the saree incidental. The gorgeous gold embellishment and embriodery on the sleeves as well as the neck pattern makes it a must own for the style conscious modern girl looking to make a spalsh at her next premium event.

13. Sunrise Gold Blouse Design For Silk Sarees With Delicate Resham Work

Cream color and delicate resham work has always been a super hbit and this highly stylish blouse is no exception to that fact! When paired with just the right saree featuring delicate zari or kundan embroidery like the above piece, it can create a most elegant and super stylish profile for every girl who wears it.

Looking for just the right blouse can be a task indeed, and if you’ve found something just right that you would like to share, then do let us know in the comments section below, and we’ll be sure to include it along with a message crediting your eagle eyes!