Blind Dates – Fun Or Frivolous?

Love is blind… but what about a blind date? The concept of a blind date is not new, but has seen renewed popularity amongst the younger generations! For all those who are unaware (if anyone), a blind date is when you go on a date with someone you have never met or even seen (social media pictures don’t count).

Popular dating networks like Tinder and even Facebook connect people across the globe. Sometimes these connections become something special, more than ‘just friends.’ You may have been chatting and stalking each other online for months, but if you are ready to take it to the next level – of actually meeting in person – well, you are in for a blind date.


Now some may argue that a long term online connection is not really ‘blind.’ Well, all of us know how easy it is to look perfect in our display pictures, show off our wonderful lives and smiles on social media. You cannot really know someone until you meet them in person.

Yet another popular way of setting up blind dates is through a third person. For example, a friend or a relative may set you up with someone you’ve only ever just heard of, and there you have it, you’re soon to be on a blind date.

So, with that out of the way, let’s take a look at some points about how much fun (or not) a blind date can be… we’ll let you decide!

Shock or Surprise!

The element of shock or surprise is the most exciting thing about a blind date. I mean imagine you have absolutely no idea who you are going out with! The mix of emotions – nervousness, confusion, anxiety, curiosity and also butterflies in your stomach, make the whole experience fun even before you start!

Shock or Surprise blind date


Blind dates also require you to exercise a little more caution than usual. Being too trusting too fast isn’t recommended – let a few close friends know your exact location and don’t get too adventurous on this first date!


On a blind date, you don’t have the pressure of expectations. It’s all new and as long as you go with the flow, it’s going to be a good experience. Don’t set any high expectations, don’t imagine too much… no expectations means no disappointment. It’s fun to take it as it comes!


The whole purpose of a blind date is to see if you guys have a chemistry or attraction in the real world. Don’t let that put you under pressure – there is no necessity or obligation to take things further.

Thus, it’s safe to say that a blind date may just turn out to be the most fun you’ve had in a long time! And however it goes, your first blind date is likely to be a memory you’ll hang on to.

Here are some quick guidelines to make things easier:



  • Don’t jump into it!
  • If it’s a blind date you have met online, take a little time before you actually pursue it. If possible run a little check before you jump into it.
  • Don’t keep it a secret
  • A blind date does not need to be a secret. Keep a few close friends informed about your location and whereabouts.
  • Don’t get deserted
  • Fix your date in a public place. A popular restaurant or the like will do. Don’t get too adventurous and go for private or deserted places.
  • A Blind date doesn’t mean blind trust
  • You don’t have to put your complete in your date. Don’t accept a ride back home or an invitation to their place… take it slow.


  • Manage Expectations
  • Don’t make promises you don’t intend to keep or lead people on.
  • Show up!
  • Not showing up for a date – blind or otherwise – is unacceptable. Unless you have a serious reason, never ditch a date!
  • Make an effort
  • It’s a blind date and your date is probably as nervous as you… make the effort of keeping up the conversation. Don’t judge your date in the fist 10 minutes… give them a chance to get comfortable.
  • Be honest
  • Be honest, be true and just be who you are.

do and donts for blind date

So, does the whole idea of a blind date make you excited or does it present a scary prospect? Just remember that there are many around the world whose love stories started out with a blind date, and when done in the right spirit, you may not find your soul-mate but it can be a lot of fun! Happy dating.

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