10 Black Mehndi Designs That Will Never Go Out Of Fashion

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Henna or mehndi is one of the most important traditions in an Indian wedding for the bride and her bridal party and sometimes the groom too. It symbolises the bond of marriage and it is meant to reflect the happy relationship between the couple and their families. Some people also believe the mehndi colour represents fertility but we’ll just stick to the basics; it looks gorgeous and is a good omen for days to come. Here are 10 black mehndi designs that are trending right now.

1. Swirl Black Mehndi Design

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We start off with something similar to more traditional patterns. But this intricate design, which is basically a play on differently styles of swirl patterns, looks absolutely stunning and distinct. The key lies in the delicacy with which your mehndi artist creates this.

2. Leaf And Flower Mehndi Design

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This elegant, leaf-inspired pattern is a favourite among nature-lovers. It is one of those designs that is minimal while still signifying a celebratory occasion. The flora design and sorbet mint shade of nail polish make this an interesting combination for a sangeet or cocktail ceremony.

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3. Flowers And Bel Mehndi Design

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This is a clever idea that we can’t wait to try out! Most brides will get mehndi applied on their feet too. Instead of going for an all-over web of henna, opt for a pretty bel running from your ankle, over the side of your foot, down to the bottom. The plus side is that when you’re dressed in western outfits for your honeymoon, this mehndi design in black (at it’s darkest) will look like a cool tattoo. It’s a win-win!

4. Flower Power

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Among those black mehndi designs out there, this one is different from the regular patterns that are meant to just fill up your hand. Leaving most of the fingers free of colour gives the mehndi design a much-needed white space canvas. It will look like real art on your body, while retaining the traditional touch of the mehndi ritual.

5. Intricate Heart Mehndi Design

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Recreating ancient Mughal architectural elements in this design, the artist works with precision and symmetry to create the perfect work of art. Again, this pattern works for those of us who do not want to go overboard with OTT (over-the-top) mehndi, but still want to enjoy the tradition in all its glory.

6. Pretty Peacock Design

While most common mehndi designs will depict the bridal doli and the groom’s baraat, complete with mini musicians and dancers, we’re quite partial to this beautiful peacock design that stretches across the palm. It is a smaller mehndi design but the intricate nature in which the peacock’s feathers have been shaded is absolutely beautiful, making this one a worthwhile choice.

7. Arabic Straight-Lined Design

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By far the most contemporary design on the list, ironically these patterns are inspired by Arabic and Mayan hand jewellery (from a time when henna replaced jewellery) and they look distinct and memorable. If you pay close attention, you’ll be able to identify the haath band and wrist harness in the pattern.

8. Details Within Detailing

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This is one cool idea which intersperses a regular mehndi design with names and details of memorable places, events and details that the bride and groom have shared during the course of their courtship. The guys will love this, no doubt. Check out our article on fuss-free mehndi designs for groom.

9. Flowers And Little Leaves Design

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Another gorgeous design for the feet, this floral design has become increasingly popular among the bridal parties across the board. The concentric circles around which the leaf design has been created is itself a traditional element of henna. The pattern echoes simplicity and does not overshadow the most important element — the bride herself.

10. Intricate Bajuband Mehndi Design

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We’ve saved the quirkiest and coolest for the last! This beautifully intricate khaleeji mehndi design will leave your guests appreciating the work for hours. Notice how delicate the lines are? It’s almost as if the model is wearing a traditional necklace across her arm.

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