10 Trendy Black And White Wedding Invitations

The world we see is a fantastic array of colours. We associate colour with playfulness, energy and zest for life. If someone lacks a vibrant personality, we say, “Oh she is dull and colourless.” If someone is living a boring life, we say, “Add some colour to your life.” At least in the world of English idioms ‘colourlessness’ is not celebrated.

Why then do people use monochromatic invitations? For two very good reasons:

  • Anything vintage looks good
  • Plus, it is classy and traditional

A black and white colour code usually lends an air of formal dignity to the occasion. So is that all? Are we really hoping you would ditch all the amazing colour options available just for the vintage feel? No! Here we have put together a selection of the best black and white wedding invitations to inspire your wedding invites.

1. Starry Nights On Your Invite

If you are hosting a marquee themed night wedding, this is one of the retro-est black and white wedding invitations to go with it. The row of suspended light bulbs will not only light up the night sky at your venue but will look equally fab on your invitation too!

2. Polka Dot Chic

A wedding invitation offers an early glimpse into your wedding style. It conveys the feel, ambience and the mood of the main event in small measures. In the case of black and white wedding invitations, what is the message that polka dots send? That there is a stylish wedding on the cards!

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3. Lovely Lace

Black And White Wedding Invitations - Lovely Lace

The lace pattern on the edges gives a classy elegance to these plain black and white wedding invitations. If you are having a classic formal wedding, this one should definitely be on your list of probables.

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4. The Laser Cut Trend

If you desire an artsy wedding invitation, you can use the laser cut technique to create the most intricate designs. Within fine art too, we are witnessing an inclination towards the vintage look. In the example below, the laser cut technique renders a beautiful imitation of an elaborate 18th century iron gate.

5. Stripes & Florals

Mixing tradition with modernity is a great idea. Calligraphy in a floral frame is combined with black stripes to give the invite a contemporary touch. For brides who wants to go classic with a slight modernist touch, this one’s a great example of black and white wedding invitations to follow.

6. Geometric Magic

Black And White Wedding Invitations - Geometric Magic

Your wedding invitation should try to match your style. There are many geometric patterns to choose from for modern couples looking to make their couple statement.

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7. Chalkboard In White

Chalkboard is a hot trend now. Rustic weddings are featuring chalkboard elements in a big way. Using chalkboard graphics will give your black and white wedding invitations a vintage chic feel.

8. Floral Frames

This classic wedding invite style gets a modern twist due to its faded grey background. The black and white floral vine border frames the wording beautifully, giving the invite a stylish sophistication. Otherwise, it’s one of those simplistic black and white wedding invitations.

9. The Getaway Vehicle

Wedding transportation has long moved beyond the wedding limo. Couples are trying to spice up their wedding exit by trying creative options like horse-drawn carriages, golf-carts and bikes. If you are one of them, you can highlight your exit on your invite!

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10. QR Code Designs

Black And White Wedding Invitations - QR Code Designs

QR codes are slowly making an entry into the gallery of modernist design elements. QR codes, when used singly or in association with other designs, impart a very futuristic look to wedding invitations, including black and white wedding invitations. And the best part is that they are not only ornamental but are functional too.

Hope by now you know that black and white need not always be tagged as boring. If you have more interesting designs that match the black and white theme then do share them with us.