10 Latest Red and Black Mehndi Designs For You!

Mehndi designs glorify the culture and heritage of the countries who practise this form of art and design, and some of the most elegant and famous ones are the red and black mehndi designs.It is an integral part of all the occasions and festivals. There are different types of mehndi designs available. The most popular ones are the red and black mehndi designs. One can add various other embellishments to their designs like glitter and stones and various other colours.

We have listed down some extravagant black and red mehndi designs for you. Take a look!

Exquisite Red Mehndi Designs

Intricate In Red

Intricate In Red - Red Mehndi Design

If you are looking for a traditional mehndi design , then this red mehndi design will look terrific. The detailing work of the mehndi is so intricate; one just can’t take eyes off this design. It will look stunning for a wedding or for any other festival.

Traditional Rouge

Traditional Rouge - Red Mehndi Design

Mehndi designs don’t have to be complicated and noisy all the time. Sometimes a simple design like this can do all that magic. This is one of those black and red Arabic mehndi designs, a floral design with a twist. Usually, these designs are in the centre of the palm, but this one is pushed to one side, making it look spectacular. This beautiful design is proof that arm mehndi designs don’t have to be complicated to look elegant.

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Index And Beyond

Index And Beyond - Red Mehndi Design

Back hand mehndi designs are very popular. Women love adorning their palms, but to complement the front design they are trying out various back hand designs. This one is simple yet intricate and looks very elegant. One can enhance this design by adding stones to it. It will look very classy.

A Flower In Your Hands

A Flower In Your Hands - Red Mehndi Design

If Sufi is on your mind, then this design is just for you. The simplicity of this design makes it one of a kind. These designs are famed as ‘merging designs’ and are extremely popular in the west. If you are looking out for a modern design then go for this. This will look wonderful for any occasion.

Red Floral Magic

Red Floral Magic - Red Mehndi Design

Intricate mehndi designs look great with traditional wear. But for something semi-traditional like a saree gown, a design like this will look remarkable. This design is simple and can be designed with ease. So if you have something traditional on mind for Diwali, this design will just do the trick.

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Striking Black Mehndi Designs

Black mehndi designs have gained popularity in recent times. They are inspired from the Sudanese mehndi designs, which are black and are made with natural black ink. But nowadays, mehndi artisans put in chemicals to get the black colour, so one has to be careful.

Peacock Motif With Bajuband Cuffs

Black Mehndi Design - Peacock Motif With Bajuband Cuffs

This a simple black mehndi design. It is broad and elaborate and will go very well with a floral printed saree or lehenga.

Intricate Vines

Black Mehndi Design - Intricate Vines

If you like Arabic mehndi design, then this will be your favourite. Black henna highlights the design and adds charm to it. You can go for this design if you have plans of wearing something black or shimmering.

Floral Delight

Black Mehndi Design - Floral Delight

Women have beautified these black henna designs by adding embellishments like glitter and stones. This design however has a golden touch to it. Metallic paints like gold and silver are used to add oomph to the design. If you want your design to shine, then this one will look great.

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Chequered Foot Design

Black Mehndi Design - Chequered Foot Design

Black foot mehndi designs are new and have become a fashion trend. Adorning feet is an old tradition, but women now go for intricate designs like this. So if you want your feet design to be complex and gorgeous, opt for this and stand out.

Back Hand Black Design

Black Mehndi Design - Back Hand Black Design

Intricate back hand designs with black henna look magnificent. They look sophisticated and classy. These designs look great with contrasting colour attire. So if you are wearing a yellow or a red or blue or any other bright colour, this design will look magical.

I hope our list of black and red mehndi designs have given you a variety to choose from. Do let us know which suits you the best.

Images Source: Google, Pinterest, Shutterstock