How To Do The Bitilasana And What Are Its Benefits

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Sanskrit: बितिलासन; Bitil – Cow, Asana – Pose; Pronounced As – bee-tee-LAHS-uh-nuh

Bitilasana takes its name from the Sanskrit word Batila, which means cow. It is named so because the stance of this posture resembles the body position of a cow. This asana is almost always practiced in combination with the cat pose.

Everything You Need To Know About The Bitilasana

  1. What You Should Know Before You Do The Asana
  2. How To Do The Bitilasana
  3. Precautions And Contraindications
  4. Beginner’s Tip
  5. Advanced Pose Variations
  6. The Benefits Of The Cow Pose
  7. Preparatory Poses
  8. Follow-Up Poses

What You Should Know Before You Do The Asana

As with all the asanas in yoga, it is important to keep your bowels and stomach clean. Make sure you have your meals at least four to six hours before your workout so that you can give your system enough time to digest the food and generate the required energy for the workout.

The best time to practice yoga is usually at dawn or dusk.


Level: Basic
Style: Vinyasa
Duration: 10 to 15 seconds
Repetition: 5-6 times in combination with the Marjariasana
Stretches: Neck, Front torso
Strengthens: Back

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How To Do The Bitilasana

  1. Start the asana on your fours in a tabletop position.
  1. Make sure that your knees are placed right under your hips, and that your wrists are in the same line as your shoulders.
  1. Let your head hang in a neutral position. Gaze softly at the floor.
  1. Inhale, and lift your buttocks up towards the ceiling as you open your chest. Let your abdomen sink towards the ground. Lift your head and look forward or towards the roof.
  1. Hold the pose for a few seconds. Then, breathe out and come back to the tabletop position.
  1. This asana is a combination of two movements. The counter movement is as follows: Exhale. Drop your chin to your chest as you arch your back and relax your buttocks. It is called the Bitilasana.
  1. Do the movement and counter-movement about five to six times before you come to a halt.


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Precautions And Contraindications

These are some points of caution you must keep in mind before you do this asana.

  1. If you have a sensitive neck, do not crunch the back of the neck too much as you look up. It is best to look forward to avoiding the strain. Also, make sure your shoulders are away from your ears.
  1. Consult a doctor before you do this pose in case you have a neck injury. It is best to practice yoga under the supervision of an expert.

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Beginner’s Tip

As a beginner, you must protect your neck when you get into this asana. For that, broaden your shoulder blades and pull them down, away from your ears.

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Advanced Pose Variation

To deepen the pose and make it more of a core awakening exercise, you can just stretch out your opposite leg and arm in the Cow Pose. Then, draw the elbow to the back and the knee to the nose in the Cat Pose.

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The Benefits Of The Cow Pose

Take a look at some of the amazing cow pose benefits.

  1. This asana helps to stretch the neck and the front part of the torso.
  1. It is also a stress relieving pose.
  1. It massages the internal organs and also helps increase blood circulation throughout the body.
  1. Being primarily a spinal movement, it relieves the stress from the back and tones it. It also helps reduce back pain and cure sciatica.

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Preparatory Poses

Viparita Karani

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Follow-Up Poses


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Delve into this pose to bring out the best in you. It is sure to relax and rejuvenate your mind, body, and soul.

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