125 Best Birthday Wishes For Cousins To Tell Them You Care

Because birthdays are incomplete without fun yet heartfelt messages.

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Cousins are special, and so are their birthdays. So, if you are looking for messages to wish them on their special days, we have got you a collection of birthday wishes for cousin, which could melt their hearts. Some cousins are amazing, while some could annoy you. But, no matter how they are, no one can replace the special place they hold in our hearts. So, on this birthday, shower your wonderful cousins with some warm and unique birthday wishes. In this post, we shared some exciting birthday wishes and thoughtful words that you can send to your cousins and make their day extra special.

125 Birthday Wishes for Cousin

The heartfelt cousin birthday wishes are right here for you to scroll and send across to your beloved brother and sister.

Birthday wishes for cousin (sister)

Here are some lovely birthday wishes for cousin sisters that express your love, warmth, and concern.

1. Having you as a part of my life is the most beautiful blessing. Happy birthday, sister.

2. On your birthday, I wish all your dreams come true. I wish you a happy birthday, sis.

3. Wishing a happy birthday to my favorite cousin. Always be the sweetheart you always have been.

4. You are the source of happiness and smiles for me because you are my partner in crime. Happy birthday, my dearest cousin.

5. Happy birthday to the cousin—the best one in this world.

6. We share such beautiful memories, and I wish we create many more. Happy birthday, dear.

7. May this journey of your life be filled with the most beautiful experiences. Sending warm wishes on your birthday.

8. Cousins make the best blend of family and friends. Happy birthday, you have made my childhood fun.

9. Sending warm greetings to my loving sister. May you have a wonderful and cheerful year ahead.

10. I hope that you become wiser with age. Happy birthday to my amazing cousin.

11. May this birthday be the beginning of a new chapter of your life. I wish you good luck and happy birthday.

12. The celebrations of your special day are incomplete without a party. Let us have one to make it a happy birthday.

13. I wish that every day of this year brings you many more joys and smiles. Happy birthday.

14. Sending you warm wishes on your birthday, f my special cousin. May you find success in everything you do.

15. May you have the most memorable and blessed birthday celebrations this year. Love you.

16. I wish God is always there to keep you happy and safe. Best wishes on your birthday.

17. You always have been my confidant and companion. Wishing you happy birthday.

18. I am blessed to have a sister like you. Happy birthday, my dear.

19. Today is the most special day for me because it is your birthday. Sending you happiness and smiles on completing another milestone.

20. May you have a birthday full of celebrations and lots of presents.

21. I never missed having a sister because I always had you by my side. With lots of love, happy birthday.

22. I am always there to lessen your burden. On your birthday, you can keep the wishes, and I can take care of your gifts. Happy birthday.

23. On your birthday, I am praying that you always find success in all the endeavors. Warm wishes to you my dear.

24. Happy birthday dear. I am truly fortunate to have a cousin like you who is my forever support.

25. We are born as cousins, but we make BFFs. With lots of love, wishing you happy birthday.

26. Happy birthday to my dearest cousin. When I count my blessings, I count you twice as you are also my friend for life.

27. May you have more blessings than the candles on your cake. Happy birthday, dear.

28. You are so cute that God must be having a difficult time deciding a birthday present for you.

29. I wish you stay the same, no matter how old you get because you are just perfect. Sending warm wishes on your birthday.

30. Wishing a joyous birthday to you. May this day unfold many surprises for you and fill your heart and life with the greatest joys.

Birthday wishes for cousin (brother)

Wish your cousin exclusive birthday wishes and make his day.

31. Happy birthday. May you don’t just get older but also get better.

32. Enjoy your birthday, my dear. I wish you the best of the celebrations on this special day.

33. Happy birthday to the best brother in this world. I wish you the best of health, success, and happiness every day of this year.

34. You are like wine as you are getting better with age. With lots of love, wishing you a wonderful birthday.

35. May this birthday bring along new hopes and dreams for you to celebrate life. Have a cheerful and blessed birthday.

36. You are the strongest support I have. Love you and wish you a happy birthday.

37. Happy birthday to my dearest brother. May you have a day full of zealous celebrations.

38. Today is that special day when you arrived into our lives. Happy birthday dear. Always keep smiling.

39. To the most amazing brother, I wish all the happiness in this world to you. Happy birthday.

40. Today is a special day because my most special cousin was born. Sending you lots of love and warm wishes.

41. I am glad that we came into this world as cousins, and we became best friends. Happy birthday.

42. Happy birthday to my favorite cousin brother. May you find success and smiles in every step of your life.

43. Have a rocking day ahead. Happy birthday, my dear!

44. You are the most precious gift from God to our family. Wishing you a happy birthday.

45. Many happy returns of the day, my dear. May you enjoy this special day and welcome another amazing year in your life.

46. You are the most fantastic cousin, and I am happy to have you in my life. Thank you for being my friend and my strength.

47. Happy birthday, my adorable cousin. Today is the day to enjoy and create the most beautiful memories.

48. Remember that a birthday marks the end of one year and the beginning of another amazing year. Happy birthday, my dear.

49. May this birthday bring along warm greetings and lots of wonderful opportunities for you. Have a fabulous birthday.

50. Cousins are the best slice of childhood. I am blessed that you were there to make my childhood a memorable one. Happy birthday.

51. Every birthday is like a new chapter of life. I wish this chapter of your life turns out to be the best one amongst all the other chapters.

52. You may not know, but you are the most adored cousin. Enjoy your birthday year.

53. You are that cousin to me without whom my life is incomplete. May you keep smiling and enjoying life.

54. Happy birthday to that special cousin who has filled bright and beautiful colors in my life.

55. I wish this year you wake up with a smile and have a dream to keep you motivated in life. Sending lovely wishes on your birthday.

56. My life would have been so boring and dull without you. Thank you for bringing in all the adventure and fun.

57. I don’t need a Facebook reminder to wish you on your birthday because you are the most special cousin I have.

58. Wishing you a birthday full of rainbows and sunshine, happiness and smiles, laughter and love.

59. There is so much to tell you on your birthday, but I would just say happy birthday.

60. As you add another year to your life, I wish that that you have a year full of new hope and many joys. With lots of love, wishing you a happy birthday.

Birthday messages for cousin

Send across the best birthday messages for cousins that are a perfect way to express your joy and love to them.

61. Everything looks good on you and especially the beautiful smile that you have. Have a rocking birthday.

62. Happy birthday, dear. Always believe in yourself because you are the best cousin one can have.

63. Today is the ,day when you came into this world and spread happiness in our lives. Have a fantastic birthday.

64. I wish that this year turns out to be the most cheerful, blessed, successful and happiest year for you. Happy birthday.

65. I wish I could just hug you tight and wish you a wonderful birthday.

66. Sending warm wishes on your birthday wrapped in the warmth of my love.

67. Cheers to another fabulous year to enjoy this life and embrace all the goodness that surrounds you. happy Birthday to my adorable cousin.

68. It is a one big task to find a present for someone as cute and as amazing as you. Happy birthday.

69. Wishing a happy birthday to someone who is never going to grow old.

70. May you always stay as amazing, as crazy, as funny and as adorable as you always have been.

71. The world might think of us as cousins but we know that we make the closest friends. Warm wishes on your birthday.

72. Happiness is to have a cousin who makes this world interesting for you. Happy birthday.

73. Don’t forget to close your eyes and make a wish when you blow the candles and you will be showered with all the good things.

74. Cousins are like readymade friends and I am truly fortunate to have such a fun-loving and caring one. Happy birthday, my dear.

75. May you enjoy your birthday with lots of candles to blow, lots of wishes to make, and a big cake to fit them all.

76. Wishing a happy birthday to the cousin with whom I share the most beautiful bond.

77. May your birthday celebrations brighten the upcoming year for you.

78. Cousins are a tiny bit of childhood that always keeps you innocent. I wish a loveliest happy birthday to my special cousin.

79. There may be lots of good people in this universe, but you are the one who is special to me. Happy birthday.

80. I wish you the best of everything in life. Have a fantastic birthday.

81. When you already have someone like me in your life, you have no idea how blessed you are. Happy birthday to my dearest cousin.

82. You look amazing when you wear that beautiful smile of yours. Always keep smiling.

83. May every candle on your cake represent a fabulous surprise. Happy birthday to you.

84. Don’t define your life with age but always define it with the blessings you have been showered with. I wish you a great day.

85. What diamonds are to women, you are to me. I am truly blessed to have a gem like you in my life. Happy birthday.

86. May this special day be a day to remember forever for you. With lots of love, I wish you a blessed birthday.

87. Happy birthday, my dear. God sent us as cousins because he knew that our mothers would go crazy if we were born as siblings.

88. We are born to be together because we are not just cousins, but also friends for life.

89. May the smile on your face and the sparkle in your eyes never fade. I wish you all the happiness on your birthday.

90. It is so difficult to remember your birthday because you don’t seem to age at all. Have a wonderful birthday.

91. I wish my coolest cousin a special happy birthday.

92. People who are close to your heart, their birthdays are always special. Have a wonderful day ahead.

93. May all your wishes come true and may get you a chance to live all your dreams. Happy birthday.

94. I wish that the smile on your face brightens and your future shines by the grace of God.

95. May God be always there to show you the right path to follow. Sending warm wishes on your birthday, my dear.

96. Having a cousin like you is a blessing. Thanks for bringing so much happiness into my life. Happy birthday, sweetheart.

97. On your special day, I am sending my heartfelt wishes to the most amazing cousin. Always keep smiling.

98. I wish happy birthday to my cousin, who has always been the best of my friend and companion.

99. I wish that this birthday turns out to be the best one ever.

100. More smiles, more joys, more celebrations, and more goodness is what I wish for you. Happy birthday.

101. Keep spreading smiles and positivity like you always have been. Sending across some goodness on your birthday.

102. I wish my dearest cousin all the happiness and success. Have a great day ahead.

103. I wish we are always together to celebrate your birthday and add another beautiful memory to your special day.

104. Sharing warm greetings on the birthday of the most adorable cousin. You are the best gift from God that we all have been blessed with.

105. On your special day, I wish that every day of this year gives you a reason to smile. Happy birthday.

Funny birthday wishes for cousin

Gift a good laugh on their special day sending some funny birthday wishes for cousins that will make their special day more memorable.

106. Let us celebrate the new wrinkle and new grays you have been blessed with. Happy birthday to you.

107. On the occasion of your birthday, I advise you to smile as much as you can because you might not have these teeth to flaunt next year. Happy birthday.

108. Birthdays are always special because they are just another chance to enjoy some more cake.

109. Enjoy your birthday to the fullest because you are not yet extinct.

110. Just imagine that you are taking another step closer to the senior citizen discount at the movie theatres. Happy birthday.

111. Happy birthday to my cousin. I wish you long enough to grow old and toothless.

112. I hope your birthday is announced as a national holiday so I can also take an off and spend this day with you.

113. I planned to bake a wine cake for your birthday, but you will have to manage just with the cake as I am drunk.

114. Stop worrying about your age because you are still younger than your birthday next year. Have memorable celebrations.

115. No matter how old you get, don’t forget to keep a big piece of cake for me.

116. I wish you a birthday full of laughter and smiles.

117. Candles cannot define your age. So bake more and more cakes and make it a birthday full of delicious cakes.

118. Happy birthday to you. On this day, I promise that I will never reveal your real age.

119. You get better when you age, except when you are a banana.

120. You will be another year closer to all the benefits senior citizens are entitled to. Happy birthday.

121. May you get younger in reverse on your birthday. I am sending lots of love to you.

122. There are so many famous personalities that share their birthdays with you. Sadly, you are not one of them.

123. Don’t forget to arrange for a bigger cake this time so that all candles can fit properly on the cake.

124. Your birthday gives me all the reasons to indulge in treats that I love the most. Happy birthday.

125. Don’t think that you are getting older but think you are becoming a classic.

Cousins are siblings God forgot to give you. They play a special role in your life and are often a huge part of your childhood memories. Even though you don’t often meet now that you are older and are probably in different cities, birthdays are special days that must be celebrated. These warm birthday wishes for cousins will help you make them feel special. You can use these wishes on a bouquet, as a message on their gift, or as a caption on a beautiful childhood picture.

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