20 Special Birthday Love Quotes For Him For His Big Day

Written by Tejaswi Bhagavatula

Your birthday is one day of the year on which everyone you know spoils you with gifts and love. And when it comes to your significant other, you want to make sure that he has the very best time of his life. This is the one day of the year you will not have to hold back. Of course, your man is pretty special to you every single day of your life. But birthdays are special occasions as this was the day that your significant other came into being and it is definitely a milestone that needs to be celebrated with panache. Birthdays let us acknowledge our steps towards growth. They inspire us to laugh, to celebrate and savour the little joys of life. And for your partner, it is the one day of the year where he will be able to look to the future and make a special wish that has been in his heart all along. Let all your feelings for him flow, and let him know just how special he makes your life with these birthday love quotes for him!

No matter what you do, you will definitely want to send him a special birthday wish. This is where you can really let your feelings flow. Whether your love would appreciate a romantic message in the morning or a tongue-in-cheek jibe, we have collected some of the best quotes for you. So, why not kick start the evening with one of the quotes listed below?


On his birthday, let him know just how much you love him and want to spend your life with him.


You not only share a lot of love, you are best friends as well. Let him know how much you care with this lovely quote.


Who wouldn’t want such a romantic wish filled with such promise from their beloved?


This is short and heartfelt. So tell him how he is the only one for you.


He makes your dreams come true. Let him know that, and that there’s all sorts of devouring that needs to happen.


This is straight from the heart. He is sure to appreciate it.


You may be no poet, but that doesn’t mean the sincerity of your feelings is not real!


You know what you want to do to him. Now he will know too. Lucky man.


An invitation to grow old together that might just put a smile on his face.


It does seem like destiny that you two met, right? Why question it? This is my favourite from our list of birthday love quotes for him.

Birthday Wishes With A Fun Twist


Make him feel like a king with this quote and leave him guessing about what’s waiting for him afterwards.


This is simple and sweet. He would love it.


Yes, you are getting older. That doesn’t mean you can’t joke about it, right?


This quote is a little below the belt, but that’s fine. And it will make sure you two have a wonderful time together. Yay!


A little narcissism is always entertaining.


Let him how much you admire him, and all of his combined assets.


Age is not a problem as you wish him on his birthday, and then go put on a harem girl costume.


Let him party his heart out with this quote.


Now this is a serious compliment.


This is perfect if your man is awkward and cute. Tell him how much you love his quirks with this quote.

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