Birthday Love Poems: 17 Wishes In True Poetic Style!

Have you ever considered dedicating birthday love poems for the one you love? Why stick to regular wishes when you can actually do so in poetic style? You don’t have to worry if you can’t write down a poem. We have you covered.

Take a look at our collection of birthday love poems.

Pick your favourite one. Make your loved one’s day extra special with some poetry.

1. Birthday Love Poems - I Think Of You

A beautiful and simple option among birthday love poems that is worthy to be written on a greeting card accompanying the birthday gift. Its simplicity is surely going to charm the beloved birthday girl/boy, it makes for a truly lovely birthday message.

2. Birthday Love Poems - Another Year

This winner among birthday love poems has a certain intimate feeling to it, and is best shared with someone you share a close bond with. Birthday is a good occasion to remember how that special person has improved your life.


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3. Birthday Love Poems - You Love Me

It is a warm birthday greeting put into a free verse birthday love poems wishing the best for the person who has always stood by your side. This is a good one to be read aloud during the birthday celebration. In case you are looking for an elaborate birthday love poem appreciating that person’s presence in your life then the next one is for you.

4. Birthday Love Poems - Together

If you can memorise this one and say it out to her when she is about to cut the cake then that would be great. Nothing more will delight your beloved than the simple yet touching words of well-written birthday love poems.


5. Birthday Love Poems - I'm The Lucky Person

Birthday love poems are perfect to be shared with your spouse. It is quite likely that you would be the one receiving the birthday wishes as well when it is your spouse’s birthday. Ever wondered why? Read this poem and you will get an idea. Later, you can read it aloud to your other half followed by a warm hug.

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6. Birthday Love Poems - I'm Priviliged

This one has a certain cadence to it that makes it a captivating one. The words rhyme quite nicely here, and this will work great both as a message written on the card accompanying the gift or a one that is shared vocally.

7. Birthday Love Poems - Our Bond

It is after all that splendid friendship and rapport that you share with that beloved that makes your relationship work brilliantly. Here is our best choice of all birthday love poems, the best of birthday love quotes and msgs and it that focuses on that aspect while also giving away what’s in your gift!

8. Birthday Love Poems - Your Lovely Charm

Another birthday love poem that conveys the deepest of your thoughts and wishes to the one you love immensely.

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9. Birthday Love Poems - Another Opportunity

This is one of those adorable birthday love poems and a great way to point out how much that person’s existence matters to you. And yes, to pretend as if every day is your beloved’s birthday is a great way to shower some love and attention on that person.

10. Birthday Love Poems - Amazing Happiness

Don’t you feel elated when you cut the cake with your loved one? It is an immensely joyful moment and an experience that stays with you forever. Here is a joy-filled birthday love poem to convey your thoughts that day. For added bonus points, send your beloved a couple of birthday love poems.

11. Birthday Love Poems - If I Could Sing

The best one when you plan to throw an outdoor surprise birthday party. You can leave a hand-written note with this birthday love poem in it by your beloved’s bed so that he/she reads it the first thing in the morning.

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12. Birthday Love Poems - Contentment

In other words, here you are being thankful for the existence of that person because it is for him/her that your life today feels complete. Overall, it is one of those cute birthday love poems that makes a great way to greet someone special.

13. Birthday Love Poems - Many Pleasures

There is no greater gift that you can give to a loved one than your perpetual and unconditional love. It is also the best gift the birthday boy/girl will ever receive and would cherish for the rest of the life. Birthday love poems conveys that nicely.

14. Birthday Love Poems - Trumpets And Song

Here is the one that is sort of like an extension of the previous birthday love poem but is more light-hearted than the previous one. The previous birthday love poems work great to be shared in a written format while this one is best shared verbally.

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15. Birthday Love Poems - The Best Thing

It is a mix of compliments and congratulations all packed in a lovely birthday love poem. (If you’re going to add your own verses, then birthday love poems are best when you follow this rule.) The use of simple words here also brings a casual feel to it that is best for an occasion like birthday.

16. Birthday Love Poems - Blessed With Love

Now here is another one that is best suited to be shared with a life partner. It is a good birthday love poem to acknowledge all the efforts put in by your spouse to make your relationship successful and joyful.

17. Birthday Love Poems - Your Smile

Here is the one that sums it all quite nicely. It is after all the existence of that beloved that has made you acquainted with love and the joys of being loved. This birthday love poem makes a great way to greet that person and at the same time thank him/her for being an awesome life partner.

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Those were some amazing birthday love poems to greet someone special. So which one are you gonna pick?