Biodata For Marriage: 14 Tips To Get Your Marriage CV Right

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Preparing a biodata for marriage is the one of the first steps that you will have to take to find the perfect life partner. It is after all something that will help your prospective life partner create a mental picture or the template of the kind of person you are. It is also a great way for the other individual to objectively decide whether you match the specific qualities of that person or not. Therefore, the importance of biodata for marriage is quite cognizable, but it is also one of those things which will leave many scratching their heads. We know you would be including information like name, family details and the rest but there are some other important things you should keep in mind too. For this reason, we have compiled a list of 14 tips to create a marriage biodata that will surely help a boy or a girl create a format that would stand out and not sound/look boring and regular.

Tip 1 – It Is A ‘Biodata For Marriage’ & Not A Resume!

This is the number one mistake most match-seekers do with their biodata for marriage. You’ve reached that ideal age for marriage, you plan this, and then you end up making a resume. We are virtually tuned to create a resume, and we adopt the same template for the creation of the wedding biodata. Remember, they may seem similar but are quite distinct when it comes to the nature of information you give in it. In a resume, you focus on ‘what you can do’ and what is your value addition to an organisation. In biodata for marriage, your focus should be on conveying ‘who you are.’ Therefore, this means focusing on those points in your biodata will help the reader decipher your personal traits rather than how good you are at work. It is like a sample of your life, a small window to peer into. So how does one do it? We tell you through the course of the subsequent tips.


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Tip 2 – You Need Not Stick To A Prescribed Format

Since it is a biodata, it is something that should be able to tell your prospective life partner about your abilities and qualities. For this reason, there is no strict rule or template follow a certain format for your biodata for marriage. You can write it the way you want by just making sure it provides a coherent flow of details to the reader. Overall, it should neatly communicate who you are as a boy or girl.


Tip 3 – Be Creative

This means you need to lighten up a bit with your presentation of details on your biodata. Remember, it is not a resume. So some light-hearted touches to your marriage biodata may actually impress the reader. After all, everyone looks for creativity and good sense of humour in a prospective life partner. You can do it by including some funny tit-bits about your personal life or a sample of some relevant popular culture references. You need not go overboard but make sure you add ample tones of light-heartedness to your wedding biodata.

Tip 4 – Use A Good Photo

A picture can say a thousand words, and nothing better proves the theory than a marriage biodata. Your biodata is going to be worth lot more if you include some high-quality photographs in it. The modern format has seen the advent of digital biodatas, which means that you can include more than one photograph. If you’re a girl, don’t over dress, keep the template simple. A boys shouldn’t try anything too spectacular either. Make sure your photographs are high-resolution professional shots taken with multiple poses that show you as you are (the best version of you).


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Tip 5 – Give Adequate Family Details

Most people either end up giving too much or too little info in this department of their biodata for marriage. It is always good to stick to an optimal amount of information when it comes to this section. This means your format should give information about your family members but keep it limited to your immediate family (parents and siblings), and give out details of your entire family tree. Also, give a sample of what is relevant and keep it terse overall.

Tip 6 – In Your Biodata For Marriage Do Not Brag

It is is a great to have a unique skill, but exaggerated boasting about it can cause more damage than good. Make sure you keep the descriptions of your qualities and hobbies to the point without adding certain overtones that seem like bragging. That way you will also come across as a humble person, which can be a good thing for you.


Tip 7 – Include Your Expectations

No matter how flexible and accommodative you are, you will always have a certain set of expectations from you ideal life partner. Biodata for marriage is one of the best means to express that. Include your expectations in a way that they do not look like demands. This would predominantly be the qualities you are seeking in your prospective life partner. The template will vary depending on whether your a boy or a girl, your age and more.

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Tip 8 – List Down Your Requirements

It is quite likely that you are going to have some staunch requirements from your life partner (a small sample, the boy or girl HAS to be a vegetarian). If that is the case then one must make it a point to share those as well in your biodata for marriage. The difference between this and previous point is that expectations are things that are ‘nice to have’, while requirements are the ‘should have’ things.

Tip 9 – Include Your Beliefs That You Value A Lot

You may have your own set of values and beliefs. Put them across well. Compatibility in value systems is one of the most important parameter for a marriage to turn successful. Therefore, it is good to include this point in your format as well.


Tip 10 – List The Things You Cannot Change

This section would include everything about you that you cannot change or would not like to change. This goes in synchronization with the previous point but mostly includes tangible attributes like habits or materialistic possessions that you value dearly. Remember not to be too shrewd, and include only the good things or habits of yours that you will never let go at any cost.


Tip 11 – Things You Would Like To Change/Improve

Here, include the things you would like to change about yourself like quitting a bad habit etc. Including this point in your biodata format is a great way to send across the message that you are someone who is aware of his/her shortcomings, and are willing to work on them. This will surely earn you some extra points for being quite transparent in your template. Check a sample from a self help guide to understand how it works.

Tip 12 – Include Your Vision And Ambitions

This means including your ambitions in life, and your image of an ideal successful life in your biodata for marriage. It will help your prospective life partner learn what can be expected from the journey of life if he/she marries you. That way you both will have realistic expectations and demands from each other in case you tie the knot. It will eventually go a long way in making your marriage a successful one.


Tip 13 – Give Contact Details And Social Media Handles

Sharing your contact details is important but the modern template suggests it is a good thing to share your social media profiles as well. One of the first things people do after receiving a prospective life partner’s biodata is search for his/her profile on social media. If that is going to be the most probable case then it is a great thing to share it yourself.

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Tip 14 – Your Biodata For Marriage Should Be Transparent And Honest

Overall, the most important thing to keep in mind is to maintain transparency about the three ‘Ws’ – who you are, what you do, and what you expect from your life partner. The more pristine and forthright you are about your descriptions and expectations from the boy or girl, the higher the chances you will find an ideal and compatible life partner.


So those were the 14 important things to keep in mind before you write your biodata for marriage. We hope you find these tips helpful and eventually find the life partner you had always desired.

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