25 Divinely Meaningful Bible Quotes On Love

You’ve probably experienced love and the heights it can reach; there certainly is no better place than that. Your confidence boosts up and you feel more complete than ever knowing that the one you love the most has your back and is watching out for you. Sometimes words can fall short to describe this pure and high experience. Yes, it’s not a mere feeling, but an experience you live every moment of your life.

Have you ever sensed that the feeling of the first phase of love isn’t there or isn’t the same any more? Like it is hard to keep it genuine? If you have felt something similar to that then don’t worry, it’s completely normal, and that shouldn’t set the path for the rest of your story. It isn’t about your emotions, but how you deal with them that matters the most. Let love be a constant effort that you need to put in on a daily basis, even when you feel low.

Let these 25 bible quotes on love set the benchmark for your relationship.

1. Bible Quotes On Love - Luke 6:13

Hear them out, pay attention to their every concern, be patient. Be the first and set that example, inevitably, it will come back.

2. Bible Quotes On Love - Luke 6:35

The one you love isn’t your enemy, of course! Then, how much more would you need to love him/her? Just love back no matter what. After all, that person is all you ever wanted.

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3. Bible Quotes On Love - Romans 12:9

If it’s not sincere, it wouldn’t be love, would it? Mean every bit of it and keep it real.

4. Bible Quotes On Love - Mark 12:31

Love surpasses everything! Real love will place more value in others than in oneself.

5. Bible Quotes On Love - Romans 13:10

In most bible quotes on love, much importance is given to loving our neighbour. Without a doubt, it’s not worth taking a risk to see what happens otherwise. Love needs to be practised. When your heart battles your mind, that’s the test.

6. Bible Quotes On Love - I Corinthians 13:7

A relationship survives on trust; show your partner that they can count on you. Do everything to defend your love and hope for the best. Because if you really love, you will!

7. Bible Quotes On Love - I Corinthians 13:13

Of all the wisest bible quotes on love, this one’s the most hard-hitting. What good is faith and hope in the absence of love? But while love is birthed, they inevitably follow. Take your leap of love and watch the closed doors open to a whole new world.

8. Bible Quotes On Love - Ephesians 4:2

Ignore mistakes, wait, cautious use of words, genuine tolerance, etc. aren’t quite easy to let happen. At times, we need to make an effort, because love is worth it, and your humility is the first in line to begin with.

9. Bible Quotes On Love - I Peter 4:8

Haven’t you ever felt that peace when you let go of something? It just overflows out of love. Not just bible quotes on love, but almost every second poignant love quote warns you of this; love will bring you to a place where the unimaginable extent of sacrifice dwells. This pictures real love that overpowers mistakes.

10. Bible Quotes On Love - I John 4:18

Do you remember those bold steps of confessions, defence and acceptance you made? You just can’t deny, but proclaim even publicly, that your love isn’t true. Well, that was, in turn, the response of real love. Watch out for hesitation and restriction; as famous bible quotes on love go, love doesn’t hold back from doing all that is good and kind.

11. Bible Quotes On Love - I Corinthians 13:7

Keep your love energized and revived at all times, forever, just like your first year together. After getting married is your time to make an effort to keep it alive. Then, you would do anything; sacrifice to reflect the realest kind of love that bible quotes on love talk about. Let your partner know how much you love them and that you would also lay down your life. There can be no greater gesture than this.

12. Bible Quotes On Love - Ephesians 5:33

Isn’t it a pure joy and exceptional experience to love someone like you love yourself? In young love full of vigour, you love your partner more than you love yourself, but as time goes by, never let that drain away. However, this applies to both the husbands and wives; it’s a partnership.

13. Bible Quotes On Love - Colossians 3:14

Are you experiencing rifts that seem to pave the way for a division? Then use these bible quotes on love and remind yourself what your love looked like, to rejuvenate every bit of certainty and oneness. Never take off your jacket of love.

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14. Bible Quotes On Love - Proverbs 10:12

Well, this would be something you would never hope to experience. Conflict is the reason for the most troubled times; a seed of hate can lead to much you wouldn’t desire. Just love! Just in case you happened to notice the wrong, you choose to let it go. That’s what matters.

15. Bible Quotes On Love - Philippians 2:2

Haven’t you been grateful for the oneness of mind you always experience? Just never let that go! Keep your love constant and nourish it well, then you will never take different paths. Oneness is the key to a healthy relationship; in mind and action, it matters the most.

16. Bible Quotes On Love - Proverbs 17:17

Would you want to be her brother? Well, I suppose you don’t, so simply love her at all times. Choose to do so even when your contradicting emotions may seem to say otherwise.

17. Bible Quotes On Love - I Corinthians 16:14

Yes, you heard that right! Love isn’t selfish and doesn’t hold back. Do you remember satisfying their every wish? The joy it brought them and the satisfaction it brought you was quite fulfilling, wasn’t it? So keep at it and don’t stop showing how much you love her; every little gesture counts.

18. Bible Quotes On Love - Proverbs 3:3 - 4

Sometimes, we fall short on loving in times when we need to hold on tight. Read these bible quotes on love and remind yourself every moment that you will not let your emotion subdue your love. If you live by this, nothing else can make your partner feel more secure.

19. Bible Quotes On Love - 2 Thessalonians 3:5

When you think about it, bible quotes on love are about how God’s love is the epitome of how you need to love in a relationship. The perfect nature to imbibe for never failing and falling short of understanding. Keep trying; perseverance is vital.

20. Bible Quotes On Love - Romans 12:10

Bible quotes on love tell you that a relationship demands constant appreciation and the need to honour one another. Whether expected or even if it hasn’t passed your mind, such things nurture your relationship, so put your partner first and see the progress.

21. Bible Quotes On Love - I John 4:12

Love is precious and divine, the nature of God himself. When we love, we reflect his nature. There is no better way to secure your hope for a healthy relationship than knowing God. Take the first step of love, and the rest will fall into place.

22. Bible Quotes On Love - Proverbs 21:21

Yes, it’s the other way round! With righteousness and love, you are made complete. Don’t strive to prove to be better or hunt for growth, yet again, love is the key. Make these bible quotes on love a standard for your life and you will be a witness to this.

23. Bible Quotes On Love - I Peter 3:10 - 11

It’s no tale, but where evil exists, love is given no place. Every word you speak matters and has a deep impact. How would deceit and a lying tongue build hope and confidence? Pursue it, as it will not come to you; an effort from your end is inevitable. Do these and you will cherish every moment.

24. Bible Quotes On Love - I Corinthians 10:24

This is the first and most real proof of love. Show your partner that you love them unconditionally by giving them the importance you think you deserve. In love, giving is the most satisfying thing that there could ever be.

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25. Bible Quotes On Love - Galatians 5:22 - 23

Just like food is nourishment to the body, these nine fruits are essential for a relationship. When all else fails, these fruits are all you need to stay hand-in-hand and make it through any struggle and storm in life.

Master the art of love by making these bible quotes on love the foundation of your love and relationship, then you will see miracles through every moment as you both hold on to each other till the end.