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Yin and Yang is a Chinese concept that talks about the working and flow of life. The outer circle of the round figure embodies the entire world while the inner sections are divided into the yin, the black portion- and the yang, the white portion. However, neither portion has completely one colour. This symbolizes that in life both good and bad cannot exist without each other and that nothing is completely white or black. The yin yang tattoos would be a strong adaptation of this very wise Chinese teaching.

The Best Yin Yang Tattoos

Some yin yang tattoo designs suggestions are as follows.

1. Floral yin yang tattoo:

flower yin yang tattooThe traditional yin yang can be given a floral twist by inking the tattoo with flowers. The tattoo could be inked in various colours to make it artistic and vibrant. The yin can be inked with darker colours like deep blue, green, red while the yang can be represented with lighter colours like yellow, orange, pink.

2. A mermaid yin yang:

mermaid yin yang tattooA yin yang tattoo could be depicted as two intertwined mermaids in a womb like structure. The colours could be contrasting, but a completely black tattoo would also look good. The mermaids would provide a mystical quality to the tattoo.

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3. Feather yin yang tattoo:

feather yin yang tattooTwo feathers can be used to depict the yin and yang. One of the feathers could be inked in jet black while the other could be just an outline so that the individual’s skin colour forms the contrast. The feathers would add a delicate and artistic touch to the tattoo.

4. Dolphin shark yin yang tattoo:

shark yin yang tattooDolphins are gentle and playful while sharks are violent and dangerous. Both these creatures represent the yin and yang abundantly. Though both creatures have completely different temperaments, both co exist in the sea.

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5. A deconstructed yin yang:

deconstructed yin yangThis tattoo would have all the parts of the yin yang in a row. The tattoo could be done on one’s back or on one’s arm. The tattoo could be inked both vertically and horizontally. The essence would be to have all the parts of the symbol in one place.

6. The symbol itself:

the symbol tattooThe yin yang in its entirety would be a wonderful and simple tattoo to ink. This yin yang tattoo would not be space consuming and thus could be inked almost anywhere in the body.

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7. A sun yin yang tattoo:

sun yin yang tattooThe yin yang tattoo could be enclosed in the sun. The boundary of the sun could form the sum total while the division inside could be made to represent the Chinese symbol perfectly. Here, the sun would act as a protector and a balance keeper.

8. Fire and water tattoo:

fire and water tattooFire is destructive, active, expanding while water is calm, submissive and passive. Both these elements differ from each other considerably. However, just like the yin and yang, both these elements keep a balance in the world.

9. Tribal yin and yang tattoo:

tribal yin and yang tattooThe yin and yang tattoo could be depicted with a tribal design. The outlines could be done in black and inked on almost any part of the body.

10. Paw print yin and yang:

paw print yin yang tattooA single tattoo generally symbolizes a lot of things. Whether you are an animal lover, or you just want something different, a yin yang tattoo with paw prints would be an innovative and creative tattoo to ink.

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