Best Wedding Packages In India – 6 Dream Destinations

A wedding cannot be said to be a run-of-the-mill, ordinary affair. A defining moment in the lives of a couple, it is the manifestation of a bond and commitment so strong that the ceremony that will seal their union will be one of the most important, significant, cherished and talked about moments in their lives.

It is in such a context that the true appeal of destination wedding packages in India becomes apparent. Considering that a wedding is one of the most joyous celebrations that an individual ever gets to take part in, it is important to celebrate in a style that befits the significance of the occasion, and what better way to do that than to have a destination wedding?

India is chock-full of glorious locations that can play the perfect host to your dream wedding and with the wedding packages that vendors provide, you will not need to worry about any part of the execution of your perfect ceremony. All of the meticulous planning, logistical arrangements and carefully laid out details will be taken care of, leaving you to take in and fully appreciate what will be some of the best moments in your life.

Given the multitude of destination wedding packages in India, the only decision to take is to decide where you want to be wed in bliss, and what that destination offers you. For that, we have put together a list of the 6 best and popular destinations in India with some incredible Indian wedding packages on offer.

1. Resplendent And Royal Rajasthan

Royal Rajasthani Wedding - Wedding Packages In India

Truth be told, we’ve all at least once thought about what it would be like to have a royal wedding in Rajasthan, like the kings and queens of yore in their lavish palaces. Luckily for a few among us, there exists such a thing with a grand and regal affair in Rajasthan that draws modern parallels to the legendary weddings. Whether opting for the palaces of Udaipur or a gorgeous venue in Jaipur, the glorious landscape with lakes and forts in the backdrop, generous and caring hospitality and the ability to accommodate even 500 plus guests at a breeze make Rajasthan the preferred wedding destination for thousands of couples (including the who’s who of the celeb world). Regal Weddings and Ankit Bhargava have some excellent wedding packages definitely worth looking into if Rajasthan piques your interest.

2. A Goan Beach Bonanza

Goa Beach Wedding - Wedding Packages In India

A list documenting the myriad destination wedding packages in India wouldn’t be complete without a reference to the ever popular beach wedding destination that is Goa. If sun, surf and sand sounds like exactly what you need, Goa is the ultimate destination for your dream wedding. With a whole slew of resorts, spas and exotic hotels to boast of, most with their own private stretches of pristine beaches, there is no shortage of beautiful venues to tie the knot in. My Wedding Planning, Goa Marriott Weddings and Alila Resorts all have comprehensive packages that take care of the details and nuances, as well as offering packages suited to different budgets.

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3. God’s Own Country

Kerala - Wedding Packages In India

It is pertinent to say that while the slogan may be identified as one of the great tourism campaigns undertaken in India, it is also one that is perfectly justifiable. One of the most popular South Indian marriage destinations, Kerala boasts of pristine backwaters and long stretches of beach, sprawling tea and coffee plantations, and of course, iconic house boats, and whichever of those catch your fancy, you can be sure that Kerala has something in store for you. None of the wedding packages in India have as much variety as the ones that detail a dream Kerala wedding, so whether it’s sunbathing in Kovalam, or soothing the soul in the hilly areas of Palakkad or even relaxing on a house boat off the coast of Kochi, you are guaranteed a most memorable time befitting the joyous occasion of your wedding. Exotic Indian Weddings and Tamarind Weddings are two vendors who can help you plan the perfect wedding in Kerala.

4. Explore the Majesty Of The Andamans

Andaman Islands - Wedding Packages In India

If what you are looking for is a truly exotic locale for the wedding of your dreams, one that will be as memorable for the loving couple sealing their bond of love as it will be for the thrilled guests that have come to share in your moment of joy, look no further than the Andamans. Packaged with breathtaking scenic beauty, much of it untouched by human habitation, the Andaman Islands offer a remote, comfortable and highly romantic setting for the perfect wedding. From beautiful beaches to highly luxurious resorts, if you are looking for the ultimate Andaman wedding, the packages offered by Munjoh Ocean Resort, and The Andaman are a must check out.

5. Scintillating Shimla

Shimla Himachal Pradesh - Wedding Packages In India

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Nothing screams romance like snow-capped mountains at the foothills of the Himalayas, in a not-so-quaint but highly serene hill station, that was once a favourite of the British. Boasting a gorgeous climate (a welcome respite from the heat that plagues much of the rest of the country) as well as some truly awe-inspiring sights, Shimla is the perfect destination for a summer wedding in India. The packages offered by the Woodville Palace Hotel and Toshali Resorts make for some truly wonderful options for your dream wedding.

6. The Land Of Eternal Love

Taj Mahal Agra - Wedding Packages In India

If the above offerings don’t quite tickle your fancy, if a beach wedding seems too wet, a royal wedding too old-fashioned, a rustic wedding too laid-back, an exotic wedding too out-of-the-way, and a hill station too frosty to capture the love that will be on display, then you are made for the ultimate love story, one for the ages. And for that, there is quite clearly only one destination, that where the Taj Mahal stands. We’re talking about the cultural, historical and romantic powerhouse that is Agra, of course. Check out the offerings by The Shaadi Company and The Wedding Rose among others for some of the best wedding packages in India, in one of the most romantic locales in the world.

So there you have it, five of the best wedding destinations and wedding packages in India, offering a variety that lets you choose to carry out your dream wedding just the way you had imagined it.